PR Friday

I don’t know where Justin is, but it’s probably PR Friday there, too. Weights lifted, ales hoisted, and Yankee fans nut-kicked.

Two items of interest.

1. This is 15 minutes from me.

2. In case you haven’t seen it, this is how you keep it real on the C2:

Justin: I was working on other stuff on Friday morning and didn’t realize Gant published this post. For those of you that commented on the post I put up, hopefully you’ll re-comment. I’ll copy/paste a few of the posts. Here’s a vid of Chris squatting 585×2 at a globo.

Chris pulling 600×3:

51 thoughts on “PR Friday

  1. Gant I like that you also hate the Yankees.

    PR’s this week:

    Squat 315×1 (+15lb PR)
    BB shrug 385×8 (+15lb PR)

    went to Five Guys burgers twice last weekend.

    Also made the pot roast and consumed it all.

    Got my wife to get back into going to the gym, she hit a 100x5x2 squat PR.

  2. Female 31

    Squat: 133 X 5 X 3
    Press: 63 X 5 X 3
    Bench: 75 X 5 X 3
    DL: 188 X 5
    Power clean: One on the minute for 15 minutes at 88

    Second week of Starting Strength and loving it.

  3. Benched 100kgx3x5 this week. Weak, but still a landmark. Pressed 150#x5. Didn’t finish the third set, so can’t list it as 3×5. I am slowly but surely becoming non-weak in my upper body.

  4. I agree on the Yankees suckage.

    Me @ 210lbs
    Squat – 410×4
    Deadlift – 523×6

    Wife @ 137lbs
    Squat – 225×3
    Deadlift – 336×7

    Food eaten: Had BBQ Brisket 3 times in the past week.

  5. So I’ve started doing 20 Rep squats. They suck big time but it’s helped me lean down a lot in a short amount of time. I’ve also incorporated barbell complexes in my schedule and those suck as well but fun at the same time. I’m really just posting to defend the Yankees. I don’t get my people hate on them so much. By far, the hottest looking players in the league.

  6. Maslow said:

    Four Weight PRs this week:

    Squat: 280 3×5
    Deadlift: 310 x5
    Bench: 240 3×5
    Bodyweight: 187

    Dirty Lockeroom Joke PR: A “Master’s Lifter” was impressed by my strength and thought it only right to tell me this unsolicited joke. “I came home from work last night and handed my wife two aspirins and a glass of water. Surprised, she said ‘What’s this for?! I don’t have a headache.’ I replied, “Great! Let’s fuck!’”

    Intellectual PR: finished reading “Undaunted Courage” by, Stephen Ambrose. It’s the story of Merriweather Lewis, William Clark and Thomas Jefferson and the exploration Louisiana. If you want a story of true human spirit and toughness, this is your book. Highly inspirational stuff. Memorable quote: Lewis, remarking on the Shoshone Indian’s system, “Each individual man is his own sovereign master and acts from the dictates of his own mind.” I found this resonating with me at 6:30 this morning, with 280 pounds loaded on my back, as I looked out the window of the gym and saw a group of three obese men chain smoking. We make our own choices in life. Today, I chose health and strength. Today, I finally squatted 1.5x my body weight. Huge.

  7. ilcrawford said:

    doh, I have been writing 5×3 all this time and it should be 3×5 (5-5-5)?

    Deadlift: 305 3×5 – I need to go get some chalk before deadlifts next week.

  8. Gregor said:

    What exactly is the official 70′s Big protocol for stating weight, reps and sets?

    I use weight x reps x sets, but I think we need someone here to make a formal 70′s Big statement on this…

  9. Dan said:

    Back Squat 20×240
    Finally got my bench up to 225 and weight a little over 180.
    Decided to sign up for a PL meet in May.

    Turned a small(er than me) guy on to starting strength/progressive loading when asked how “someone my size could lift so much”. It wasn’t that much.

    and I think I’m at the end of my 20-rep-rope. Going to sets of 5 from now on…probably.

  10. Ok, comments should be caught up. If you’re just checking in, I had two different PR Friday posts. I re-posted the comments here.

    Happy training.

  11. M/33/215

    All PR’s:

    Overall, it was a good week of training. I just felt the urge to do a 20 rep squat session. It went well. Still getting stronger.

  12. Deadlift 345
    Squat 300
    bench is tonight
    2 whole roasted chickens and
    2 gallons of milk in two days
    BW up to 265 and strentgh is going up after a lay off from Gym

  13. Clean PR – 135 lbs

    My power clean is 145 lbs, but my clean has lagged behind due to my front squat.

