Podcast – Ep. 6 – Ben Claridad

I met Ben Claridad at the 2010 USAW Senior Nationals. He competed this year and has been Olympic weightlifting for 6 years. He’s a pretty interesting dude, so listen to this podcast to hear about

– 2011 Nationals (click here for Ben’s recap)
– The importance of competition experience (and how many meets he has done)
– California Strength
– General weightlifting philosophy
– Coaching
– Art

30:41 minutes

16 thoughts on “Podcast – Ep. 6 – Ben Claridad

  1. @ Matt

    Muscle Milk is just really expensive. It can be a godsend if you’re on a road trip and the only good thing to put in your body you can find is a Ready-To-Drink bottle of Muscle-Milk at a gas station.

    Otherwise you can make it yourself for way cheaper. Buy some decent protein online (always way cheaper than GNC) put in like a tablespoon of cooking oil or a few big globs of peanut butter for fat & flavor, then put in some oats, waxy maize, blend in some fruit, or make it with milk so you get some carbs. Then you’ll basically have what Muscle Milk is but you won’t look like a Tool carrying around a beverage with the word “Muscle” on it. The added fat in the cooking oil or peanut butter will really help out flavor wise.

  2. Ben’s blog/training log is awesome to read. nothing really too crazy going on, just a fun writing style i think alot of ‘amateur’ lifters who love to lift can relate to.

    too bad justin didn’t get an ‘i love you too’ at the end of the interview, that was harsh

  3. @Penn

    The reason I asked is because I get it at Costco for cheap. 6lbs for $35. I was just concerned that they had quality issues etc… thanks for the response!

  4. @ matt_15

    I get the same powder at Costco. I think it’s just CytoSport’s 100% Whey powder, not necessarily Muscle Milk, which I believe is a different product made by CytoSport.

  5. unrelated, but I met Peter Baczako’s daughter and one of her coaches last night at my gym. discussion started because my training manager mentioned to them that I was clean/jerking today. she was ranked 20 in the us in her wc (57kg) at years end last year, but they said she was 7th currently. both very awesome people. her trainer (csaba casabas, who has a meet total of 320) said he’d bring me in a poster of Peter and They invited me to train with them at twin city barbell. so psyched. I need to learn Hungarian…

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