PR Friday

I don’t know where Justin is, but it’s probably PR Friday there, too. Weights lifted, ales hoisted, and Yankee fans nut-kicked.

Two items of interest.

1. This is 15 minutes from me.

2. In case you haven’t seen it, this is how you keep it real on the C2:

Justin: I was working on other stuff on Friday morning and didn’t realize Gant published this post. For those of you that commented on the post I put up, hopefully you’ll re-comment. I’ll copy/paste a few of the posts. Here’s a vid of Chris squatting 585×2 at a globo.

Chris pulling 600×3:

PR Friday, August Challenge Results, Etc.

It’s PR Friday! Post PRs in weight lifted, emos beaten, ice cream eaten, doves shot, and Yankees headbutted.

August Challenge Results have been compiled. This month’s challenge was my personal favorite because it had a lot of pitfalls. I warned against them several times, yet I fell into every one of them. I might post about my mishaps at some point. Thanks to all who sacked up to do this.

WP Strength kicked everyone’s asses in both bodyweight and totals. They took the first six spots in the men’s division and seven of the top ten (where were you bastards in the press/pullup contest?). Josh B and Ike H both lifted a literal ton of weight. In the women’s division, Angela K, Angela D, and Jenny L all topped a grand. Solid lifting, folks.

Women absolute

Women by weight class

Men absolute

Men by weight class

Gym division

This month is the Tactical Strength Challenge. We’ve done it before, and I’ll put it up in a sticky later. Unless you are a professional athlete, a sponsored athlete, or someone with an event looming, there is no reason to skip out on a challenge, regardless of how silly they are.

PS Keep voting for the face contest.

PPS Don’t sit there and stare at dudes. Just glance, vote, and go eat.

PPPS Yes, I know the formatting is wide. I wanted to get as much meaningful data in as possible.

PR Friday

Justin’s still on his trip, and I’ve watched the sunrise from my office desk twice this week, so sorry for the lack of posts. That needn’t stop you from posting your record exploits this week. Lifting, eating, or pillaging. Let’s have it.

Hopefully a lot of you are going to participate in the Super Total Challenge. I’m doing mine this weekend. Choose your attempts wisely…maybe two per lift. I suspect that my deadlift will take at least a 60 pound hit by the time I get there.

Since we’ve already phoned it in the rest of the week, I’ll leave you with someone else’s work. These are a random selection of articles from sites you may not read that contain some good info AKA five bookmarks I can post about in five minutes before getting back to work.

Vegetarianism and Veganism Are As Logical As a Poopie-Flavored Lollipop

This is an article about vegetarians from ChAoS & PAIN. He’s a smart guy that writes a good training blog. He reminds me of myself when I was younger (goes hard, doesn’t care for rest, pushes it to the max every damn time), but he’s a hell of a lot more outspoken.

Just Because You Have a Vagina…

This one is for the ladies or the post-op trannies among us. C&P drops some good knowledge about how women should train.

Rebuild Yourself with Complexes

This is from Dan John, the man who corrected my KB swing before I even got my first one to chest height. It’s hard to pick out one article from the DJ universe, but I chose this one because it made a significant impact on my training. This spring, I ditched a lot of my old training stuff to get in shape for spring judo. I replaced all of my conditioning (other than mat work) with barbell complexes and prowler work. I got more muscular (from the time under tension), leaner (duh), and in better condition than I have been in a long time. I won the three big spring tourneys in the masters expert division, my best result in years. This article helped me towards that goal.

7 minute rotator cuff solution

A concise prehab and rehab routine for the cuff.

DeFranco’s Agile 8

The solution to hip mobility problems.

Of course it wouldn’t be a 70sBig post if we didn’t embed a video. Here’s a typical bowl of meat for me at Genghis Grill. It’s not a PR, but it’s a good portion. If your bowl doesn’t look like this, you need to rethink your strategy.