PR Friday, 05 April 2013

Haaaaaaaaave you seen our posts this week? Monday we had a guest post by Jackie. She seems pretty cool. Cooler than anyone else who hasn’t submitted an article about grabbing life by the balls, competing even when nervous, and kicking ass, at least. She added me as a friend on the old facebooks, and now I see that she’s competing AGAIN this weekend at USAW University Nationals in Tennessee, so let’s wish her well and hope for an updated post from her in the near future. Anyone else competing? Seek and Destroy, friends.

On Wednesday, Brian had an in-depth interview with powerlifter Carlos. Brian is a quiet but valuable part of the team behind the scenes here at 70sBig. He makes sure our social media junk is up to date and every once in awhile, photoshops ridiculous pictures of everyone but me. He showed off his writing chops in this interview, and I think it was pretty damn good. It’s long, but worth the read. You guys really seem to enjoy these interviews, so we have a few more coming. Tsypkin is still working on a 2 or 3 part series of interviews with Niko Hulslander, so hopefully that will be ready to publish in the next week or two. I am also working with AC on a whole slew of upcoming articles that don’t include pictures of his butt. Or do they?

Tsypkin didn’t receive enough questions this week to warrant a Q&A, but Mike scoured the internet (facebook and the comments sections of the posts) and made another very helpful video. Watch it, tell your kids and doctor to watch it, and enjoy. Keep asking questions on the facebook page. Apparently these guys like it.

Now, I have some homework for you guys and gals. Some of you (most?) are relatively new to our humble section of the internet (just kidding, we’re not humble, we’re fucking awesome). It’s time for a flash-back. Read this post:

Homework Part 1: Give us your favorite quote out of that article. Mine: “Fucking Brent.” It just makes me laugh, what can I say? Fucking Brent.

Homework Part 2: Take a pic. Send it to with the title “This is my 70sbig Face” or something funny. I will take the best ones and put them on the site.

I thought of this a couple weeks ago when I was supporting a couple of my lifters at the NAS Texas Strongest Man contest and saw our buddy Ryan Carrillo . He aimed his Canon and 17-40L in my direction, and without really thinking, here’s what happened:

This is just how I walk around now. It’s fine.

Last week, I talked about the lifestyle we choose to live. We lift heavy things and we have a damn good time doing it. This face helps show the world just how ridiculously awesome we are, so send me your best shots, and I’ll post them up. (Make sure they are less than 1MB each, please. Do you know how much a MB of storage costs in the 70s? Prolly about a hundred.)

To get us started on PRs, our buddy Brooks Conway, a notable young 181lb IPF equipped lifter, sent in this video of a recent 600×1 Raw Deadlift.

CrossFitters take note: He pulls 600 raw, with some bumpers…and doesn’t DROP it. K? He also recently raw squatted 495×3, which happens to tie what one of my 181’s is squatting this Saturday, and benches 365 for raw doubles, so…everyone, get stronger. The bar is high around here. Even if you aren’t there yet, get stronger every week, and keep us in the loop! Post your PRs, do your homework, take your vitamins, and have a stellar weekend.


66 thoughts on “PR Friday, 05 April 2013

  1. I deadlifted 405 last week after watching CT Fletcher’s “Snap City” video. 25lb PR.

    Had to take a couple of weeks off of squats due to severe hip pain that kept getting worse.

    Hopefully it is better now, because I am about to embark on a 6 week Swollertrophy cycle. Texas Method with 10s.

    • I have a small CT that rides around on my shoulder and reminds of things in his gentle fashion. I’m cutting this month, and yesterday he told me “put the damn M&M’s down, you undertraining mutharfucka, it’s still yo muthafuckin cut. You ain’t done shit til them abz pop”

      Push Press PR: 135# (just started tracking these)

    • Ok, I just finished my first 3×10 squats on my swollertrophy cycle, and I almost puked/died. Is this normal? I didn’t realize how totally unprepared my body would be for anything over a set of 5.

