PR Friday, 7 Feb 2013

Fridays are an opportunity to reflect back on the week here at 70sBig. We look over the posts as a community, but we also look back as individuals – at our training, nutrition, and recovery.

I’m trying to bring back “Ladies’ Mondays,” and had a great opportunity this week with Bert and Marijke, his lady friend, as they talked about her introduction to heavy lifting, and her growing love of Powerlifting as a sport. This coming Monday, I’ll share with you Bert’s recap of her first meet. Spoiler alert: She kicked some ass.

On Wednesday, Aaron’s 2nd post on the site proved to be a huge hit, and an inspiration for many of us. Justin has often talked about how any motivated man can squat 405. Aaron’s post told us about how he did more than that…102 days after breaking his back. He got a little reckless, sure, but isn’t that what this site is all about?

How reckless did you get this week? What PR’s did you smash? If you didn’t, why not? How’s your nutrition? Did you make it a point to get 8 hours of sleep a night? Did you stretch? Did you follow your program, and log your work?

You guys know RoryT. He competes as a 181, and is a dream to coach. I’ve written about him on the site before, but in the spirit of PR Friday, I thought I’d share this video of his squats last Saturday, when he DEMOLISHED 460 for 7 reps, for a dece PR.

In case you missed it on twitter and facebook, here’s our own Mike B discussing some important meet strategies. He’ll be at the Arnold again this year, competing alongside Big Chris, Matt Nolan, and AC, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing that quite a bit more. You can also follow along with his log (and the other fellas’) at the top of the page.

Matt Nolan hit a PR this week – he pulled 657 for a triple as he prepares for the Arnold. Must have been the shirt.

Talk about your PRs below. Update us on your status, and when your next contest is. You have committed to a meet of some sort, haven’t you? You think these guys got this awesome without competing? Your friends are tired of seeing you post PRs on your facebook page, but the 70sBig community cares. Except Brent.

In fact, I liked this pic so much I made a replica of Doyle Kenady’s shirt. You can ogle it, and even buy it, at my LiftHeavyShit store.

That’s all for today, folks. Next week, we’ll not only have some updates on Bert and Marijke, but we’ll also have an article or two on training the posterior chain (including Weightlifting-specific advice), and some really awesome historical stuff that I’m putting together, including pics similar to the one above, but even cooler. You’re welcome. Keep the reader submissions coming, too – I have a few, but the more I have, the more I can share. Have a great weekend – Get Big.

111 thoughts on “PR Friday, 7 Feb 2013

  1. Bench 215×8
    Squat 305×8
    Press 170×5
    Deadlift 375×8

    Cruisin’ along on Greyskull. Press is going to be reset – only got 3 on my last set.

  2. Snatch
    up to 165# w/o a miss
    170×1 on 3rd attempt. (PR is 175#)

    worked up to 235# w/o a miss (PR is 255#)
    no jerks due to bothersome medial epicondylitis

    PR for a triple, felt solid.

    Saturday will be my “true” friday, as today (thurs) was “wed.” Yup. I don’t need no stinking calendar!

  3. I PR’d my snatch at 160#, but my landing stance was insanely wide. Even though I hit full depth I still starfished (at least it felt like it.) Can anyone comment on how they program their olympic lifts? I’m wondering if I should try a) always having good form no matter the weight, or b) sometimes going for maxes even though form can break down. I may be doing too many max attempts and not enough good reps to lock down the motor pattern.

    I’ve been doing MWF of Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Squat. This week I moved to MTThF of Oly, and Squat/Press/Pull with additional conditioning. I want to be a badass for the Open coming up in march.

    If anyone has comments I’d appreciate it. Let me know if you need more information.

    • As a beginner to the lifts, right now your biggest concern should be that you’re doing them right. Nothing sucks worse than being stuck down the road with bad technique that you picked up as a beginner. So, stick with light weight that you can move perfectly. Don’t worry too much about load yet. Now, when you’re at the point where you can keep adding weight and your form is good every time, then you can start focusing on load.

