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PR Friday gives you the opportunity to post your training updates or weekly PR’s and chat with other readers.

The Weekly Challenge asked you to cook at least once with your crock pot and post your recipe to these comments.

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Week In Review: Monday was a quick post about some of the Mr. Olympia results, and focused on the female competitors who show consistency in their training. Tuesday discussed the importance of “back” in Olympic weightlifting; reading that post could save your penis. Yesterday was a post on mental toughness in rehab and training.


nadavegan asks:
Also, a question on exertion headaches. I read the post about passing out, but didn’t see any mention of headaches. I had a pretty serious one a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced them?

Dear nadavegan,

Exertion headaches are not the cause of passing out (the post talks about how increases in vessel pressure or occluding the vessels can result in a white out). Exertion headaches in lifting are typically the result of irritating the neck muscles. This is one reason why I coach people to keep their cervical spine in neutral alignment (i.e. I do not have them look up on squatting or deadlifting, and I don’t ever cue “head through” on jerks or presses). Weirdly straining the neck can create a headache based on muscle attachment sites in the skull. Aside from learning to have neutral cervical spine position, massaging the neck muscles after training may help.

A reader noted how the headaches were severe enough to visit the doctor and have an MRI done. It seems that these guys are developing the headaches by deadlifting for as many reps as possible. Note that you shouldn’t be allowing your form to break down into a shitty deadlift; it opens up various structures to injury, including the spine. When going for reps, aim to maintain proper technique (even if this means failing at an earlier rep range). You’ll get better work on the muscles, prevent injury, and not learn bad habits.


This is my first PR friday. Low back soreness more than usual from the squatting, is this normal when transitioning to TM from LP?


Dear farvahgc,

I’m glad you asked this, because this is pretty common. General low back soreness on a linear progression should NOT be there. It is an indication of doing too much work and probably not recovering. I would expect to see this from people who are deadlifting every other workout (which should only be done for a few weeks at most in people beginning to lift for the first time ever) or squatting three times a week.

If you are experiencing low back pain during your linear progression, even general soreness, then reduce your training load temporarily and re-evaluate your program. If you are squatting 3x/week, then modify one of the days or bring it down to two. If you are deadlifting more than once a week — or doing pulling work more than twice a week (to include power cleans, power snatches, RDLs, etc.) — then bring the deadlifting down to once a week and the pulling work to just two times a week. Things like weighted back extensions are fine, but accumulating a lot of squat and deadlift work throughout a week will create a recovery deficit, causing soreness, and then eventually an injury (usually some kind of tweak). Don’t let this happen.

snommisjay on  said:

Bs 340×5 intensity, 290 5×5 vol
Bp 195×5 intensity, 175 5×5 vol
Dl 400×5, mp 115 5×5 vol

5’8 167lb 27yo

2 questions:
1. Can anybody link me to the diet recommendations for texas method with conditioning? I hear it is similar to paleo.

2. I work 24 hr shifts. I have implemented texas method on a 9 day cycle to match my work days (1 out of three days, lifting on the day before work, and resting the day after). Day 1 volume day. Bs bp/mp and a couple accessories. Day 2 power snatch or clean and conditioning all out. Day 4 light day. Day 5 conditioning interval oriented. Day 7 Lifting intensity day. Bs bp/mp dl. Day 8 conditioning all out or sustained effort. Day 9 rest.

Can anyone comment on what i might expect from stretching the week and adding conditioning?


Dear snommisjay:

First, your volume work is a bit high for a sustained Texas Method program despite you elongating the progression. The squatting volume is at or a bit above 85%, and the recommendation is that the average weight on 3×5 Volume Day should stay under 85% of the weight used on the Intensity Day. You are at that limit with a 5×5, so I would expect things to not work well soon. Also, your bench volume is almost 90% of your bench intensity. Again, this is not something that I recommend on this program. The Texas Method: Part 1 will clear this stuff up and explain why. The book also talks about using conditioning. The basic tenet is that if conditioning is interfering with your recovery — especially for the Intensity Day — then it should be reduced or removed. Placement and type of conditioning is imperative when on a strength program. The conditioning days I see being a problem are on Day 5 (after your light day and two days before your Intensity Day) and Day 8 (which is the day after your Intensity Day and two days before the next Volume Day). If you have to modify one, it may be Day 5, but run it this way and see how you do.