      • I did 3×10 for my assistance work on 5/3/1, and even at light weights, it was tough. I liked the extra practice on the movements that sets of 10’s give. You might try dropping the weight a little so that you don’t stall too quick … there seemed to me to be very little difference between feelstoolight.gif and waytooheavy.jpg, like 20-30 lbs.

  2. After a deload week, then getting sick, and then playing some sports and getting very sore I hadn’t done a serious lift in two weeks.

    Went to the gym and got a new deadlift PR of 355×2. Felt easy. Going for 405 for a single in a week or two.

    In other new my popliteus/gastroc in my left leg is still kind of junky so I’m just rolling that out as much as possible right now.

  3. First PR Friday post. No quote in that article is better than Fuck Brent. His face in that picture is amazing.

    At 69kg (5ft 7 shorty) – long way to go to be 70s big. Below poundages atm, being limited by my inability to bypass reverse physcology from my friends and thus signing up to complete (my one and only) triathlon in a couple of months.

    Squat – 265 x 4
    Bench – 220
    Deadlift – 350

  4. First post here. Been lifting for about 7 months now. Figured i would start sharing, even though the numbers are still small. PRed on the bench today. Pretty excited, because it is my worst by far.
    Bench – 170
    Love this community and the support for lifters of all levels. You guys rock!

  5. I had some PRs this week. They were good. Nothing as remarkable though as the unveiling of short shorts in my LA FitLess. An entire week of grins, giggles, oogling, gagging, bitching, advising and scolding. My wife woke up for the first time before I left for my workout this morning and berated me for going into public looking like “that” for half an hour. I will follow up with a picture later but for now I strongly encourage you to take Justin’s advice and buy the shortest motherfucking shorts they make and parade those legs boys and girls.

    • If you got it, or are personally invested in attaining it through a long term fad-free lifting program, where-in “it” refers to 70s Big style powerful squat-induced hypertrophic bipedal torso movers, then by all means, flaunt it.

  6. Niko Huslander interview? YES. Saw him lift at this year’s Ahnuld, and dude could not be more intense. “SEE YOU IN DEADLIFTS! “”

  7. Squat 370×5. Felt good, more progress in the tank.
    Press 170×5. Matches lifetime PR.
    Powerclean 195×5.

    Deadlifting 415×5 later today.

  8. PR squat this week. 380 x 1
    Pulled 470 sumo after, first time I’ve ever pulled sumo and it felt good.
    I am slowly on my way to greatness !

  9. My first non-PR setting Friday in a long time as I have my first meet coming up this Sunday. I’ll hit some mobility and mopeility work instead.

  10. -No PR’s per-se. Adjusted 531 to incorporate some BBB as part of my assistance work. I suspect my assistance work was diminishing my returns, and at the same time I wasn’t getting enough volume on the main lifts. I guess we will see, the numbers won’t lie at the end of the cycle.
    -Set up a total N00b friend with some 531 programming, and he’s liking it so far. Hopefully he sticks with it.
    -We close on our new house in 45 days, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a ‘juuuuust big enough’ space downstairs to build a home gym.

  11. Easter jacked my weekend up, so I only lifted twice this week, but hit a few PRs none the less. Tuesday was pretty cool as I had all that rest and it’s the freshest I’ve been for a workout in awhile. Hit a 5 rep PR with a 415lbx5 squat.

    Last night I went 1RM hunting for the first time ever on presses (the fewest I ever do them for is 3’s) and hit 185, so now I have a bench mark. I think I had 190 or 195 in me, but on the way down I missed racking it and torqued the hell out of my wrist. Screw it, went to DL and hit a 5 rep PR at 465.

  12. PR’s this week
    Squat: 3×5 @ 322.5#
    Press: 3×5 @ 127.5#
    Deadlift: 1×5 @ 350#

    Screwed up the second rep of the third set of squats and came forward on my toes. I made it through the rest of the reps, but it was harder than it should have been. I was pissed. Presses felt good. Most weight I’ve ever pulled off the ground on the deadlift and I did it for 5. Good week.

  13. Went out to an amazing blue collar bar last night. Ate my face off. 455 x 3 DL was ridiculously easy. Tried 475 x 1 and 500 x 1 because I was feeling great. Smoked them both. All PRs, heaviest I ever touched was 450# before today. Came home and ate in excess of a pound of pepper bacon. Good day.