    Snatch PR – 103 lbs

    This felt really easy. My first pull is finally not complete and utter shit.

    I’m switching to an Oly lifting template. 3 days a week of Oly lifts, and I’m keeping heavy deads. I’m pretty excited about it.


  14. I’ve read both ways, sets x reps and reps x sets, I just go with what makes the most sense to me, reps x sets. That said,

    Squat – 285x5x3
    Bench – 190x5x3

    Finally getting to PRs in lifts besides squats in my LP, squats are killing everything, but will be slowing down and possibly resetting soonish. 285 was tough.

    Also obtained 3 burgers, 2 hotdogs, and a bowl of chili for free on thursday at a work cookout, very nice.

  15. Press- 185 5×3
    Press- 205,210,215 3×1

    Took the week off from pulling and squatting to keep from being too over trained. Chris and I are training tomorrow, but I’ll really just be there to spot him and squat light. Spot?

    Nah, that ain’t me.


  16. life pr: my 2nd kid (first boy) was born 6:09 thursday morning

    more impressive was the wife’s birth pr: she pushed 4 times and out he popped. things went too fast to get the epidural in, luckily she exercised throughout the pregnancy and pushed that kid out 70sbig style.

    pretty good argument for girls squatting and deadlifting i’d say

  17. 1 PRs
    Deadlift 370×8 (especially nice as I’m pretty sure this has been my 5RM for most of the current year)
    Pullup +77.5×8

    Brent should get Starcraft II it’s very awesome.

    My girlfriend ate half a pound of liver, half a pound of ground elk and 4oz of wild salmon for lunch and breakfast today.

    Post the TSC results on the front page it’s been almost a week since it ended.

  18. @ Justin, @ Gregor

    In stating weight, reps and sets, the following seems to be what most people use so I nominate it as the official 70’s Big convention:

    1) if done for sets across: weight x reps x sets
    example: Squats: 315# x 5 x 3 is three sets of five at 315 lbs.

    2) if done for a single set: weight x reps
    example: Deadlift: 405# x 5 is a single set of five at 405 lbs

    3) However, if just describing programming, with no weight specified: sets x reps.
    example: Monday Bench Press
    3 x 5 this means three sets of five

    Does this make sense?

    It makes sense and that’s what I would do instinctively, but it is admittedly confusing to new readers on the site. I always write out three sets of five (or 3 sets of 5) when I do posts so that there isn’t any confusion.


  19. A nice set of PRs this week:

    Squat: 190×11
    Bench Press: 170×12
    Deadlift: 220×14
    Press: 105×12

    The way I see it, I’m about halfway to being a fully functional human being. Sweet.

  20. New PR…worst meet yet

    Snatch x44,x44,44
    CJ x54,x55,x58

    bombed out. no total.

    i was trying to qualify for collegiate nationals as a 63 kilo (62.91). the qualifying total was 102, so i wanted to get 46 and 56, both numbers i have done many times in practice.

    i started with numbers i was quite confident would go up easily (44, 54)

    must have choked.

    i’d like to think the judging was chicken shit, but i may be biased.

    really cranky about the day, but at the next meet i guess i’ll just want it that much more.

    on the positive side, i didn’t cry even though i was so upset. i saw some other girls crying, but didn’t think it would be very 70s big to start that up.

  21. The judging was pathetic, for the second jerk all three found some imaginary press out that no one around me could see. For the third she power cleaned and in one movement hopped the bar farther up her deltoids for the jerk and got 2 red lights.

    There were press outs a whole lot more obvious than hers (assuming it happened) like unlocking side to side during recovery or having one elbow snap unlock as the jerk is received and have to press it back the last 2-3 inches which received only 1 or no red lights.

    Other female lifters, including one who set a state clean and jerk record (but never enters national meets and has a receding hairline) would rise from a clean, bounce once to set the right hand, once for the left or maybe another pretty just to set it in oscillation then finally jerk and receive 3 white lights.

    I pretty much wanted to chuck our beverages at each of the judges and get kicked out.

  22. Big mile-stone this week, finally hit 400 x 3 for squat. Felt so so so good.

    Have meet coming up Nov 20th at my university, hoping to hit 430, but I gotta start hitting more meal PR’s, bw slipped down to 195 @ 5’11” – no longer an adult male (sad face).

  23. A few PR’s this week.

    Press 135x3x5
    Power Clean 160x5x3

    Very few people in my gym do the barbell lifts, so I enjoyed the looks I got when I was pressing 135. I wish they could see someone strong lift.

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