As for the diet recommendations, you will need to eat adequate amounts of protein and calories to supplement your program and goals. Doing this with higher quality foods will yield better results in the short and long term. I am working on something that will detail nutrition for various goals, so keep an eye out for that.

Jonas asks:

I´ve got a question i hope you could answer. I´m reading the “Fit” book chapter on mulit element fitness, and trying to use the “decision tree” on p. 175 to decide what kind of intensity to use in my endurance traning after lifting weights. Right next to my gym we have a 400m running track so i figure it´s time effective to use it. I also need the running. My question is this: would this be a sufficent breakdown of the intensity “zones” with regards to trackrunning?

Tabata: 20 sec all out run, 10 sec pause –>
Short max effort: Running hard for less than 5 min.
Long max effort: Running hard for less than 10 min.

Thank you for the 70s big community and traning philosophy btw. It´s intelligent, down to earth and lots of fun. That´s more than can be said for most of the other strength training websides.

Dear Jonas, 

Your break down is decently accurate. Just remember that high intensity conditioning is relative to what the person is currently adapted to. In the book it details how 15 minutes of speed walking is enough for a de-conditioned person. Note that in FIT it provides a recommended type of conditioning relative to the volume and intensity of the lifting.

As you read in my chapter, Tabata running (on an inclined treadmill) is the most stressful kind of conditioning  I’ve done 20 seconds of running and 10 seconds of rest outside before (in the middle of a south Georgia summer), and it is very hard. I recommend sticking to the 10 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest structure when outside.

As for the short and long max effort sessions, running in those time frames could work, but they may not achieve an intensity high enough relative to your capability. A short max run could be sprinting an 800m while a long max run could be running a mile for time. Doing those efforts as fast as possible are certainly stressful, but just keep in mind that combining running with other activities can up the stress. Also note that running is best improved through interval training, and the total time of an interval session will last longer than 5 or 10 minutes. You could remove the rest periods and just add up the total running time in an interval workout to see if it will fit in the 5 or 10 minute limit. But since you have the book, you have plenty of examples on how interval training can be conducted, including how it can be used relative to the lifting session. Note that running is much harder after heavy squatting, deadlifting, or posterior chain work.

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  1. Back to training after breaking my back 6 weeks ago.
    3×10 Rear Foot Elevated/Bulgarian Split Squats with 2x5kg plates
    4×12 push-ups
    4×12 Db Rows (22.5kg)
    quite a lot of band pull-aparts and some planks
    Not really caring about weight or reps or anything right now, just did a really easy workout to not reinjure myself
    might stick to single legtraining for a while

    • Thanks guys!!

      elinsky0: I just follow a 4 week cycle , goes basically like this:

      Start by taking a conservative estimate of your 1RM, and then reducing it to 90%. These percentages are based off of that, just like 5/3/1

      Week 1: 75% x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5+
      Week 2: 80% x 5, 5, 5+
      Week 3: 85% x 5+
      Week 4: Deload

      So volume decreases as intensity increases over the cycle, and the last set is always taken to near failure. I’m in my 5th cycle and still getting 10 reps in week 3, and 15 reps in week 1. Sounds like stupid numbers compared to the regular “3-5 for strength” shit, but I can’t argue with the results and it’s keeping me fresh and injury free.

  2. Slow cooker Thai Green Beef Curry.
    1) Take a shit load of beef. Diced, or a whole lump, either is fine. I go for lump.
    2) Make a curry paste or just buy a jar full.
    3) Marinate beef in paste, fry briefly to seal (in your crock pot if possible).
    4) Chuck in some veg (I used Sweet potato, aubergine, onion, broccoli, spinach and green beans). Add more paste, maybe some lemongrass, plus chilli flakes for heat. Or don’t.
    6) Switch on crock pot. Leave for 8 hours plus. Before serving, add lime, thai fish sauce/soy sauce to taste.


