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PR Friday
Post your weight lifted, gained, and number of females that you know who can toss “men” around.


We like 70’s Big readers to get strong. Then we like 70’s Big readers to compete. In something. Well, the Highland Games is an option. Gant competed at one last year, and he’s getting ready to do another this year.

Gant is primarily a judo player these days, but has competed in a lot of stuff (I don’t know, ask him). I have videos of him squatting and pressing from this past week (he’s on the 5/3/1 program) as well as a video of him throwing a shot in preparation of the Highland Games competition he’ll be doing, which cannot be included in this website. Make the comparison between his squat, press, and put and report back to us whether you think the strength movements are going to help his throwing or not.

You’ll notice Gant is squatting with a shim under his left foot. He’s got some pelvic problems that require constant adjustment. When squatting on a shim, the imbalance makes it easy for the lifter to drift onto their toes, and you’ll see that a bit here. Oh, and after talking, Gant and I are of the opinion that these squats do look high, but also of the opinion that lots of squats on video look high. He’s a little high on a few, and that’s why I try to yell about it.

Funky left elbow/shoulder thing on the last rep of the presses. You’ll see Gant’s displeasure. I also don’t recommend trying to coach and film at the same time. I like my unnecessary “speed” cue in the middle (it’s a good cue if the lifter is doing touch and go, but he wasn’t, and I guess I blurted it out).

Edit: This is actually 195 for reps.

Putting it to practice throwing the shot. Oh, and yes, Gant realizes he won’t be throwing a shot in the Highland Games.

Note: I’ll do something about the narrow width of the site later (I don’t know how to do it myself).

80 thoughts on “Video Comparison

  1. A few things to comment on…1 I am also doing 5-3-1 and i love it, im on my second cycle of it in preparation for a powerlifting meet July 17th (my first). 2, I also train and work at a few gyms…having read rips books, my opinion is probably biased, but i think strength is one of the most important factors in almost any sport…there is no such thing as to strong. there may be other limitations that getting strong may impose such as being large and inflexible, but that is not the strength having a negative effect that is other factors that may not have been addressed in the program in which case it is the coach/trainees fault not actually being stronger. At the end of the day all it comes down to is the shot is a lower percentage of the maximum force one can generate…and provided one traines explosively (I’m assuming Gant does) you can move an object with greater velocity at lower weight vs higher weight…just my thoughts

    @markus2002…What dimploma is this and where is it offered? (in regards to the lifting one) I am from Missisauga, I go to the University of Western Ontario..I’m in my final year of Kinesiology so other dimplomas post grad are always good.

    Rep Pr’s this week…
    Bench 205 for 14…
    Dead 365 for 12…
    Press 160 for 9…
    Squats tmrw.
    BW PR…213.5

  2. That’s a nice press Jon B, not that long ago that was my max.


    Snatch 108kg
    Squat 415x3x5
    Pull-up +45×11
    Press 170x3x3,175×3

    Tried two new exercises this week. The strapped 1-arm row advocated here a while back and weighted dips and think I’ll like both quite a bit.
    Unfortunately my current gym only has dumbbells up to 105.

  3. Squat 405X14
    did it as a back off set, didn’t expect that many

    A.C. you strong bastard, your press is insane too. What you weighing now?

    Ha thanks man, 215 now. Slowly filling in the 220 class.


  4. BW: 90kg (@ 6′)
    BS: 100kgx3x3 (left leg doesn’t hurt anymore, can start squatting on it again, first session back lighter weights)
    Weighted Dips: 15kg-6,7,7
    DLs: 157.5kgx5x1
    … second pair of boxer-shorts ripped; trained through it.

    Other half agreed to come into the gym for just basic strength (CF BG)… the start of something beautiful…
    BW: 46kg (@ 5’3”)
    BS: 38kgx5x3
    Press: 18kgx5, 20kgx5x2 (20kg is the lightest bar in the gym, 18kg was with a stick and plates)
    DL: DNF (some muscles sore in her upper back, will try again next week)

  5. Signed up of the VA State Powerlifting Meet in September: my first powerlifting meet; my first real competition. Working for a 400 lb (182 kg) squat, 300 lb (137 kg) bench, and a 500 lb (228 kg) deadlift.

    A few weeks ago I finally made a 405 lb deadlift for a single. Most recent bench PR was 245 lb for a single.

  6. Jon B: My diploma is Sport Conditioning but as of next year the title of the program is being changed to Strength & Sport Sonditionng. It is offered in North Bay at Canadore College and I am absolutely not certain but you may be able to fast track this two year program in one year after the program you have already completed.

