The 70’s Big Face Picture Challenge – Vote Off

The extended 70’s Big Face Picture Challenge is reaching it’s climax. Fans, readers, lifters…YOU will decide the winner. The Killustrator has the prize, a bundle of posters, ready to be sent in the mail. Let the voting begin.

Voting starts at the bottom of the page.

You can click on a picture to see the full image, if applicable.

#1 - Adam

#2 - Aidan (from Scotland)

#3 - Big_Mike

#4 - Christian (wore this to his wedding)

#5 - Ed. Intense.

#6 - Gabe w/ eye ball blood vessel

#7 - Harrison (big grocery list guy)

#8 - Jake, the dark horse

#9 - James

#10 - Jeremy

#11 - Jesse, cool dude, builds a bunch of stuff, coached him in Tallahassee

#12 - Jimmy

#13 - John

#14 - Matt...eyebrows=mustache

#15 - Rob, another cool dude, post-grad at GA Tech

#16 - Robin, from the Netherlands

#17 - USMC.Scot

#18 - No name. We'll call him Beardman McGee

#19 - Wilmar, he titled this picture "70's Drunk"

#20 - WannaBBurly

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37 thoughts on “The 70’s Big Face Picture Challenge – Vote Off

  1. It’s GOTTA be Robin from the Netherlands for my money. That picture is a timeless work of art. 70’s Big meets classic 80’s Europorn. Get behind it.

  2. Voting on face quality alone (sorry, not gonna fall for the “cute kid making 70’s big face” gimmick – you KNOW he’s gonna win), I’d have to go with #1. Adam has it down. Very wrinkled brow, crazy eyes, distrinctive frown. Now way I’d want to mess with him in a dark alley. Robin from the Netherlands is a close second mostly because he scares me – like a satanic Salvador Dali coming to haunt my surreal dreams.

  3. 1,5,15,20 have that shit on lock down. Impressive job men. 14 and 16 get my vote for most hilarious though. Being a fairly new dad though, I’m partial to the little guy.

  4. #14 reminds me of the Frenchman in Monty Python-Holy Grail His face killed me. “Your Mother was hampster and your father smelt of elderberries” …classic

  5. Robin from the Netherlands has etched an image in my brain that will haunt me for months to come. Thanks for that.

    The pouty approach of #7 is an interesting interpretation of the assignment. Part pleading, part demanding. I’m not entirely sure how to respond.

    I’ve got two kids – one about the age of the dark horse – so I’m kind of partial to #8. At any rate, it serves as a picture of model parenting. Fine work.

    In the end I went with #12 – it seems to fit the criteria well.

    Well done, gentlemen!

  6. Holy awesome. Every single one of these brings a tear to my eye, but I can’t get over #4. The face might need a bit of work, but the Mountme jokes are priceless.

  7. Sorry Kyle, but having a kid in the contest is so very lame and gimmicky. Of course all his aunts and grandmas and teachers and cousins are going to be sent the link and will vote for him. I’m sure he’s a nice kid, but it kinda deflates the whole idea of a fair contest. Why not a separate kids category?

    Hey man, You got a problem Brah?

    Take it easy. It’s a funny picture and it’s not like we have a bunch of 16 year old girls voting on 70’s Big. A fourth of the people that voted chose him.

    Pick on someone your own size you goon.


  8. #4 (my husband) is a BAMF. Not only did he pose for this picture, but we were deadlifting and sledgehammering right after this picture was taken, him in his serge, and me in my wedding dress.

  9. Clearly the winner should be #5 or #18. I went with 18, he reminded me of the crazy old guy on the bus that beats up the gangster.

    The euro dude reminds me of a rapist.

    The kid should concentrate more on school and less on modeling.

  10. Oh come on you whiners- 70’s Big can be tough AND adorable. I think you’re all much more adorable now than when you began.
    Plus, Jake has a viking hat!
    … And I’m afraid of Robin.
    … Also Matt’s moustache.
    … And I’m pretty sure Ed is going to punch me and steal all my steak.

  11. lol @ A.C. Listen, I said I’m sure he’s a nice kid. I’m not picking on anyone Just giving some feedback brah. Take it easy. Meant no offense.

    That’s like saying “With all due respect” gives you clearance to say w/e you want. With all due respect take a big ole bite of that peanut butter and jealous sandwich you got and tell me how good it is.


  12. You guys don’t know what a real face is. The highest voting faces are semi-pro. You need to learn what a professional’s face looks like.

    Looks like I’m gonna have to bring in the big gun: Chris.

  13. Love the meat on the grill behind #14! But the Scot, John and Big_Mike really followed Justin’s instructions on how to make the face. They could have a legit face-off with Chris.

  14. After sleeping on it, I have to say Big Mike’s effort is starting to impress me. A bit of facial hair and slightly more intensity in the eyes and he could have stolen in.

    As per Justin’s criteria, it’s probably gotta be #5 or #20

  15. Seriously, I am scared looking at these pics. Do not show your children. There’s a mixed bag of chester the molester look a likes crossed by some strange greesy guy you would see in at the local 7-11 store late night. Hmm, maybe this was the look you were going for? Yes, scared. I am very scared. Good job! xoxo

  16. I voted for the Scotsman on account of Scots being the only Real Men around.

    That said, #16 looks like he’s about to commit murder with an axe or blunt object, and is definitely the scariest guy in that lineup. I’m not sure if that makes him 70’s Big or not though.

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