You’re Welcome

Spencer Hall of found me THIS excellent link with pictures of Ricky Bruch that you have never seen. There are 35 total, and I’ve picked some of the good ones for below. Ricky Bruch is honored by the gods. I hereby name him to the 70’s Big Hall of Fame posthumously.
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Shirtless science

Time travel

No explanation needed

Here’s the first NSFW tagline on this site:

[spoiler show=”I want to see!” hide=”Take it away!”]

A Swedish ol' time





He was actually elite

Which way is the cowboy/carnival beach?

Special move

Regular style

Didn't need a spot

As you can see, Ricky was a joyous, burly man. He clearly trained his ass off yet had fun while doing it. I wish I could have known this man.
Note: If you can translate Swedish, then contact me.

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