I could be more spent.

Re: mocha poll, I guess 60-70% of my readers are assholes, it’s fine, brb having 20-30 people post in the comments while at least another 170 lurk, that’s not fucking creepy at all.

Gonna talk a lot about mobbing and training so here’s a spoiler tag for those of you who read this blog waiting for reasons other than you want to know how pumped my quads feel in my soffes.

[spoiler effect=”simple”]
Thursday night I snatched up to 205lbs off the boxes, from below the knee. I attempted 215 and 225lbs a few times and shoveled shit obviously. I also cleaned up to 290lbs twice and failed to jerk it both times it’s fucking fine. I did high-bar back squat 420lbs x 3 though for a PR, then 405lbs for two more triples, that was pretty OK.

The fitness model/PL chick was there that night, I don’t know how I survived.

Tonight I snatched up to 215lbs, missed 230 and 235lbs, then c+jed up to 270lbs and missed a 290lbs clean. This will have been the third day I went after max attempts in the lifts so I mean it’s fucking fine.

Benched 245lbs x 5, felt pretty good so went 250lbs x 5, 5, 4. Which would be a pretty OK bench day. At my best I benched 250lbs for 2 or 3 sets of 5. I did the best shoulder mob ever before this workout and I couldn’t have felt better going into the bench, that and having done some tack-and-stretch on my tris just above the elbow and whatever bands I felt higher up the arm just made me feel pretty good. The weighted ring dips seem to also have helped a lot with my ability to grind through lock-outs.

RDLed 365lbs x 6, 5, these were pretty hard. Some mob things I’ve been doing before squats and deads is rolling out my high hamstrings/glutes with a lacrosse ball and hunting for bands, and also some high hamstring flossing with joint approximation. The fucking lacrosse ball to hamstring/glute is real fucking good, keeping knees out gets a lot easier and it just feels like so much more shit is being utilized. Hip flexion + external rotation bias is also a pretty big deal as far as making going into the hole in the squats and has become part of my pre-workout ritual.

I basically always do couch stretch and hip flexion + external rotation before every workout now, and one or two upper body mobs dependent on what I’m doing that day. I like the best shoulder mob ever for pressing but will also roll out external rotators/peri-scapular region –> all the way across to lateral deltoid, double lacrosse ball to t-spine for the oly lifts. Joint approximation with the hips makes my bottom position feel too loose if done immediately before so I typically plan to do those the night before. I consider those my everday homework for minimum credit. Suprapatellar tack-and-stretch and the analog for the tris I’ll do after some nasty benching/pressing/squatting and while it can be pretty unpleasant it pays dividends in my fucking life. [/spoiler]

Did some lat raises and barbell curls, I’ve been focusing on slow negatives and it’s been pretty good for the pump.

My aunt’s pomeranian died, that dog was her fucking life. His name was Oscar. He was a fluffeh white ball who spent the last years of life a diabetic going blind and deaf. My aunt was the kind of dog owner who had no problem with administering Oscar’s insulin shots twice a day at 6am and again at 6pm, and in fact in her mind it was yet another way of expressing her undying affection for the little guy. I liked him more than my grandma’s pomeranian who is a real fucking piece of shit, brb exploding into an orange ball of fury and biting you for getting up off the couch? Fuck that guy. His name is Benjamin. Caesar Milan needs to pay that motherfucker a visit. Benjamin used to be house trained until he moved in with my aunt along with my grandma, and now he’s not, so instead of re-house-training him they just put him in a fucking diaper. It’s fine. The guy’s a fucking piece of shit, he doesn’t deserve dignity.

So I brought my aunt flowers, and as with any visit with my family the following conversation ensues:

Aunt: “Brent do you have a girlfriend yet?”
Brent: “No.”
Aunt: “Why not?”
Brent: “I dunno.” – I DO know, it’s because I didn’t hook up with some fucking Asian chick in high school, date her for 7 years, and then marry her before I was fucking ready like a smarter guy in my position would have done, but I can’t tell her that.
Aunt: “How old are you now?”
Brent: “Twenty-five.”
Aunt: “You need to get one soon.”
Brent: “OoohKAY.”

Later with my grandma,

Aunt: “Brent still doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.”
Grandma: “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”
Brent: “I don’t know.”
Grandma: “Go out and make one.” <– something that was funny to me was that she legit used the Korean word "to make," brb assembling a realdoll.
Aunt: “What do you think about this girl?” – gesturing towards an actress in the Korean drama they were watching.
Brent: “That’s very helpful thank you.”

I didn’t say “that’s very helpful” but I did say “not really” which they thought was funny because the chick in question was a real fucking virgin about some lame fucking shit. Helpful hint guys, Korean dramas, while they may seem novel, quite frankly aren’t that great.

I just want to clarify that I hadn’t heard of a realdoll until I watched Lars and The Real Girl, which was an OK movie but could have been better. It is also a lot better than the trailer makes it look like. It’s pretty watchable. Don’t ask me how I heard about this movie. Or why I thought it’d be a good idea to watch. Or whether or not it made me cry.

