PR Friday, 7 Feb 2013

Fridays are an opportunity to reflect back on the week here at 70sBig. We look over the posts as a community, but we also look back as individuals – at our training, nutrition, and recovery.

I’m trying to bring back “Ladies’ Mondays,” and had a great opportunity this week with Bert and Marijke, his lady friend, as they talked about her introduction to heavy lifting, and her growing love of Powerlifting as a sport. This coming Monday, I’ll share with you Bert’s recap of her first meet. Spoiler alert: She kicked some ass.

On Wednesday, Aaron’s 2nd post on the site proved to be a huge hit, and an inspiration for many of us. Justin has often talked about how any motivated man can squat 405. Aaron’s post told us about how he did more than that…102 days after breaking his back. He got a little reckless, sure, but isn’t that what this site is all about?

How reckless did you get this week? What PR’s did you smash? If you didn’t, why not? How’s your nutrition? Did you make it a point to get 8 hours of sleep a night? Did you stretch? Did you follow your program, and log your work?

You guys know RoryT. He competes as a 181, and is a dream to coach. I’ve written about him on the site before, but in the spirit of PR Friday, I thought I’d share this video of his squats last Saturday, when he DEMOLISHED 460 for 7 reps, for a dece PR.

In case you missed it on twitter and facebook, here’s our own Mike B discussing some important meet strategies. He’ll be at the Arnold again this year, competing alongside Big Chris, Matt Nolan, and AC, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing that quite a bit more. You can also follow along with his log (and the other fellas’) at the top of the page.

Matt Nolan hit a PR this week – he pulled 657 for a triple as he prepares for the Arnold. Must have been the shirt.

Talk about your PRs below. Update us on your status, and when your next contest is. You have committed to a meet of some sort, haven’t you? You think these guys got this awesome without competing? Your friends are tired of seeing you post PRs on your facebook page, but the 70sBig community cares. Except Brent.

In fact, I liked this pic so much I made a replica of Doyle Kenady’s shirt. You can ogle it, and even buy it, at my LiftHeavyShit store.

That’s all for today, folks. Next week, we’ll not only have some updates on Bert and Marijke, but we’ll also have an article or two on training the posterior chain (including Weightlifting-specific advice), and some really awesome historical stuff that I’m putting together, including pics similar to the one above, but even cooler. You’re welcome. Keep the reader submissions coming, too – I have a few, but the more I have, the more I can share. Have a great weekend – Get Big.

111 thoughts on “PR Friday, 7 Feb 2013

  1. Hb squat 295x8x5 and was accepted to the University of Florida! Justin, the other day I asked u about training in season. A couple days ago my lb squat hit a wall. But I have been hb squatting for assistance, and that is still progressing. Do u think this is b/c most of my residual fatigue is accumulated in the hamstrings right now from the high volume of running I have been doing, and thus I can progress my hb squat but not lb right now?

  2. I benched 225 for 12 at 170. Weight is gonna be increasing now that I can get back into doing squats since the surgery. Hit 225×12 for HB squats also, not a PR but it’s nice to be back

  3. Benched 210 for the first time this week. Progress.

    Question for those reading: Lately, I’m experiencing a persistent pain in my upper thigh. Not near the groin, but actually closer to the outside of my thigh. (If you haven’t figured it out already, I know absolutely zero about anatomy). Stretching helps, especially the couch stretch. I also have a real long commute every day in the car, so that doesn’t help. But, generally, I am very flexible and I do a fair amount of stretching before lifts.


    • I get that now and again. I believe it’s overworked hip extensors. Mine is always on my right side.

      It typically comes on after a few steady weeks of training. I find the couch stretch helps quite a bit – that and, oddly enough, squatting.

  4. I registered for my first meet on 3/24. Since hitting confirm on the payment this past Monday, I’ve eaten no wheat or dairy and near two pounds of meat a day.

    No lift PRs, but they should all be coming next week.

  5. The LP continues but I’ve decided to drop to 3×5 on the squat. My plan is to reduce some of the volume as the intensity goes up. Maybe add a little assistance work in…..maybe do a few heavier sets after the second squat day… know, mix it up, keep the body guessing.

    Squat 3×5 @ 270# ( then got a wild hair up my ass and did 308 for a double with knee wraps on. Felt good to see 3 plates aside again.)
    DL 3×3 @ 383#
    Bench 3×5 @ 231#
    Press 3×5 @ 143#

  6. Squatted 1.5bw for five (140kg at 91) yesterday just over 9 months after knee surgery. Not anywhere as impressive or inspiring as squatting 400+ 110 days after a back injury but still trying my best.

    Missed 185kg deadlift because everyone else had left the gym and there wasn’t anyone to tell me I wasn’t sllowed to fail. Next week…

  7. Did my first weightlifting meet. I competed as a 94 (weighed in at 91.1). I ended up in third place wich was awesome. I got a 241 total. . My lifts were 100/105/110(miss). C&J was 131(Miss due to equipment malfunction)/131/136.

    I was 5 kg shy of my pr in snatch and 3 shy in c&j so all in all I was pretty happy with the way it went. Definitely left room for improvement though. Can’t wait to do it again.

  8. After a hard week of training (Squatted a total of 12,300lbs on Monday) decided to go heavy yesterday.

    127kg Overhead Squat
    114kg Snatch
    136kg Clean and Jerk

  9. Competed at an indoor rowing competition last weekend. So some rowing PRs:
    – 2km in 7:24. Not a great time even though it was a PR.
    – 500m in 1:32. As I was doing this, I had a legit Olympic rower shouting at me. One of the cooler experiences I’ve had.

    I did some lifting this week, but nothing worth mentioning. I also picked up a used Airdyne and found out that the gym at girlfriend’s apartment has a C2 rower. Great tools to do quick conditioning workouts here and there, and so I can focus on doing primarily lifting at the gym.

    Going to spectate a powerlifting meet tomorrow.

  10. Doing a meet in Ft. Lauderdale March 24. Don’t really have a goal for this meet, just want a 400 wilks at Nats will be around 1400lb at around 200lb. It is achievable.

  11. Squatted 375 for a triple with at least 1 more rep still in the tank. I feel like I’m on track for beating my 418 squat at my first meet in January when I compete again in March.

  12. No PRs recently for me as i’m getting back to serious training after a bit of a layoff but I have done the following

    1. Joined Powerlifting Australia
    2. Entered a comp for 23 February
    3. Got myself a PL coach who is kicking my ass
    4. Cleaned up my diet to get into 93’s

    Goals for comp @ 93kg 200/130/250 (kg)

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