  4. Overall a good week.
    Into my 6th cycle of 531 and the improvements keep coming. Sometimes small gains, sometimes bigger gains, but overall the curve keeps heading upwards.

    I’ve been helping four guys I train with get ready for a Muay Thai tournament, so my body has been taking a beating from sparring with dudes. If you want to really test your squat max, try taking a shit ton of leg kicks and squatting the next day. Foam rolling has been a lifesaver the last couple weeks.

    Will the Q&A portion make a return? I’ve got a list of questions piling up and nothing to do with them….

    Looking forward to the ‘historical stuff’ content that’s coming up. Those are some of my favorite reads.

    • We’ve all been extremely busy and haven’t had a Q&A in awhile, so there’s already a pretty legit backlog. I’ll solicit submissions soon and pick off some of the low hanging fruit. If it’s a bigger question, I suggest trying to convince me via the submissions inbox to make a day of it.

  5. My training is progressing quite nicely and I plan to enter a USAPL competition in either Northern Virginia or Maryland in September or October. I’m just waiting for the exact meet location and time to be announced. I’ve been pretty careful with my diet for going on two months. I’m getting a bit leaner. I’m down to 186 lbs but still just about as strong as I was at 200 lbs. I’m thinking of trying to compete at 181 this time and hopefully totalling ~1200.

    This week was tough as I’ve had to work somewhat late every night, but I still made it to the gym. On Monday I was at my desk at my office pretty much nonstop from 7:30am-7pm, so by the time I got to the gym I was a little too beat to do my planned heavy squats, so I did front squats instead. I think that was a sage decision.

    PR: I have a newly visible vein on my left trap. Can’t beat that with a bat.

  6. Earlier this week tied a C&J PR at 275. Not much but my goal of 300 was in sight until my next PR.
    Jackass PR this week was an injury to my left hip flexor being a jackass and russian dancing at a wedding. Any suggestions for healing this up quickly? I iced originally and then started back on the airdyne to keep it loose and some very light and slow rowing.

    • I wouldn’t suggest rowing for hip flexor rehab, because overuse of the C2 actually tends to lead to tighter hip flexors. Lots of the couch-stretch, instead.

      My favorite hip rehab (or just about any leg issue) protocol is a long walk on the beach with a nice lady or a loyal pup. If you don’t have a beach, or a nice lady, or a dog…well then you have bigger problems than hip pain.

  7. PR this week: 125 lbs. OHP like a boss.
    Last week: 190 lbs. bench press

    If I could squat numbers proportional to my upper body strength I would not think of myself as a loser.

    I did pick up a workout partner this week and he likes to squat. I’ll ask him about being jerkin’ buddies next week maybe.

      • Yeah, we’re pretty close. I’m glad to see there’s 2 abnormal people on this board. The day I did 190 bench I also did 190 squat. My PR is 225 but I videoed myself and cringed at the form so I deloaded and am working my way back up. Thanks for commenting.

      • Small and weak are relative terms. Keep lifting with good form and keeping life in line outside the gym and your numbers will grow. The key is to find an appreciation for both the work (training) and the reward (the numbers). Be a wise beast in your training. Plan intelligently and attack your worksets. Keep at it, just as I will.

        • Oh and make sure to not let the “small and weak” idea in your head excuse yourself from lifting heavy ass weight well.

          I’m only 170 but that does not excuse my misses or poor diligence and concentration under a load.

          • Better to be small and weak than big and weak! I started all this jackoffery in earnest back when i was about 180 @ 6′. Now I am 205# and still growing…and even though I have put about 90# on my squat, 75# on my DL, and 40# on my press, My numbers are still more in line with a “strong” 160# guy! Currently putting in the work, paying my dues, & figuring it all out, just like everyone else….

  8. Lifting PRs:
    (high bar) BS: 120kg
    push press: 77kg

    Oly Total: 152kg (no individual lift PRs, but with 66/86 that’s 2kg under my old 1RMs for both, so at least I’m more consistent. Failed 70/90.)