  3. Things of note from this week’s workouts:

    RDL 90kg 3×5

    DL 165kgx 3 DOH
    overhead press 67.5kgx3, 70kgx2, 72.5kgx1
    chin up (BW (97kg)+ 22.25kg) 3×3

    Low bar squat 120kg,130kg,140kg x 2
    Bench 105.5kg for 3,3,2.
    Pendlay row 97.5kg 3×3
    BB curl 50kg for 5,5,4
    tricep pushdowns 85lbs for 10,6.

  4. Man, thanks for the answer. Training has been slow this week but should pick back up soon. After your last post, gonna focus on form and grind through the pain if necessary.

    MILF PR: came home this week to discover that my wife has embraced the yoga pants revolution, finally.

    Kids PR: finished building them a 12-ft climbing wall with an 8′, 30 deg overhang to a 4-ft headwall, and mounted it to my deck. I expect broken bones, superior grip strength, and many life lessons to follow.

    • Yoga pants are like bras for butts. So nice.

      Every boy should have the chance to break a bone. We should start an awareness campaign and make some ribbons.

  5. Bar-B-Q Beef Chicano Style:
    5lbs stew beef
    6-8 cloves garlic
    1 can San Marcos chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
    1/2 can fire roasted diced tomatoes
    palm full of mexican oregano
    1-2 tsp cumin

    Brown the beef and garlic together. Blend the chipotles and tomatoes. Put all that goodness in the crock with the spices. After the 8hr cycle I usually shred all the beef up with two forks a la chingada.

    No big PRs this week other than carrying a 300lb husafel stone for 120ft and almost loading a 355 stone.

    • Oh yeah – and it looks like Big Z won WSM this year.
      I was hoping Big Burke from CO would make the finals but he placed 3rd in his heat – then he got in a car, drove to Vegas, and won ASM.

      • PR on Bench of 265×8 and 430×3 on DL.

        Watched the WSM final here in LA and watched Big Z take it on the final event against his Lithuanian countryman Lalas, who might have the widest shoulders of any human I’ve ever seen. Brian Shaw and Mike Jenkins had decent showings. The highlight was watching Terry Hollands tear both biceps tendons simultaneously and then walk around with ice packs on both arms SMOKING CIGARETTES! Terry Hollands does not give a fuck about your surgeon general warning.

        • So jelly.
          I expected a better performance from Jenkins considering how well he did at Giants Live Melbourne and WSM last year. Hollands is like the James Dean of strongman.

  6. First meet is on Sunday (actually first time ever competing in a sport). Just ran in and did some light squats and benching today.

    Going to open with
    Squat 415
    Bench 230
    Deadlift 370

    Crotchpot recipe:
    Roast of some kind
    Peeled potatoes and carrots
    Whole onion (with outside peeled off)
    Can of crushed tomatoes
    Salt n pepa
    Put dat on low over night

  7. I PR’d my snatch this week. I havent trained the lift since I left crossfit 6 months ago. It was sloppy and 120 pounds isn’t even slightly heavy but I danced in the streets a bit.

    Then I got a stomach virus and I still hate my life.

  8. Squat PR 485 x1 (I got pinned going for 2)
    Bench 285 x 2
    That’s it for training PRs this week. Pretty sub par. I did swap out my weighted pullups for Archer Pullups on the Rings. They were pretty brutal, hope to work towards a one arm pullup.

  9. High bar squatted 137.5kg for three sets of five. Just a shade over 300lb. Next week it’s three plates. Benched 100kg again for a single but had missed before and after. Press is stalling at my old PR but for a few less reps and deadlift is still a good 20kg under my previous PR.

