PR Friday, 1 FEB 2013

PR Friday: Post your training PR’s and updates to comments. This gives you chance to communicate with like-minded readers, get encouragement or tips, and to be a part of our community. I know there are a lot of lurkers because every time people meet me or message me they say, “I always read, but I never comment. I’ll have to start commenting.” Join in on the fun.

Week In Review: Women Allowed In Combat Arms“, “Paleo for Lifters“, “Never Miss A Chance to Get Better“, and “Lessons From Lifting“.

The Super Duper Bowl

The NFL championship game is this Sunday and it has turned into big media frenzy. I’ve personally avoided anything about the game since the media hype can produce a huge let down on Super Bowl Sunday. But, more importantly, do you give a shit about this game? I love football, grew up playing and watching it, and I’ll be watching this Sunday, but the celebrity frenzy can be laborious.

What about pro athletes? Do you really give a damn about them? Are they clowns paid to perform for you? Do you care that Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis possibly murdered or witnessed a murder on the weekend of Super Bowl 34? Does a different set of ethics apply to famous people?

If a white trash chick skipped trial 20 times, violated probation, then made some shit up about not showing up to court and everyone found out she was lying, and then was not sent to jail, how would you feel? Cause that’s the life of Lindsey Lohan.

And more importantly, do you care if Beyonce lip-syncs the national anthem?

Who wins the game?

These are the questions America needs to know!




134 thoughts on “PR Friday, 1 FEB 2013

  1. Squat: 280 x 5 x 3
    Bench: 175 x 5 x 3
    Deadlift: 380 x 5 PR – felt damn good:

    Wife and I went shopping for 2 more 45 lb plates since I am passing the 390 lb set I bought real soon. Plus I got to make the “you just want to look at Dick’s” joke a few times, always funny.

    Last weekend I did not eat enough, and Monday I felt it. As soon as I stepped up to the empty bar to warm up for squatting, I knew it was all wrong. I finished all three sets, but the next two nights I fell asleep by 8 pm and woke up in the middle of the night with an elevated heart rate. After a day of eating 5 eggs, 2 lbs of ground beef, 16 oz steak, and drinking a gallon of milk, I finally felt a little better, but still backed off until Friday’s deadlift.

    Ray Lewis: I want to believe he’s turned his life around for real, but the cynical side says he’s angling for a broadcast career and needs to bolster his image a little before the public would welcome him into their living rooms. I hope that’s not the case.

    Go Browns, who are the Ravens now. Dammit.

  2. Deadlifted 530 which is a 25 lbs PR. Conflicted because I would like the ravens to win but I hate Ray Lewis. He’s terrible. Flacco sort of has a 70sbig mentality. He has a powerful arm and at one time had a handle bar mustache. Looking forward to the book.

  3. At the suggestion of a pretty high level lifter, I have been incorporating working up to a max effort push press before olympic lifting for a few weeks now. Pr’ing regularly. Hit 225 this week, a 15 lb gain in 3 weeks.
    Also benched 230 lbs for 7 reps.
    Squated 245 for 20
    Power cleaned 225 and cleaned 246

  4. Haven’t been able to lift but Ray Lewis killed a man. It seems that celebrities are held to a different standard, but I know people who have missed plenty of consecutive court dates and still got off with mediocre punishment. Either way, Ray Lewis is a murderer.

  5. Back Squat: 340×3
    Front Squat: 270×3

    Diet is getting cleaned up and I’m getting out of that transition phase from all the holiday food. Going to see if I can hit a PR or two at the Oly clinic at Fortius today

  6. Screw ray lewis for getting away wih murder but also being a dramatic media glutton. Act like you’ve been there before! I live the superbowl and always ignore the hype. I anticipate an exciting game.

    Bs 355×3. 340×3. 325×3.
    Mp 155x2f. Real bad 2nd rep screwed the 3rd. Goo 145×3. 140×3. The quest for bw press!
    Dl 405×3.

    6 weeks out from the meet! Still sitting 5 lbs heavy.

  7. Press: wrapped up a cycle of Steele’s “Get a big bench” program adapted to the press (I believe Zapata had posted it here a month or so back) previous PR 245×1 hit that easy on the last day building up to 260. FAIL there. Trying it again setting new 1RM to 250. Good program and thank you for posting and sharing your experience. It allows you to hit heavier weights for more sets than I was used to on 5/3/1.

    Squat:440×3…not an all time PR but modern era.

    Lifelong Pats fan. Ravens deserve to be there. They smoked us and Brady looked like Mrs Brady or maybe even Alice the Maid in that AFC championship game.

    Ray Lewis is a douche and I try not to think about him at all. Moratorium in my house on all forms of sports TV and radio (other then the Bruins) until after the SB.

    Lindsay Lohan is on the fast train to bad porn. As Bart Scott would say: “Can’t wait!”

    16lb pork butt in the slow cooker waiting to be housed.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  8. Lifelong niners fan so go niners..gore deserves his ring!

    Benched 280×3 which i think is a bench, especially while trying to increase conditioning and with my daughter turning two months.

    First week of intentionally being wheat free, only slightly complicated but I didn’t eat out.

  9. Deadlift 400 x 3 for a pr. Took all of my willpower not to skip up to 405, though!
    I’m in NOLA, and we’re going to Da Quarters to check out the scene on Sunday, no tickets, though. Look for me on ESPN!

  10. Good session on Friday. Hadca guiness at lunch and got 5x135kg Squat and four plate deadlift for a single with more in the tank. Wider grip seemed to sort out elbow pains on the squat too.

    Guiness seems like a good pre workout drink.

    Re the superbowl I’ll have to miss it. I haven’t got tomorrow off and it doesn’t start til 1pm in the UK. Pity. We smashed the scots in the first game of the six nations though, good times.

    Any other rugby fans?

  11. After delaying intensity day an extra day because of a couple days of shitty eating and nights of shitty sleep, I somehow still managed to hit 345×5 on my squat.

    After resetting on bench, it’s stalling out again at 180×5 on an LP, I wish I would have touched the bench my first 2 years of training. My first PL meet is set for May and I’m gonna be the weird guy that (hopefully) puts up a 450 squat and a 500 DL while only being able to bench (hopefully) 225ish. I guess I’ll stop being stubborn and buy some micro plates and see how much farther I can push the LP.

    Im heading to Napa/SanFran for a vacation tomorrow, it’ll be my first week off from training in several months, I’m interested to see how it affects my lifts.

    Go Niners, Just because I’ll be in the bay area and want to witness the debauchery.

  12. Anybody have any experience training with femoroacetabular impingement or a torn rotator cuff? The FAI diagnosis was confirmed by x-rays, but the shoulder thing was the best guess of a doc I talked with.

    Apparently squats and sometimes even deadlifts are contraindicated for athletes with FAI. Somebody give me a reason to pull my .357 out of my mouth.

    • Hey dude, search around for some videos on FAI. He goes overs some ways to help unimpinge yourself. Basically, it’s working on mobilizing to get the knees farther. Not sure if that will solve your problem, but it might.

      Also, out of curiosity, what were your symptoms for FAI? I’ve had some hip mobility issues / chronic pain, and I’ve wondered if that could be the problem.

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