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“You got a fork, Adventure Boy?”

Justin and JP

Justin and JP



This past weekend I got to hang out with my buddy John Sheaffer while we coached at Rippetoe’s barbell seminar. We’re both on the quest to getting 70’s Big; I just started competing in weightlifting and he’ll compete in powerlifting. JP is the owner of Greyskull Barbell in Pennsylvania, home of many obnoxiously strong men, women, and kids.  He’ll be a regular contributor to this site.


The seminar was at Front Range CrossFit. Despite the name on the door, this gym has the equipment to get 70’s Big. Their facility is set up for Olympic lifting with 10 platforms, jerk blocks, and a couple of squat racks. They are also building a weightlifting team, so if you’re interested and live in the Denver area, check them out.


Your gym can be featured and eventually added to a list of “70’s Big Gyms” as long as it has the proper equipment. If you’re interested, e-mail me


Here is a video from the WFAC of my friend Chris pulling 600 and 625 (with a bit of hitching on the latter):



I am still on the road, so the Rippetoe interview will continue when I get back into town tomorrow.