New Shirt for the Ladies

PR Friday

Post your training and life PR’s to the comments. If you didn’t hit any, then update us on your training, ask questions, or talk about this weekend’s football games.

Beard of the Day

Sébastien Chabal – French Rugby player

“Known for his full beard and merciless tackling his fans call him l’Homme des Cavernes – The Caveman”
Apparently he’s 6’3″ and 255 with a rumored 7% body fat.
Thanks to RobE for the submission

New Shirt for the Ladies

A shirt made specifically for women is now available for pre-sale (orders will begin shipping next Friday). The Bella brand shirt is a thinner, softer cotton that form fits to the body with cap sleeves and a modest v-neck (not blatant cleavage). The shirt comes in two flavors, light and dark, and each is emblazoned with the image:

This shirt allows the affectionate women to display their preference for a delightfully muscular man in their life as well as their appreciation for 70’s Big. The light shirt is baby blue with a pink heart while the dark shirt is plum with off-white font and a light pink heart.
Images displayed below are low quality. Refer to the above image for design.

Light Shirt

Small $22.00
Medium $22.00
Large $22.00

Dark Shirt

Small $22.00
Medium $22.00
Large $22.00

66 thoughts on “New Shirt for the Ladies

  1. Face-Palm PR

    Weight-room Friend: “Hey man, your squat is really going through the roof! I mean, you’ve got more weight on the bar every week it seems.”

    Me: “Yeah, I’m progressing nicely. I think I’ll be able to hit 500lbs for a few reps by January.”

    Friend: “Wow, that’s awesome! You ever done 500lbs before?”

    Me: “No, I haven’t. It will be a big accomplishment for me.”

    Friend: “…you should probably try it in the Smith Machine first…just to be safe…”


    It’s bad guys…this was earlier this week and my forehead is still really, really red. I look like that volleyball from Castaway. Coincidentally, my friend looks like Tom Hanks from Castaway, minus the beard.

    Also, 465×5 Squat and 460×5 Deadlift.



  2. Food PR:
    I ate so much I threw up. About a hundred pieces of sushi and a plate of beef ribs. then i sat on the toilet and suddenly BLARGGH. I guess this means i have to deload on food.

  3. NO PRs but finally sticking with Linear Progression and seeing Solid Climbs. Prior Deadlift 1RM: 365 couldn’t budge it. Just pulled 350×5 yesterday solid. I have altered program slightly to maintain Technique on Oly Lifts.
    Mon: Squat,Pres, Snatch 2x2x2
    Wed:Squat, Bench, C&J 2x2x2
    Fri:Deadlift,Front Squat, Rack Jerk or PushPress :3x3x3
    3weeks in still 15# jumps with Squat and Deadlift, bench 10#, Press 5#. Oly lifts Ive stuck with a 2kilo jump each week. Always a quick BGWUx1,60Kx3 and then make jumps on my sets of 2x2x2 last set is my work weight.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  4. Lots of Lifting PRs:

    Back Squat – 240 x 5 x 3 (5 lb PR)
    Front Squat – 240 x 3 (5 lb PR; don’t ask why they’re essentially the same, haha)
    Bench Press – 205 x 3 (2.5 lb PR)
    Press – 145 x 5 (2.5 lb PR)
    Power Clean – 5 x 162.5 (1 rep PR; 15. sec b/w them)

    Weight PR:

    190.0 (I’ve hit it before, but never for more than a day)

    Clothes PR:

    Threw away 2 or 3 pairs of boxers because they didn’t fit over my (still relatively small) legs.

    Gave away a pair of jeans that also didn’t fit my legs (what are these manufactures thinking?), and several more are getting much tighter.

  5. i hit 365 x 2 in the dead lift earlier this week….. but i know i can get more w. proper technique..

    any tips pn hand grip/foot placement/whatever. for dead lifting. i havn’t dead lifted since my junior year of high school /senior year of football….(class of 07) so i usually do a reverse grip (Left hand , palm out w. index on smooth part… Right Hand. palm in, with index finger on smooth part… and feet generally shoulder width…. any tips.. hopefully a vid soon.. thanks…… WILDCARD BITCHES!

    Do a little research on Mark Rippetoe and Starting Strength. That will cover the bases for technique. The book is useful as well.


  6. @Wildcard1989

    If I deadlift conventional, I stand with my feet about shoulder width apart and have my feet point out at about 45 degrees. I’ve read that having your feet point out helps activate your gluteus maximus to help with the lockout at the top of the lift. I don’t know if that is true or just a placebo effect, but I think it helps out. The lockout portion of the lift is what usually gets me.

    After getting my feet how I like, I go down and grab the bar in a reverse grip where my hands are right outside where my shins are in contact with the bar. Then I make sure my chest is up and my back is straight. Then I take a deep breathe, hold it, and pull.

  7. Couple of good PRs from me this week….I am 5 weeks into the simple S&C P, wasnt strong to start it at all!

    1 did 5 sets of 3 squat-cleans – REALLY hungover at 135# on Wed.

    On Sat. I PR’d a 5RM on deads @ 245, then at 255.

    Question – my OH press and power cleans seem to be maxing out sooner than my squat, dead and bench…I have heard that there is a 10% deload – can you explain…I think I know how it works, but want to make sure so I do it right.

    Since I started the 70s big thing, my strength has shot up fast! I did start growing a beard in mid Oct., so I wont down play the power of a bushy beard in this either!

    Thanks for the program!

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