    Competing in a CF (partner) competition next weekend, so this had to be a big week for lift PRs, since I’m only doing GPP stuff until the comp in order to not die from lack of lung capacity (but I did PR my CF Open WOD 11.3 with 28 reps [5AMRAP 110# squat clean & jerk])

    Next Oly meet: late March, and again late April. Can’t wait to get back to training for that.

    • also went into a gymnastics gym this week for the first time in over 20 years. Did punch fronts on the tumble trampoline and back flips into the foam pit and had a blast. some pullovers on the bars, too. Woke up the next day feeling like I’d pulled a whole buncha bad DLs. Sucks being old.

  9. RB squatted 470 for 5×8. The next day I walked into the gym eating ice cream and benched 375 for a lifetime PR. Almost done with my planning for the next 4 months and created an overly elaborate spreadsheet. I’m pretty excited.

    Life PR- Finally passed my Arabic proficiency exam. This means I might get a decent job, so I can fund my training, so I can get stronger and eat more meat.

  10. Pulled 415 last week but didn’t quite lock it out. Free squatted for the first time in a couple months (been doing box squats for awhile) and hit a pretty easy 345.

    Justin’s Paleo for Lifters book is super good and worth every penny. Most concise, accurate, and compelling argument for basing a strength athlete’s diet upon Paleo that I’ve seen. It also reminded me that a pound of meat is around 100 g protein which resulted in me destroying a few extra steaks this week. Fun times.

  11. 10 lb squat PR: 415
    Got greedy and tried to pull 500 after hitting 485 last week. I got it off the ground, but no farther.

    Excited for a week and a half of tapering for my 1st meet next Saturday.

  12. Bench PR – 220×5
    Finally making progress on my Press – 145×6
    Paleo for Lifters is great. It’s more or less what I’m doing, but helped me tune in a bit

  13. Been cutting weight since December. Im down to 190lbs from 207, so I’m pretty pleased. Trying to slow things down to 2lbs a week in order to maintain strength. No real PRs, but heavy weight is still moving around so I’m happy. Squat 160kgx4, deads off a deficit 160kgx4, bench 100kgx5 (felt easy) and press 70kgx5. Did some sandbag burpees on Wednesday. Busted out 50 with a 20kg bag in 4min 56. Anyone else familiar with the hellish sandbag workouts from strength villain?

  14. Squat PR: 202,5 kg (~ 446 lbs) x1x5
    Deadlift: 202,5 kg (~ 446 lbs) x1, 212,5 kg (~ 468 lbs) x1 and 217,5 kg (~ 480 lbs) x1. Last single was 2,5 kg below my PR. Right now I´m switching between rack pulls and deadlifts on friday (so that I deadlift every second ID), doing RDLs every Monday. Maybe this will improve my deadlift, which sucks compared to my squat.

  15. I hit a PR on push press, 225 lbs. I have been slacking on back squat lately due to first a pulled glute earlier this year, then having some sciatica. Since my background comes from crossfit all I’ve ever really done is low bar back squat, but I am going to switch to high bar. Just a couple of months ago I was squatting 3×5 300 lbs low bar.

    My other goal is to lose some fat. Doing starting strength for about 5 solid months last year really ramped up my strength, but my eating habits with being on the road with work all the time made me pad out. Time to get back below 200, hopefully about 185 and keep my lifts the same.

  16. Pretty solid week of training. 3×5 front squat @ 315 went easier than expected, as did 3×2 back squat @ 410 and 3×3 bench @ 275. DL (1RM 405) and Press (1RM 185) still lagging as I recover from some injuries. Did C&J 100 for 2 doubles in a globogym which was nice.

  17. 130 kg single squat
    140 kg single deadlift (double overhand)
    65 kg single overhead press
    100 kg single bench press
    80 kg single power clean
    Also did my first dip ever. Not because I have not been able to, but because I thought it would interfere with my progress in the other lifts. Then I found out that almost everything helps.

