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I told Justin I would try to put something together highlighting the USAW Nationals while he was in Australia.

The weekend prior to Nationals was Junior Worlds. Heres a video of 85kg class Mike Nackoul killing it in Malaysia. Mike previously did 130/170 in Feb at Junior Nationals, and 140/180 in training, so he had an awesome meet in Malaysia and placed 7th overall. It’s an honor to be able to train with him occasionally.



you can read more about Mike’s trip (including his 150 flip-flop powerclean the day after) here:


Now some highlights from USAW Senior Nationals

Amongst questionable judging, one lift in particular really stood out amongst the women, Chioma Amaechi had a poor performance and bombed out at Junior Worlds the weekend before

‎”With two lifts remaining for Amaechi, the two-time Junior World Team member had a 16kg gap to make up in order to earn the World Team slot. After matching her PR of 132kg on the second lift, Amaechi went for it all on her final lift as she requested a nine kilogram addition to the bar.”



Amongst the men:

Chad Vaughn (77kg) won his class with a 150kg Snatch and 185kg Clean & Jerk. Chad missed the jerk on 191, which would have been a new American Record.

Kendrick Farris (85kg) won his class with a 157kg Snatch and 199kg Clean & Jerk. Kendrick narrowly missed the jerk at 204, which would have also been a new American Record.

Jon North (94kg) won his class with lifts of 160kg and 186kg (can’t find the videos for some reason)

Donny Shankle (105kg) won his class with lifts of 156kg and 203kg

and Finally, Pat Mendes won the 105+ class with lifts of 177 and 212

as you can see, on a scale of 1-10 take it or leave it, I’m around a 15 on figuring out how to embed videos.


Podcast – Ep. 6 – Ben Claridad

I met Ben Claridad at the 2010 USAW Senior Nationals. He competed this year and has been Olympic weightlifting for 6 years. He’s a pretty interesting dude, so listen to this podcast to hear about

– 2011 Nationals (click here for Ben’s recap)
– The importance of competition experience (and how many meets he has done)
– California Strength
– General weightlifting philosophy
– Coaching
– Art

30:41 minutes