  10. High Bar BS PR: 245# (…40# under my best successful low bar)

    Also happened 2 weeks into going back on hormonal birth control after a year off. Although I’m super bloated and crampy and cry on a dot and who knows if I’ll make weigh-in in 2 weeks… I still PR’d and when I do triples at 80% for my O-lifts they feel great. But who knows how tomorrow’s ME sesh will go. My performance is a lot like my moods lately. And my roommate yelled at me for not eating enough and assuring me chocolate doesn’t count (sigh).

  11. Not my best crock pot dish but super easy.

    Open crock pot. Insert 1 bag of frozen chicken breast (without the plastic bag of course). Then sprinkle on some seasoning (I used Emeril’s Essence that my wife mixes up) such as a packet of fajita mix. Close lid. Turn on low for 8-10 hours. After cooking tear chicken up with a fork into a bowl. Then weigh out 0.5 pound portions into bags or tupperware for easy lunches throughout the week.

    I took 1 portion of chicken (0.5 pound) heated it up and dumped it into a bag of steamed vegetables. Wasn’t half bad.

    PRs are coming tonight.

    • PRs
      Squat 320×5
      Press 185 5×1 (singles across)
      Deadlift 385×1, 395×1, 405×1 all PRs. I felt like trying some heavy singles instead of the standard set of five to break things up a bit. IT was nice to get 4 plates on the bar.

  12. I’ve been lurking on this site for while but the exertion headache post was timely for me and encouraged me to sign up.

    Basically, I got back to training regularly after 5-6 years with very little working out about 7 months ago. After 5 months of a rather unstructured program I started the 5-3-1 program. During deadlifts of the first week of the second cycle got my first exertion headache. It started on rep #8, got one more rep out for the PR and it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. Got more headaches doing Bench Press, pull-ups and having sex in the following week. I don’t look up during deadlifts and felt that the form was ok, but I guess something could have been off. Took a couple weeks off, got it checked out (CTA scan), doc prescribed some indomethacin, did some self massage and started some lower rep stuff this week with no more headaches so far. Going to start the second 5-3-1 cycle over again next week and see what happens.

    Im pretty sure the issue is with tight, upper back/neck muscles from poor posture while sitting at my desk which I am continually trying to work on.

  13. Pr. 125kgs for 5-my former 1rm. Bought belt this week finally. Anyone reading this, strength work especially squatting is not fucKing paleo so stop the vibram wearing non belted nonsense. Found an old crossfit video of my skinny arse legs. So fucking ashamed at that period of my life. Hope to fill out some short shorts for summer. The gf Pr’ed a deadlift 85kgs for 1 and squats 65kgs 3*3 this week.

  14. PR – deadlift 3×5@280-320-360 smoke all of them. felt amazing.

    crockpot recipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – i bought a 5lb pork shoulder, marinated the night before with a shit ton of random stuff (frank’s hot sauce, soy sauce, spicy mustard, brown sugar, salt, pepper and some liquid smoke) next morning wife put in slow cooker at 9 or 10am. At 4pm she pulled out the center bone and then chopped up and then added delicious and heavenly sweet baby rays BBQ sauce to it and we at it at 530. For not being smoked and an easy recipe it was delicious. I did cut off some fat before marinating since there was quite a bit and left a good portion on, it was tender and awesome. The wife even complemented me on it. Ate it for the next day for lunch/dinner. Next time I will do a 10-12lb shoulder.

  15. This week has been laid back as far as lifting. Cut back my lat pulldown volume, after a few days rest I hit BWx10 pullups. That is an all time PR at a BW of around 216. (I hit 11 back when I weighed 185). Still pansy, but I’m working on it, and in a month or so I’ll cut back on pulldowns and switch over to pullups for volume. Technique needs some work.

    DB Benched 3x10x70- no sweat. School happened so I didn’t get to max out this week. Going to try some heavy overhead work when I get home and squat for the third time this week.

    Muscular PR: My professor in OMM used me as the example for “people with significant muscular leg development” and talked about how having so much hip muscle affects joint connections. Made my day.