  14. The Carlos interview was super dope.

    Been doing some new stuff lately bending/tearing/grip

    Bent a 60d nail with my hands.
    Tore a phone book in half lengthwise (hotdog style yall)
    2h pinch lifted 145 a bunch.
    Squatted 495×3
    Axle DOH pulled 293

    it was a good week.

  15. REALLY happy to see you new folks posting PRs. Welcome, and keep it up!

    I’ve also already received some pretty dece photo submissions. Glad to see those coming in, looking forward to publishing them.

  16. Posting videos like Conway’s is both uplifting and soul-crushing. You’re absolutely right: the bar IS high around here. Anyway…
    My SI problem essentially non-existent now, so I’m super happy about that.
    Keep hitting it hard y’all, stay healthy.

  17. Finally getting back to my pre spring break strength levels. That shitstorm of a week slowed me down more than I was expecting.

    Also started reverse grip benching about 2 weeks ago, and after 4 sessions I’m only 20lbs off of my regular bench PR. It feels so much more natural.

  18. Still haven’t full squatted since December. Been working RDLs, front squat partials from the pins, rows, curls, and other bodybuilding stuff, and a fuck ton of mobility work.

    82 kg power clean PR, which was huge for me because I am relatively terrible at power cleans compared to full cleans.

  19. Kind of a rough week as far as training goes but was able to round it out with a couple of PR’s.
    Snatch: 82kg (2kg PR)
    Neck Jerk Doubles: 90kg
    BW: 77kg

    Quote: “70′s Big is an attitude that isn’t subtle.”
    Fuck. Yeah.

  20. Didn’t do any training whatsoever this week except for a short workout today. Been sic since before Easter and can’t figure out wtf is going on. Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sore throat, nasty allover. Ohh well soon it will be next week and hopefully a pr or two.

  21. 311lbs x 1 deadlift!

    Finally broke the 300lb mark after 3.5 months under Jacob Cloud’s tutelage (sp?). Marching towards 350lbs, hopefully by end of year. Also participating in the USAPL raw nationals this summer. Trying to cut weight now so I don’t have to compete against really large women.

  22. No PRs to report. My sister got married 3/23, had tons of family in town. Friends home for Spring Break the following week…all in all took 10 days off from the gym and drank way too much (scratch that…just the right amount) of Jack.

    Only news to report was deadlifting during some captain upper body dudes’ lunge session with 20 lb dumbbells. Way to kill those quads, bros.

  23. Squat 330×6
    Deadlift 465×2
    Bench 275×5

    Stretched before squats and my hips hurt less, but they still hurt. Gonna keep hitting it hard.

  24. Deadlift 500×1

    First time posting, long time reader. Finally broke the 500 mark after setting the goal about a year ago. Then some dipshit at my gym told me deadlifting was bad for my back and I was going to hurt myself. I then repeatedly kicked his face.

    Deload week next week, then looking forward to working toward 600.

  25. Power snatch 143 lbs…8 lb PR from 2 weeks ago on both power snatch/regular snatch…slowly catching them lower and lower. First meet in 6 weeks…

  26. Joined a powerlifting team in December and have a meet in September. This week has been blah. Everything felt unusually heavy but somebody reminded me that it happens sometimes. Pulled 385 and my bench press hasn’t increased in almost a year.
    Y’all ho’s ain’t shit.

    • Dude, I am on almost the exact same page as you. I pulled 385 saturday (PR for me), but my bench is in the same place it’s always been: a shitty hole in the ground. What program are you running?