  18. Hello.. this is my first post here and no PRs today because i am stupid and lack judgement.

    got sick over the weekend but i thought i could get a training session in because i did not feel fatiqued.. and bamm.. now i seem to have an acute otitis media.

    the next days will be filled sleep and lots of food..

  19. I hit a volume PR this week on my bench with 210x5x5. I also squatted 410×3 and in a depleted state pulled 435×3 right after for not a PR.

    I am stoked about my squat and bench, not so stoked about my dead… I should be able to pull 435 for 6-7 on a good and fresh day just hard to translate that on intensity day for some reason.

    • I had the same problem with TM, so I switched to doing DL the day before (24 hours before) squats and made much better progress. Others have had success with the standard TM though obviously.

      • Yeah, its like not even a question of if the strength is there. I KNOW I can pull 500 and I have on numerous occassions just hard to “Get up” for squats then “get up” again for Deadz. I know its great practice for meet situations but BLUGHHHHHHHHH life is not worth living for me if my dead isnt poppin’ at all times.

  20. Getting back into training after a few months off. Was/still am dealing with some SI joint pain, so I’m taking mobing more and taking the lifts pretty easy to try and manage the situation. So far, so good. Going to hit up some higher rep bodyweight squats this morning, as they don’t seem to aggravate my issues. I’m real happy to be getting under the bar again, it’s great therapy.
    Keep killing it y’all!

  21. 170 Hang Clean.
    Not mucho impressive week. Going in to have soft tissue work done today on the shoulders/elbows & trying to commit to daily mobility. The last post inspired me, reinvigorated my efforts to resolve my chronic aches & do something awesome. Its super lame to blame your shoulder for every shitty movement you make, so theres that. I’m signed up for the Crossfit Open, like every one else in the Western Hemisphere. Does help me focus on quality diet & sleep (both things that suck at without a competition in mind).

  22. So, this may not be kosher, but I’m gonna do it anyway. A colleague of mine holds an annual charity basketball tournament each year through the American Heart Association called Hoops for Heart. It’d be pretty awesome if any of you would like to join his team or even just donate a small amount. The year before last, his team managed to bring in over $500. Sadly, last year, that number was less than $200. If anyone at all would like to contribute either to his team or to even start your own, that’d be awesome.

    As for PR’s:

    I injured my rotator cuff recently, and the brachioradialis of my left arm. Most everything has been light since then. Today though, I managed to press 95 for a set of 10 after warming up and hitting it for 2 sets of five. It was honestly the tightest, most solid lift I feel I’ve ever hit in my life, and it didn’t bug my shoulder in anyway.

    Personal PR’s; I taught a class to a bunch of college kids about speed development. Even their phys. ed. instructor was impressed with the challenge of the lesson. I’m also set to teach a seminar in March on the importance of strength training for athletes at all levels.

  23. I was dead on my volume day, so I only got 2 sets of 3 and a set of 5. Naturally, this fucked over my ID. So I only got 405×3 and just racked it. I’m also trying out my grip positioning, so I was focusing on that quite a bit, which may have contributed.

  24. 5 weeks out from PL meet:

    BS 360×3 (hard goings)
    BP 215×3 215×2 215×1
    DL 405×1 415×1 420×1 (long slow effort, ugh)

    Weighing in just over 170, needing to be down to 165 for the meet 2nd weekend of March.

    Did way too much this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Next week’s goal: Volume Monday, Assistance Tuesday (limit reps!), True Light Wednesday, Live for lifting heavier shit Friday!

  25. Oh and if any of you fellow 70’s Biggers will be at the USAPL Battle on the Border VII on March 23rd in Fort Mill, SC.

    CriedtheFox and I will be competiting there. So if you like wanna weigh in with us and catch a sick breakfast bloat with us. Youre more than welcome to.