Have I told you guys I’m the only son on my dad’s side of the family? I have four girl cousins on my dad’s side. They couldn’t be less helpful right now. What is the best way to tell my dad that his blood line is gonna die with me?

asdf asks:

Why is your oly lift/back squat ratio so poor? Don’t get me wrong, you’re a strong as fuck dude, but it seems like you should be able to snatch and cj more given your squatting strength.

Why are you such an asshole? Don’t get me wrong, your assessment of my strength is flattering, but it seems like you want me to quit training and spend my new-found free time playing tag with a corgi at a dog park. Which honestly? Honestly? Honestly? Doesn’t sound that bad.

I don’t know man I’m a fucking garbage athlete is that what you want to hear!?!?!?!?? Because that is all I can tell you right now.

Paulo writes:

So I go to the weightlifting club tonight peppering my angus for getting called out for high hip start, bar to close to my shin etc. Fuck. Thoughts on bar position over the foot during the snatch vs/ deadlift? Brb low hip start so I’m like every other fucking lifter. Brb Rip has confused the fuck out of me. Brb my favourite lifters rep a lower start. Brb lascek now looks like low hip start on C&J. mybrainisfulloffuck.jpeg

Thoughts? Stay safe.

Don’t be an asshole. Pull with lower hips and squat high-bar.

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  1. Hey Brent! What made you decide to oly lift instead of powerlifting?
    Is it because oly lifting has more cool montages on YouTube?

  2. Lolololololol

    I’m also the only only one who can carry my family’s name on.

  3. Spit coffee on computer after reading…”What is the best way to tell my dad that his blood line is gonna die with me?” Tell him boba tea has made you sterile? I am in the same boat as you with the blood line deal. I have a backup plan if things don’t work though… I am going to Russia, Africa, or China and adopting the child that has the highest verticle. Bring them to USA and groom them into a world champion. Thoughts?

  4. Hey Brent. Just wanted you to know that I’m one of those creepy stalkers.

  5. I always assumed that having someone you don’t know comment on your Raj Koothrappali-like skills with females would be more creepy than having another unknown page viewer…but if you insist.

  6. Checking in.

  7. Brent, you turn oven off?

  8. Brent, Im the only one left to carry on my families name as well, LOLLOLOOLOLOLOLO

  9. Brent, how do you feel about Jon North? It was pretty fun watching him take 3rd in the American Open.

    It was also pretty fun watching our best lifter bomb out because 191 was just too hard to jerk. What does it say about our country that our best lifter jerks like a fucking asshole?

  10. Lurker here, sorry for being creepy, the content and posted links basically fill up my workday, so what does that say about me, not sure, but whatthefuk

  11. Have jumped forward before finishin the article just to let you know that real laughter was produced at “fluffeh white ball”. Specifically “fluffeh”.

  12. Hey man so what if mochas are girly? I drink girly drinks all the fucking time and I don’t give no fucks. You shouldn’t either.

  13. brb drinking a decaf non-fat soy latte with splenda.

  14. Brent, next time you see a pretty girl, throw her a reese’s.


  15. Where’s that annoying asshole BEST? Guess he decided to stop trolling brent’s blog and converted into one of the creepy lurkers….

  16. Did Lars and the Real Girl make you cry?

  17. I’ll be making a trek to I/Systems soon. I hope you chloroform brent.

  18. What exactly is a “gordon fuck”? Where does the saying come from? If I puss out on a snatch and act like a jelly dicked virgin about lifting weights= bit of a fucking gordon? Aware me.

  19. Update on VPVG? When’s the wedding and how many months pregnant is she?

  20. Can’t believe you bothered to put in a spoiler thingy as if anyone who reads your blog does not obviously want to hear every single detail that you have to offer. I check the blog at least twice a day in the hope of updates. I’m also the only son to carry on the blood line but repressed Catholic families don’t talk about that sort of thing so its fine.

  21. Brent,
    Lurker here, I use “its fine” at least nine times throughout the day now. It’s fine.

  22. really lone guy

    Hey Brent, I have used the phrase “its fine” in an essay. Thanks for the inspiration, Brent.

  23. really lonely guy

    Looks like I managed to misspell my own name…brb back to being really lonely….

  24. you COULD troll more people into posting. its fine.

  25. Brent. ➡

    “In Korean culture, where up to 90 percent of marriages were arranged until just 40 years ago, the process of a man going up to a woman asking for a date was not a natural part of courtship, according to Eungi Kim, a sociology professor at Korea University.”




  27. damn this place has a lot of traffic. BRB trying to fit my shoulders and lats through the door

  28. Brent can you codify and share the folder/list of things that have been said and done to you that make you want to train? Or at least a few important samples. Thanks.

  29. why is it that i feel like i’m peering into my future self every time i read this blog? if only my VPVG could be so VP…

  30. Brent, is your family Chinese or Japanese?

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