  27. Today I squatted 132.5kg for 5 sets of 2, high bar ass to grass. When I started squatting everyday about 2 months ago my one rep max was 130 and an ugly, eye ball popping 130 at that. I squatted 120 for 5 sets of 4 yesterday too, and that I could only do that for 1 set of 4, with worse form, when I came to the end of my final cycle of 5/3/1. I’m finding squatting every day can work for me, providing I resist the urge to do lots of volume everyday. I stick to the Prilepin table and that seems to be working for me. I know working at the high end of the total rep range is good for me when I’m training once a day, but if I’m training twice I’ll drop to the lower end of the total rep range. When I tried training daily last year, I made very little progress because I was doing loads of volume every day, far more than I was adapted to. Other problems included not eating enough carbs, getting enough sleep or doing enough mobility. I’m trying to learn from my mistakes, and this time I’ve gone nearly 2 and a half months having just 4 days off from squatting (all due to hang overs, this is why I’ll never be the next Lu Xiauchang) without injury and with more progress than I made in the previous 18 months.

  28. two big PRs today. 1) i was able to run for the first time in about 6 months after herniating a disc in my neck. it was only for a couple of minutes, but felt great. 2) squatted 340 for 5 x 5 at 6′, 205 lbs.

  29. Dead Lift 560×2
    Bench 340×2
    Using both as openers for USAPL Texas State Championship in San Antonio on April 20 along with 475 on squat. I open very conservatively. Trying to hit 560/400/660 for 1620 raw. They will all be pr’s

  30. Beard PR – Just the other day around 3:22pm I passed that threshold from unshaven to full beard. This isn’t in itself a PR, but I’m squatting well over 100kg more than the last time I sported the full whiskers, so this beard is far more respectable.

  31. Rough week. Missed lift PRs and poor nutrition (lots of junk food, Easter candy, and protein deficient)

    Squat: 355×5 – PR but tweaked my back on 2nd rep.
    Press: 165×3 – Missed 5rm PR. Did 5 reps, but last 2 were push presses.
    Deadlift: 375×3 – Missed 5rm PR for 2nd week in a row.

    Back is now tender 24hrs later.
    Need to get nutrition back on track, reset DL, and lower volume on volume day)

  32. Been trying to get back into the swing of things for the past several weeks after getting sick. Anyway, pulled 385×1 today. Pretty sure it’s a lifetime PR–definitely the most weight I’ve pulled in a long time. On the negative side, my Bench is still experiencing diminishing returns. Thinking about going to a reduced weight LP just to get back on the right track. Thoughts??

  33. 2 PRs this week:
    Press 125 lbsx2x2 (Old PR 122.5 lbs)
    Squat 215 lbsx5x3
    5’10”, 160 lbs (Not a PR)

    Neither of them is particularly huge, especially around here, but I’ve finally figured out proper abdominal bracing, and it’s made a huge difference.

    A question of all of you: my form on my first work set tends to be kind of a cluster fuck, but then the next 2 are spot on. Any ideas on why this might be, or suggestions on how to avoid it? I may try doing a single at my working weight before actually starting the work sets, so we’ll see if that helps. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

    • If I feel like that during my first work set it’s usually because I did not warm up enough. You may be on the right track with the single. doing a few with your working weight may loosen up the big muscle groups and joints, especially the hips, without over taxing you for the actual working sets. When I am warming up for squats, I do lots of squats working up to my working sets. Some guys do a lot of weird warm up shit but I like to do the actual exercise that i am doing that day. Keep in mind that this is what works for me. everyone has to find their own groove. good luck

  34. First PR – posting on here for the first time. Long time lurker finally joining in.

    Second PR – 3x5x345 back squat, continuing my linear progression, making solid progress but starting to feel like that 5lb increase is getting tougher and tougher to make. Last time I found my 1 RM it was 360, so I’m pumped to go for it again.

  35. 2 new PR’s

    380# paused bench for a double:

    My bench feels unstoppable right now. This was actually a + set after hitting 380 for a paused single right before.

    and 565 pull for a single:

    Felt good to pull a heavy single – its been a while. Goal is 600 by June 8th. The one positive note – the bar got away from me in my underhand, and bar speed nearly stopped around my knee, but I was still able to finish the lift. With better technique, I think I could do more.

  36. When does a an old PR become a new PR?

    I had my first heavy deadlift session on Friday in almost 12 years. My pr deadlift from back then was 585. Friday I pulled 405 for a quick 3 and then 495. It was heavy but was never really in doubt of coming up. PR, no PR, either way I was happy!


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