  26. No PR’s for me this week. Just got back on an LP so I’m starting a little low to allow myself time to adapt and progress.
    On another note, I added some of the bodybuilding type stuff Justin has written about before (curling down the rack, triceps extensions down a stack, etc.) and I’m loving it. I don’t keep track of the bodybuilding stuff. I just do it when I feel like it after my main stuff. It only takes about 5 minutes so its a nice quick way to catch a pump and get some work in for arms or back or traps.

    • I often program “5 minutes of curls” for lifters who need either bigger bis or healthier elbows, or “5 minutes of tris” for, well, anyone. Get it going, get your pump, and move on. VERY good stuff.

  27. I’m about a month back into the game after a pretty lengthy injury layoff. Decided to go with a 6 week 20 rep squat program. This was week 2 and consisted of 240×20, 245×20, and 250×20. Oddly enough, the 250×20 I did today felt the easiest out of all of those. I’ve dedicated myself to eating a fuck ton, but keeping it clean. So far, so good.

    I’ll keep updating my progress in the weeks to come.

  28. Hit 130kg 5×3 in my Starting Strength program, finally!
    Adductors hurt now..
    My press is stuck while my other lifts are increasing. Anyone have a clue why?

  29. Rep PR, 250×12 on the Squat. I felt good despite being dog-tired. My high school swimmers have the GA State meet today and tomorrow. They definitely set some PRs.

  30. Squat 375×3
    Deadlift 455×3

    I’m competing at a USAPL meet in NJ in August.

    I started weighing/measuring my food and tracking my macros and I can already teel a difference.

  31. So no “real” PRs this week, but I lifted more weight that I have in almost a year.

    Squat: 275×8 beltless, 325×3 belted.
    Bench: meh
    Deadlift: hit a really easy 385 after the heavy squats.

    I’m finally back to a baseline of strength. Well, it only took 3 weeks, but whatever. Going to give it a few days, then test my limits, then start a nice easy progression program.

    I purchased Paleo for Lifters. It was the best thing I’ve done for my diet in a long time. Justin does a great job in breaking down what you need to eat into stupidly simple guidelines that even I can’t overthink, and really made me realize that I was grossly undershooting protein. My training has been much better since I purchased it.

  32. High Bar Squat 127.5kg x 3
    Bench 175# x 5
    Pullups 3×7

    No PRs, but very close and feeling good. PRs will come in the next few weeks and beyond.

  33. Had a little friendly competition today among one of my teammates. Even though it won’t seem impressive, but I was able to set a (PR in the Snatch and hopefully tomorrow I will try and set a PR in the Clean and Jerk.

    My fellow teammate whom competes at 69kg (I compete at +105kg, but currently losing to get down to 105kg) decided to have a max snatch off since since we both have the same snatch max at 85kg. We decided to see who can set the highest PR. We agree that the loser would buy something for whomever lost (breakfast, Starbucks, Energy Drink, etc.). I was able to hit 90kg after I missed it the first time and he was only able to hit 81kg. He now has to buy me breakfast.

    I know 90kg isn’t impressive, but for me its a great accomplishment from where I used to be, which was somebody who was slow getting under the bar, having a hard time getting my hips through, and being slow in general. I would have tried to go up, but my coach told me I was done. Very proud to hit 90kg.

  34. Mock meet today, real meet in two weeks on 2/23

    Squat 335/350/miss 360
    Bench 200/210/220 all paused like a meet. Crushed these. 220 came up easiest
    Deadlift 350/365/375

    First time doing heavy singles so three new PRs for me. woot

  35. Today was a good day. Squatted 315×3 which is a rep PR and 5 lbs under my all time PR

    Benched 205×3 again for a rep pr and 5 lbs under my all time.

    Deadlifted 385×5 which matches my all time pr except this time went for 5 instead of 1.

    I’m lifting at the Cincinnati SPF meet on March 2, hoping to total 1000+ at 148. I think that’ll be a high enough Wilk’s coefficient to win the dinner bet with my buddy.

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