    Bodybuilder style salad: buy a family pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts, throw 3-5lbs in the crockpot without any spices. Cook on low for 8-12 hours. Shred, add cumin,salt, pepper, and any other spices wanted. Add a little olive oil and put on top of salad. Boom! Protein by the bucket with some fiber and a few carbs.

    -Or you can take the exact same product, add some mayo, onion powder, and maybe a little garlic and you have youself a hearty chicken salad.

    Everyone can do themselves some wicked barbeque
    -buy a whole boston butt (5-8 lbs)
    -put it in the crock pot in the evening with a cup of mustard and several cups of white vinegar, let it sit on low overnight. (12ish hours). This will take any stringiness out of it and get your proper consistency.
    -next morning, drain the crockpot, shred it, and put it in with a little mustard and a bunch of bbq sauce. Let cook until dinnertime.

    Best barbecue I’ve ever had.- for the price of about 1.60 per pound and sauce price.

    Pulled Pork (not necessarily barbecue)
    -buy a whole pork tenderloin, throw in crock pot with some salt, pepper, and whatever else you like. Leave it in all day, then shred it at dinner.

    • Okay, update. Pressed 155 for two singles no sweat, then push pressed up to 200, missed 210 4 times, oh well.

      Then it was back to studying histology.

  16. First time poster, been lurking around for a few months since I made the switch from excessive cardio marathon/triathlon training to actually wanting to be strong. Apparently took me 34 years to realize the wisdom of not beating my body up with slow, boring, repetitive things.

    Starting at the bottom, but PRs all around this week as I’m still building up via linear progression:

    Squat – 255×5
    Bench – 145×5
    Deadlift – 255×5

    Nowhere to go but up, and big!

  17. Started TM this week and just used my work sets from where I left off with my linear progression:
    Squat – 325×5
    Press – 135×5
    DL – 335×5

  18. 2nd week month 1 of 5/3/1. Pressed 145x8x2 deadlifted 370×8 squatted 350×7. And for auxiliary work did boring but big front squats 195x10x5. I can’t move my legs. Benching tomorrow. Was the manly deeds contest cancelled

  19. Deadlifted 2x my body weight for the first time!
    Pulled 430lbs at 214.
    Also cleaned 265lbs wich is a new record at a lighter body weight.
    Did 275 off of 1 inch mats when I was~240, so I’m getting back up there.
    Need to start doing squats again after just doing bodyweight stuff all summer since I didn’t have access to a gym.
    Bodyfat is down, lifts are up, life is good.

  20. Not a bad week – Here are some accomplishments of note:

    Volume Day PR: 295#x5x5 SQ
    Light Day PR: 90# 10RM Dips
    Intensity Day PRs: 365# 5RM SQ, 145# 5RM OHP
    Bodyweight PR: 177# @ 5’5″

    And last but certainly not least…Job PR: Got a promotion w/a hefty raise – – Now I can finally afford that grass-fed beef!! (This was the job that I mobbed prior to the interview – Karibot was right…It works, people!)

  21. I got this off twitter somewhere. I use it for my breakfasts all week.

    8 eggs, whisked
    1 sweet potato or yam, shredded
    1lb pork sausage, broken up
    1 yellow onion, diced
    1 tablespoon garlic powder
    2 teaspoons dried basil
    salt and pepper
    any other stuff you want to throw in for veggies.
    Mix up in crockpot.

    Place on low for 6-8 hours.

    I put it in containers and take to work every morning. I also add goat cheese to it after I warm it up because it’s fucking amazing. I say again FUCKING AMAZING.

  22. PR: In the quest for BW snatch, I added another kilo to my double for 62 kgs. I wasn’t hitting my positions quite on and the first one didn’t look pretty, but it I got them locked. I blame training 5 hours earlier than usual and only sleeping 7.5 hrs.

    Tomorrow, annihilation of the clean double.

  23. I PR’d on RDLs again. I never used to do them, so even though I’m weaker in every other lift, I still get to PR once a week, which keeps me from killing myself.

