Bugger Off

I’m disappointed that Family Guy made it to Australia since it’s a real shitty show (Edit: Tom was watching it as I was typing this). Tom and I went into Sydney today. I continued asking various Asians what their APM and race preference was. That’s pretty much all I’ve got.

Fuckin’ Oath

The past couple days have been eventful. Tom and I were able to put some rounds down range with an M4, we visited the local nature park (where I played with wallabies, pet drop bears (see vid below), and fed kangaroos…among other things), and some how got the opportunity to get savaged by trained attack K-9s. You read that right: Tom and I received attacks from trained Shepards that were aiming to take our arms clean off. Yes, there is video. Plenty of video. Here’s a preview:

Top Blokes

The workshop weekend is complete, and it was pretty solid. I rolled into Shire Speed and Strength with no sleep for a few days (this seems to be my thing) and Pete Upham is a top fucking bloke. He took us to a breakfast joint, got me coffee, had the gym all set up, barbecued chicken for lunch, kept me supplied with water and even an energy drink mid-day, and was taking care of me like a mum should. Thanks for a great weekend, Pete. Here are various pics that Pete took, and a video I have from the morning I arrived.