Video Comparison

PR Friday
Post your weight lifted, gained, and number of females that you know who can toss “men” around.


We like 70’s Big readers to get strong. Then we like 70’s Big readers to compete. In something. Well, the Highland Games is an option. Gant competed at one last year, and he’s getting ready to do another this year.

Gant is primarily a judo player these days, but has competed in a lot of stuff (I don’t know, ask him). I have videos of him squatting and pressing from this past week (he’s on the 5/3/1 program) as well as a video of him throwing a shot in preparation of the Highland Games competition he’ll be doing, which cannot be included in this website. Make the comparison between his squat, press, and put and report back to us whether you think the strength movements are going to help his throwing or not.

You’ll notice Gant is squatting with a shim under his left foot. He’s got some pelvic problems that require constant adjustment. When squatting on a shim, the imbalance makes it easy for the lifter to drift onto their toes, and you’ll see that a bit here. Oh, and after talking, Gant and I are of the opinion that these squats do look high, but also of the opinion that lots of squats on video look high. He’s a little high on a few, and that’s why I try to yell about it.

Funky left elbow/shoulder thing on the last rep of the presses. You’ll see Gant’s displeasure. I also don’t recommend trying to coach and film at the same time. I like my unnecessary “speed” cue in the middle (it’s a good cue if the lifter is doing touch and go, but he wasn’t, and I guess I blurted it out).

Edit: This is actually 195 for reps.

Putting it to practice throwing the shot. Oh, and yes, Gant realizes he won’t be throwing a shot in the Highland Games.

Note: I’ll do something about the narrow width of the site later (I don’t know how to do it myself).

Rockin’ Socks

“It really tied the room together”


Doug and Clay Patterson team deadlift 1,416 socks

In order to be 70’s Big, you don’t need to be donning garb from the time period nor do you have to be actually from the era. You just need to be big and strong. You’d sure as hell look so much cooler if you were rockin’ seventies garb, though. Insert Skater Socks here. An excerpt:

Growing up in the 70’s rocking my tube socks skating around town was a part of my childhood dreams. I loved tube socks! I had most all colors they offered at the time for my simple pleasure of having a sweet collection of striped tube socks made me super duper happy as a child. My childhood dreams were so simple and pure.

And so are ours. This site has an insanely large collection tube socks in any length or color that you could ever want. Not only that, but they have pictures of chicks wearing knee-high socks, and we all like chicks, right?

Socks like these really tie the room together, especially if you’re goal is to don apparel from the seventies. I’d suggest getting some to complete your Halloween costume.


To finish off this video trifecta of friends (Chris, AC, and I), here is a video of me squatting from early September. I’ve since done 500 for five singles and 495 for two doubles (one rep away from three doubles).

Got any videos of you or your trainees? We’d like to see them. Send submissions to