PR Friday, August Challenge Results, Etc.

It’s PR Friday! Post PRs in weight lifted, emos beaten, ice cream eaten, doves shot, and Yankees headbutted.

August Challenge Results have been compiled. This month’s challenge was my personal favorite because it had a lot of pitfalls. I warned against them several times, yet I fell into every one of them. I might post about my mishaps at some point. Thanks to all who sacked up to do this.

WP Strength kicked everyone’s asses in both bodyweight and totals. They took the first six spots in the men’s division and seven of the top ten (where were you bastards in the press/pullup contest?). Josh B and Ike H both lifted a literal ton of weight. In the women’s division, Angela K, Angela D, and Jenny L all topped a grand. Solid lifting, folks.

Women absolute

Women by weight class

Men absolute

Men by weight class

Gym division

This month is the Tactical Strength Challenge. We’ve done it before, and I’ll put it up in a sticky later. Unless you are a professional athlete, a sponsored athlete, or someone with an event looming, there is no reason to skip out on a challenge, regardless of how silly they are.

PS Keep voting for the face contest.

PPS Don’t sit there and stare at dudes. Just glance, vote, and go eat.

PPPS Yes, I know the formatting is wide. I wanted to get as much meaningful data in as possible.

41 thoughts on “PR Friday, August Challenge Results, Etc.

  1. Some decent PRs this week…
    Press 210×3
    Bench 300×3

    …and one PR that is sort of embarrassing since it is so low compared to my upper-body PRs

    Deadlift 405×1

  2. dropped 103lbs from overhead to my knee on wednesday, so new PR in “amount of pain created from a single exercise”

    Thurs – knee swollen as fuck but not enough to hinder all training.
    BB shrugs 325×5 PR
    RDL 305×3 PR

  3. Training a young, very tiny, vegitarian female…

    BS: 77.5 3×5
    BP: 50 3×5
    DL 120 1×5

    its difficult to try and get her to consume enough protien, and obviously animal sources are out of the question, but the progress has been very good so far.

    Don’t bother.


  4. @A.J., I’m sure you already know this, but just in case: if she isn’t vegan, whey protein is an option. There are even kinds you can mix in with foods you cook.

  5. Ice cream PR: I’ve literally had icecream or a milkshake almost every single day this summer. Chic-Fil-A MIGHT have the best milkshake I’ve ever had.

    Lifting PRs:

    Bench Press – 210×3
    Squat – 300×3
    Press assistance work – completed 115x5x10

  6. 5’9″ 185 lbs


    Deadlift: 290# x5

    Equipment: my Adidas Ironworks weight lifting shoes came in the mail. I’ve lifted with them twice now. It still feels a little weird since I was used to barefoot but I know it will be a good development in the long run. (These:

    My Inzer lever belt came in the mail also. Unfortunately it was too small so I’m waiting for a replacement. I’ve never used a belt before.

    Mental: Finished Practical Programming. Started reading “Undaunted Courage” –the Lewis and Clark story. Should be badass.

    Personal Trainer quote of the week. I heard this at the gym this morning, “I don’t want to challenge you and then find out I went too far.”

    Lifting Song of the Week: “Orion” by, Metallica

  7. Oh, also, Huge girlfriend PR. She started lifting weights with me three weeks ago. Nice simple linear program.

    She maxed on Deadlift, with 225! Not bad for her third time DLing.

    Now if I can just convince her to powerclean…

  8. @Dave
    Those are some bad ass numbers you are throwin up, great work man! I need to come hit up your garage some time!

    My week isnt over, still have to lift on saturday, but i have some PR’s that I’m proud of

    Bench: 3×5 @ 250, Im pretty pumped considering that my 1RM a few months ago was 245

    Dips: 3×5 @ +110, these were pretty easy actually but my shoulders were dead when benching yesterday.
    Considering cutting the weight and adding a few reps so I dont mess up my bench progress.

    Suggestions anyone?

    Saved the best for last: (Mr. Kim will like it)

    STARR/KIM style shrugs: 200kg x 8 i could have done more but oh well, ill kill it next time

  9. PR i turned a friend of mine onto the big lifts and proper strength training. The only problem is SHE has torn her ACL MCL and meniscus before and even though she has fully healed apparently she doesn’t have the knee flexion like normal. getting her to do bodyweight squats was horrible. she can deadlift, bench, press, and powerclean fine but squats are the devil. Because she has a knee injury, I don’t wanna push the squat on her and risk injuring her. She plays basketball for the college we attend so can’t be screwin her over. I have her on a modified SS where instead of squats she does lunges for 5 each leg. they don’t bother her. When her basketball season is over I am going to see where her knee is at and work with her more on the squat cuz she will have lots of time to work with it.

  10. @Derek – are you writing that out like weight x sets x reps, or weight x reps x sets? If it’s the latter, dear God your DL and Push Presses are insane.

  11. 5’11” 235 lbs

    Right wrist still kinda screwed up, but it’s feeling pretty good today so I might try some light presses. Last time I pressed before injury I did 182.5x5x3, so we’ll see what happens.

