Halloween Pics

My Halloween was low key with beer and football, but there were some folks that dressed up for the occasion. Here are some amusing photos.

70's Big Day at 423 S&C

Thanks to Justin W. from 423 Strength and Conditioning.

“70’s Big Guy” appeared to the gym costume workout. Thanks to Chris from Emergent Fitness for the pics.

Pumpkin: A+, Face: F

Thanks to Kevin J. for the pics.

And for the finale, here are some pics of Chris. He went to work like this.

16 thoughts on “Halloween Pics

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  2. Chick in the tie dye shirt is hot.
    Does she squat?

    I would have never guessed that the last 2 pics were of Chris.

    A training question though…When do you see the use for exercises like Paused squat(pause for 2 seconds in the hole), defecit deadlifts, floor presses,box squats..?I cant imagine anyone except a PLer training his weakpoints doing these lifts. Only thing close to these exercises ive seen is Big AC doing rack deadlifts in a video.

  3. I didn’t end up doing anything because of some assignments I had to do, but I was going to go as the Hamburglar. I figured a Burger obsessed character is just as 70’s big as an actual 70’s big costume.

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  5. Where the hell do you guys all find those socks? I feel like the only place they’re available is for too much money on the internet. Maybe there just isn’t enough of a market for them in Jersey…

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