    RDL 5×5 @ 145kg. 28/M/81kg

  24. Squatted 330 for a set of 6 Wednesday for the 1+ day of 5/3/1.
    My bench press is shameful and managed only 1 rep at 225 on Thursday.
    I’m going to experiment with more volume at higher intensities and more frequency because benching 1 day a week sure as hell didn’t do anything for me. Now for my fave slow cooker meals.

    Big ass pork shoulder
    Drained jar of sauerkraut
    Pound of country style/boneless pork ribs
    Kielbasa or any sausage you prefer

    Set on low for 8+ hours. Eat with reckless abandon.

    Another pork shoulder or 2
    can of pepperoncini’s/greek peppers

    On low for a long time then eat with provolone cheese. Makes a dank ass sandwich, if you’re in to that kind of stuff.

  25. M/24/210lb/6’4″

    PRs this Week:

    Squat 335×5
    Press 140×4 – wanted 5 :(
    Deadlift 365×3

    Made pulled pork in the crockpot!

    Justin: I was wondering, I made it up to 300x5x3 on SS before switching to TM but I feel like squats are getting easier rather than harder after about 5 weeks, would it be a bad idea to bump intensity day by 7.5lbs a week instead of 5lbs for a while and see where that takes me?

    • If squats are getting easier I would just keep adding weight at the same rate, since you’re probably doing something right. Enjoy this phase of the TM, it’ll eventually get harder again.

  26. Was wondering if any TM vets could help me out.

    I’ve been running the TM upper/lower split for 8 weeks and made some awesome progress. Prior to this I ran 5/3/1 for two years. My TM setup was as follows:

    Bench 3×5
    Press 3×5
    Pullup 3×5

    Squat 3×5
    RDL 3×5
    Row 3×5

    Bench 3RM
    Press 3RM

    Squat 3RM
    Deadlift 3RM

    I’ve now stalled on all my lifts, but my body clearly responded to the increase in volume and intensity as opposed to 5/3/1. Since this was my first run through, I just brute forced everything; I didn’t employ any alternating speed days, ascending sets, or anything like that. Just followed everything as close to the letter as possible. Here’s a link to a table that shows my progress (red = direct improvement PR, intensity sets where I achieved < 3 reps are noted as well):


    My plan now is simply to take a deload week, then go at it again starting with my weights from week 4 or 5. I'd love to hear any suggestions anyone has based on my progress. Did I push volume too much? Could I have progressed longer if I had done something differently? Was it a mistake to push bench and press simultaneously? Any recommendations on resetting? Is starting at week 4/5 too aggressive?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.

    • I’m about to move to the split from the traditional TM template and attempt to push up the Press and Bench simultaneously as well. Good to know it’s worked for you. It’s possible your volume weight actually wasn’t high enough. Looks like your squat volume/intensity percentage was sitting around 84%. Generally this works better in the 85-87% range. You could try increasing your volume weight a bit. It’s possible that’s not the issue though. Anytime your ID stalls I would try and rotate rep schemes. Try doing five singles instead of a 3RM.

      • I think with this initial cycle my body just gave out after awhile. On 5/3/1 I was squatting only once a week, usually for like 6+ reps. It was a pretty stark adjustment for me.

        I tried to be as aggressive as possible with my volume bench and squat. I didn’t know there were any % recommendations other than just 85% for everything. I did like the feeling though of pushing up my volume. But I was also wary of not becoming a “volume warrior.”

        So do you think my best bet as of right now would just be to restart at weights from like halfway through my progression? I know I definitely can’t just walk in after a deload and pick up where I left off.

  27. I do a Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday split to accommodate my work schedule. On Sunday, which is my volume day, I decided to mix things up a bit and did a 20-rep set of back squats at 245. Reps 18-20 required some … soul-searching.

