Rockin’ Socks

“It really tied the room together”


Doug and Clay Patterson team deadlift 1,416 socks

In order to be 70’s Big, you don’t need to be donning garb from the time period nor do you have to be actually from the era. You just need to be big and strong. You’d sure as hell look so much cooler if you were rockin’ seventies garb, though. Insert Skater Socks here. An excerpt:

Growing up in the 70’s rocking my tube socks skating around town was a part of my childhood dreams. I loved tube socks! I had most all colors they offered at the time for my simple pleasure of having a sweet collection of striped tube socks made me super duper happy as a child. My childhood dreams were so simple and pure.

And so are ours. This site has an insanely large collection tube socks in any length or color that you could ever want. Not only that, but they have pictures of chicks wearing knee-high socks, and we all like chicks, right?

Socks like these really tie the room together, especially if you’re goal is to don apparel from the seventies. I’d suggest getting some to complete your Halloween costume.


To finish off this video trifecta of friends (Chris, AC, and I), here is a video of me squatting from early September. I’ve since done 500 for five singles and 495 for two doubles (one rep away from three doubles).

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22 thoughts on “Rockin’ Socks

  1. That”s awesome, great work!

    What is your height/weight, if you don”t mind me asking? And where are you aiming to be weight wise (assuming you aren”t already there)?

  2. I completely disagree…you need to wear the garm if you want to go back to the 70”s. I broke out my levi”s 646 and my checkered vans and will feather my hair a bit once it gets past my shoulders. Justin you will have to ask Rip about real levis since you were born in the 80”s. Now if i can dig up my Arnold Is Numero Uno shirt I will be ready to heavy skull crushers.

  3. Roger, Welbourn. Maybe it’s time I grew my hair out. Maybe you are our liaison regarding facial hair too.

    Chris, I’m 6 feet tall and weigh between 220 and 225. I compete in the 105 kg class, so I have another ten pounds I can gain.

    In the first 8 weeks my bodyweight went from 195 to 215. I stayed around there because of some mild injuries and being overtrained, and then got back on track.

  4. Damn Justin, nice squats man. Are you on TM? If you are, how long have you been?
    Casey, the post of JM”s meal plan on here will take care of your 170lb problem.
    I am ordering socks. I may need to shave my beard into a stach and chops.

  5. Justin,

    Awesome squats. Shaking the rack like that is very motivating! Gotta a question…I”m on the advanced novice on S.S. My squats are coming up, bench, and everything else. My deads are good, but I”m told I round my back a bit. Everything is pain free though. Should I back off the weight or keep progressing? Thanks.

  6. i like that attitude justin! and just so you guys know I was at 140 in june so i know the squats and milk formula works! i”m halfway to 200 and not stopping anytime soon!

    and yes, Adam there are few things better than chicks in high socks

  7. I”ve been thinking. One doesnt have to don 70”s gear to be 70”s big, however it sure is pretty fucking cool to do so. So is driving cars made in the 70”s, watching 70”s movies, listening to 70”s music, and hanging out with chicks that don 70”s type clothes is the ultimate in sweetness.Come to think of it – the 70”s were the shit – to bad I missed it.

  8. I think you can embrace the 70”s. i have 2 cars from the 70”s, one is lime green and the other orange. I wear levi”s from the 70”s and have sported long hair for many years. I am staying at Jared Allen”s house and driving his 69 GTO Judge, that is very 70”s. I would think meeting a girl steeped in the 70”s is hard to find. Actually finding a good looking girl that likes to weight train and gain weight is even more rare. Justin you probably should have locked that one down when you had the chance.

  9. It”s okay to have ”70s trucks, but ”70s cars were mostly shit. Plus, most ”70s Big guys in the ”70s, probably drove older cars from the ”60s.

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