    Squat PR: 390×5

    First PL meet coming up in November. Shooting for 200 kg squat, 140 kg bench, and 210 kg deadlift.

    Are you on the SS forums? I can message you my email address on there if you are.

  12. This may have been covered in earlier posts but I couldn’t find anything by searching.

    One of the 70s Big principles is encouraging others to test themselves in competition. Do you guys have any recommendations for how someone who has never even been to a meet can find one, get signed up and train for it? I’m beginning to think I’ve got some real lifting ability/potential. I think it might be within reach to train for some sort of competition next year and put up some respectable numbers. But I don’t know where to start.

  13. My PR’s @ 209BW
    Squat: 405×4
    Bench: 305×1 (post-injury PR)

    Wife’s PR’s @ 135BW
    Squat: 225×2
    Bench: 145×1
    Deadlift: 363×1 & 330×10 (30 sec rest/pause)

  14. “PRs…Yankees headbutted”

    Gant, you must be talking about that team that wears pinstripes in the big city, right?…So I did not have a chance to headbutt Jorge “George” Posada this week. But I will keep trying like hell.

    If you mean the fine soldiers from the North under Grant…well, we got some talkin to do boy.

    You’re a good shit!

    First week on 5/3/1 after vacation.

    Love the site! Awesome totals. Good stuff.

    Food PR while on vacation: 15 pounds of oysters, mussels, quahogs, clams (raw and cooked) over 7 days. –On top of typical meat and beer intake.

    Press: 180×7
    DL: 350×10

    Laugh my ass off every time I hop on the site.

    “Thank you very much”

  15. I wanted to do August challenge but I competed last Sunday at the AWPC/WPC Raw Worlds in the 181 weight class and didn’t want to screw up my training for it.

    I included all my attempts in the video since I completed every lift but only went 6 for 9 (the last 2 for the bench press and the last deadlift).

    Got a PR in the Squat of 185kg (407.855 lbs) at the meet

    I have been working out with my girlfriend who is around 105 lbs and she bench pressed 80 lbs this week.

  16. @razor

    My girlfriend has had a big knee injury as well. It happened earlier this year around March and she is still affected by it. She never went to the doctor since she is poor and doesn’t have insurance, so I don’t know what was exactly the injury is. She got hit from the side by a German Shepard while she was turning and running while playing soccer with some friends. I’m guessing it was her ACL from what I’ve read on the internet. I had her slowly do bodyweight squats a couple months ago and now even some barbell squats until she feels some joint pain. If it hurts, she stops since I don’t want her to over do it. She is progressing well and can do about 70 lbs for a barbell squat (she weighs around 105 lbs). If you are helping your friend workout, I would start real slow and gradually.

  17. @Yosh,

    Yeah my friend had completely healed apparently and she was cleared to play college basketball. She can run, jump, all that she just lacks some leg strength and mobility in the knee. I am starting her off with the lunges. My friend weighted box step ups but i want to progress her into “bulgarian split squats” if that is the correct title. it’s basically a lunge with back foot on top of a bench and more ROM for knee. when she is out of b-ball season, i will get her doin bodyweight squats as far as pain permits and with good form doing full rom (as much ROM as her body allows) movements will eventually stretch out those muscles and she will get better ROM as a result. I am thinking the lack of mobility is muscle tightness and the pain is scar tissue so i told her to start massaging in and around her knee.

  18. I didn’t get to workout today, so no lifting PRs. But it was a good day none the less.

    I built my platform today. I went to a hardware store, carried my plywood and horse stall mats out overhead, carried them inside, put it together, cut the mat, glue and screwed it, and put my mark on it. I get to officially break it in tomorrow.

  19. All numbers in kgs.

    Squat: 195×1 PR
    Press: 92.5×1 PR
    DL: 210×1 PR

    Thought i would do a total before i head back to uni. I have found that eating as much as you can really helps your strength. Justin isn’t making this stuff up!

  20. Hey 70’s Big,

    I’ve been an avid reader for the past couple of months – which is not to say that I haven’t gone back and read all of Justin’s posts since the birth of the site.

    I was just wondering if any of you have had any interaction/experience with the myofascial release Triggerpoint kit. If so, what are your thoughts?

    I’m sure most people here have some experience with myofascial release or trigger point stuff, but may not own whatever kit you’re referring to.


  21. Back Squat – 3 sets of 5 @ 280
    Press – 3 sets of 5 @ 130
    Deadlift – 1 set of 4 @ 320, this was supposed to be 5 but was exhausted at the end of the day, it was a pr anyway.

    Hoping to get to at least 335 for squats, 155 for presses, and 380 for deadlifts. Gotta go eat more 1 lb hamburgers… =D

  22. PR in my lack of ability to button my dress shirts. Gaining 10# BW and doing front & back neck bridges get all the kudos on that one.

    My big meet (100% RAW Worlds PL) is at the start of October, so likely few other PRs until then.

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