Quick Recap

AC and I have had a busy few days in California. We did some coaching on Friday evening, did the workshop in El Segundo on Saturday, drove north to Monterey (didn’t take the scenic route), got in at midnight, and then did another workshop in the morning.

I’d like to thank Ruth and Sean (again) for hosting us in Redondo/El Segundo. They are great people, have funny animals, and I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to hang with them. Now that we’re in Monterey we’re hanging with Mike Hom and Jacob Tsypkin. Jacob is a fast talking Jewish Russian (I found this out when he randomly started talking to his parents in Russian without warning). We took the coastal highway down to the beautiful Big Sur area.

We haven’t had a lot of sleep, so that’s all I’m getting into tonight. Here are some pictures from the coastal highway.


Here is something to entertain you.

10 thoughts on “Quick Recap

  1. Second! Also, thanks for putting on the excellent workshop, Justin. Much appreciated. And thanks, AC and Mike for sidekicking and being comic relief.

  2. hey, justin. i have a quick question for you. how many pounds does a typical female squatter (doing linear progression) in your gym add to her 3×5 each workout? i have found that trying to add more than two or 2.5 pounds each workout (not even three works) leads to getting stuck for a week. i have also found that when hormones are fluctuating, it is best to just repeat weights or even de-load for a week or so. do you see this with the ladies in your gym? i feel like i might be doing something not quite right if my progress is this slow or my adaptation is this sluggish. i appreciate any feedback you may have! thanks, becky

    Hey Becky,

    Typically females can make five pound jumps, but it depends on size and the girl. Are you doing the low bar (as taught in Starting Strength)? In any case, I have progressed someone slower than that, and I don’t think it’s a big deal since progress will come by slower for a female.

    And if hormones are fluctuating and you have to lower volume/intensity, that’s just the way it is. Shoot me an e-mail if you wanna chat more about it.


  3. can’t say that i’m really impressed with the scenery, i mean when you really think about it’s just fucking grass, sand, and water, not really impressed ????????????????????

    like who gives a shit

    KK vid was sweet though, close grip bench 240k ooh KAY

    Fuck you, Brent.


    ooh KAY

    – brent

  4. Justin and AC,
    Thanks so much for coming all the way out to put on the weightlifting workshop and the 70s Big Seminar! Our members had such a great time with the lifts and were working on the cues you gave them for the snatch today. You’ll be happy to know that Mike got a pair of lifting shoes today and Jake will follow suit by the end of the week.

    Becky’s snatch was noticeably better today and her confidence with overhead lifts has gone way up! Avelyne gave you a shout out in tomorrow (Tuesday’s) post for our site by the way. Sean and I finally got a belt and Sean PR’d his C&J by 10# the first time using it.

    Can’t wait to have you guys come back out here! If you guys get the opportunity to be coached by Justin and AC or better yet to attend their seminar, don’t pass it up!! We learned so much just as coaches watching them just in the weightlifting workshop!

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