    On Thursday, my loads were:

    Back Squat: 315x3x3
    Deadlift: 365×1, 385×1, 405×1 (PR*)
    Bench Press: 230×3, 235×3, 240×3 (Failed — *just* missed the third rep)

    *405 matches my PR from last spring. Very happy to be lifting over 400 again.

  28. Texas Method Intensity Day:

    Squats: 275×5 (PR), Hack Squats 170x12x2
    Bench Press: 225×5(PR), 155x8x2
    Deadlift: 340×5 (PR)
    Incline Press: 170x5x3, 115x8x2
    Pendlay Row: 155x5x3, 100x12x2

  29. No PRs for me this week as I’ve been just warning up to openers for my first PL meet in just under a week. Starting to get a little nervous. Most likely I’ll open with 80/47.5/90 as a 72kg class lifter. If I squat over 90 I’ll have the state record (only because no-one has the record since weight classes were reset two years ago). I want that 90kg squat!!!

  30. Justin- thank you for the thoughtful and helpful response to my questions. I have “texas method advanced” and it certainly rivals practical programming as far as how i understand the program. Thanks for that. I was confused regarding the percentages for volume and intensity and had read through that part too quickly. 25 bucks well spent.

    5’8 165. Bs 345×5. mp 135x4f. Dl 405×5. Must balance out! No more excess volume day!

    Crockpot: big roast. Beef boulion cubes. Beer. Itialian dressing packets (dry). Fresh chopped jalepenos and half jar of pepperchinis. Italian seasoning. I just guess on amounts. Cant really Spice italian beef up too much. Serve with mozzeralla cheese and peppers and onions cooked in oil.

  31. pullled pork. This rules and is really easy.

    2-3 pounds pork butt or shoulder
    2 tsp cumin, garlic powder, chili powder
    1 teaspoon oregeano
    2 cups chicken stock
    1 cup beef stock (or wine, either is great)
    1 TBSP salt
    1 TBSP pepper

    Throw it all in the crock pot and let it go for 8-12 hours. You then can use it for tacos or throw it in a bowl with vegies, sweet potato, rice, or nothing.

    I’ve made this 4-5 times this year, it is the bomb.

    Here’s the original recipe:

  32. Hey everybody. Good week this week.

    Bench: 140×2
    Squat: 200×3 (lifetime PR)
    DL: 265×2 (lifetime PR)

    I’ve been struggling to squat 200 for a long, long time now. I upped my volume day sets to 90% of intensity day. 200×3 was ezpz.

  33. Had a Push/Pull today. Got 275 paused bench. Not awesome, but better than expected. Deadlift PR of 550. Was brutal. Pretty proud of it. Next stop 600.

  34. My favorite crock pot recipe is beef tongue. Recipe is over here on my training blog but it’s basically beef tongue stewed with onions, some spices, and some dried chiles. Pretty rad. Tongue is an excellent, fatty cut and a good gateway drug to offal.

    No PRs on lifting but I did find a very legit strength & conditioning gym this week. I start training on a PL-oriented split on Monday.

  35. Shredded Mexican Chicken
    3lbs of chicken breast
    1 taco season packet
    1 jar of hot salsa
    1 cup water

    Mix chicken with taco seasoning and water. Poor salsa on top (I use about 8oz) Cook on low for 4-6 hrs depending on croc pot. Use two forks to shred the chicken. Let shredded chicken sit in croc pot for 20 minutes after shredding to soak up flavors remaining. This is a go to meal for me a few times a month. quick, easy, and awesome!

    Ribs in the Pot
    1 rack of ribs
    Diet Dr. Pepper
    Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce

    Cut ribs into 3-4 rib groups to fit in the pot the best. Try not to layer the ribs on top of each other, you may need to cut ribs into singles to best maximize space. Once ribs are in the pot, pour diet Dr. Pepper until it cover half of rib with the other half dry. Pour on BBQ sauce onto exposed ribs. Cook on low for 4-6hrs. The diet Dr. Pepper does 2 things. It tenderises the meat and adds flavor. You will have fall of the bone ribs with little work put in. Save the rib smoking for Saturday’s with lots of time and lots of beer. This is a rib receipt for the week days.