  7. M/20/6’4″/210lb

    210 lbs – BW PR
    235x5x5 squat – PR
    190x5x5 bench – PR
    325x3x5 DL – PR

    Day 3 of Androgel. Mood and awesome workout PR.

  8. After restarting Starting Strength due to not following the program properly and starting at too high of weights my lifts have been increasing steadily with better form.

    SQ-135 lbs —>235 lbs (previous 1RM)
    BP-135 lbs —>185 lbs
    SP-90 lbs —->120 lbs
    PC-95 lbs —->155 lbs
    DL-225 lbs —>275 lbs

  9. Squat- 3x5x260(PR)
    Press- 3x5x120(PR)
    Dead- 1x5x345(PR, still feelin’ easy)

    Got another three weeks of linear progression before I take some time to work on my GPP. Passed all of my old 5RM this week for work sets, feeling good. Weight’s still steady, frustratingly. Need to eat more.

  10. Brian G.
    I’ll respond in case Bink doesn’t see your question. He just started deadlifting when I convinced him to do SS a month or two ago. He has the anthropometry of t-rex, and retard pressing strength. It will catch up with his squat as time goes on. It is going to be interesting to see how far he can take novice gains. He’s a feak.

  11. Chinup pr 3 reps, i know it’s not very much but 2 weeks ago couldn’t do any when I get to 15+ I’ll start working on pullups.

    I also found this old weightlifting training video of the polish team. Shows how the basics work, lots of doubles and tripes on the lifts and then 5’s for squats.

  12. @Ryan- no, I definitely do think that getting stronger will help my GPP, I’m just on pace to hit and surpass all of my goals for this strength cycle, so once I’m done I’m going to go do other stuff. Sue me but I want to learn gymnastics stuff and play with kettlebells as well as be big. I’m a puny weakling right now, but I’ve still got years to keep getting strong.

    That and I’m going to be starting GOMAD on tuesday, so we’ll see if I can keep up the gains. If they keep up, I’ll hold off on doing other stuff.

  13. 5’8″, 28 years old
    Weight: 185
    Squat: 3x5x255
    Benchpress: 3x5x165
    Press: 117.5
    Deadlift: 300

    I wonder if it is possible to make it to 315 on the squat without stalling once, given I’m already at a semi-decent fat % (19%).

  14. Entered my first ever strength competition yesterday: Belgian strongman semi-finals. Got 5th place and am now officially one of the 12 strongest men in Belgium… not too shabby for a first contest, I think. :) Final next month and aiming for the top ten.

  15. Many PRs. Here we go:

    1. Learned how to squat and deadlift correctly from JP last Friday. Had to drop the weight in deadlift and squat a lot so i can do them correctly.

    2. I did GOMAD for 1 entire week so far.

    3. Squat 150 sets across, deadlift 180 set across.

    4. BW = 182 lbs

  16. hello everybody.

    so, about the pelvic problem—

    a couple weeks ago i complained of killer headaches during/after squatting and deadlifting. well, it turns out it was pressure on my cervical spinal nerves to due issues lower down in the spine.

    the left side of my pelvis is 6 cm higher than the right side, causing my spine to curve back and forth to balance out. (it looks like a narrow lightning bolt on an x-ray) and it has my lumbar spinal nerves pinched to about a 1/3 of their natural size. it turns out i stand on my left foot with 10lbs more than on my right.

    i thought i was just being a giant pussy and that the pain was in my head, but i think this stems from an old dance injury.

    i’m working on straightening everything out with a chiropractor. however, my lifts are all painfully stuck. (literally and figuratively speaking)

    what would you recommend doing in the gym while i work this out?

    any advice is greatly appreciated.

  17. 70’s big accomplishments for this friday:

    spring football game(highschool). against 2 teams, each team 2 quarters.

    DE and OLB:

    3.5 sacks.
    1 interception.
    1 force fumble.
    5 tackles(2 solo).


  18. Some PR’S.. nothing to do with lifting but while camping i shotgunned 22 beers in one night…

    also i think for some of the “bigger/heavier” 70s big guys (and gals) out there.. i think i stumbled onto what i think should be a super food. If anyone out there has ever eater Bison meat, you know what im talking about. This stuff is a little more expensive than ground beef or steak but in 1 (one) 6oz fillet, it packs in 37g of protein with only 180 calories.

    So for the heavier guys trying 2 get 70s big but watch the calories a little bit, Bison meat is the way to go. It can be found at Hannaford stores. It tastes like steak but a lot leaner with virtually no fat on it.

    One could easily eat two of these in a meal.. so total its 360cals with 74 g of protein in 2 servings which is what i ate 2day along with two 1/4 lb. burgers… i love cookouts

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