    Training: Strained my hamstring squatting. Been doing long walks and stretching to rehab for the week. Getting back to where it needs to be.

  36. didn’t get the time to post until today, but on my saturday, still your friday, I managed to deadlift 180KG, and after a celebratory near vomit/passout, I felt pretty good about it.

  37. Crockpot Chili:

    2 lbs of ground beef
    1 onion
    1 green pepper
    2 cloves of garlic
    2 cans beans, drained (recipe called for kidney beans, but I used black since that’s what I had)
    2 16.5 oz cans of diced tomatoes, drained
    1 6 oz (I think… whatever the small can is) can of tomato sauce
    3 tbsp of chili powder
    1 tbsp of cayenne pepper
    1 tsp of salt
    1 tsp of pepper

    As for PRs… I rucked 6 miles in 1 hour 28 minutes with a 25 lb pack.

  38. Tasty Pot Roast
    1 large chuck roast
    4 cans of beef broth
    1 cup of chopped mushrooms
    2 cups of chopped carrots
    Many springs of rosemary and thyme (fresh makes a big difference)
    1 habanero pepper (if you like some heat)
    1 medium onion, chopped
    10 gloves of garlic, chopped
    Chopped potatoes (amount depends on the size of your crock pot)
    Salt & Pepper

    Coat the chuck with salt and pepper and then sear all sides in a hot iron skillet (about 10 min).
    Put the chuck in your crock pot with everything else. Add some water if necessary so that the entire beef is covered. Cook for 6 hours. Then add your potatoes and cook for another two hours. Sometimes I use sweet potatoes and sometimes I use white. Both are excellent.

    Optional: Instead of putting the potatoes in your crock pot, take some of the broth from the pot after 6 hours and cook the potatoes in a separate pot using it and some more water. Then, when you remove the beef after 8 hours, remove the herb sprigs and then take all of the remaining juice and yum yum vegetables etc in the pot and cook it way down in a pan until it starts getting thick. Then take that mixture and put it in a food processor, add a little more heat or spice as desired to make a fantastic sauce.

    Pork Baby Back Ribs
    Day before–Coat ribs with your preferred BBQ rub and a little kosher salt (recently I’ve been using Penzeys BBQ 3000 http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/p-penzeysBBQ3000.html) Add cayenne pepper to the ribs (if you like heat)

    Smear your preffered BBQ sauce all over the ribs (can’t go wrong with Sweet Baby Ray’s)
    Cut the long racks in half and stack them vertically (bone tips pointing towards the ceiling) in your crock pot
    Pour 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into the crock pot
    Add ½ cup of Worchester sauce (key ingredient)

    Now what do we do? “We set it and forget it!” 8 hours low heat.

    Beef Short Ribs (a truly underrated cut)
    1 cup orange juice
    1 cup red wine
    10 gloves garlic
    1 chopped onion
    Springs of fresh rosemary and thyme
    1 Tbs. Tumeric (key ingredient)
    1 Tbs. salt
    1 habanero pepper (or a good quantity of vinegar based hot sauce)

    Marinate these for 48 hours. You know what to do from here–put them in your crock pot with the leftover marinade and then set it and forget it! The beauty of marinating in acidic sauce is that you can actually throw these ribs on your grill or cook them in a pan and they’ll still be super tender.

  39. Little late on PR Friday, but I was traveling. 455 lb DL last week was the most I’ve touched in a while. Felt really good to get that easily.

    Cuban Style Pork
    4 lb pork tenderloin (or pork shoulder)
    8 cloves of garlic (or more if you’re like me and love the shit)
    1 onion
    1 Tbs cumin
    1/2 Tbs clove
    1/2 Tbs ginger
    1 tsp red pepper flakes
    3 limes squeezed
    Salt and pepper

    1) Sear the pork on high heat in a skillet.
    2) Dump everything in the slow cooker.
    3) Low for 8 hours.
    4) Eat.

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