10 thoughts on “Placeholder post. Jackassery ensued.

  1. Got the day off of work so I tried training in a.m. after sleep-in. Mind and body were fresh, killed it.

    I’m contemplating quitting work so I can train like this more often.

  2. So I was hoping Gant meant 9:15AM because he didn’t specify PM. In military time 9:15=9:15am where as 9:15pm would be 21:15… Just what kind of shenanigans are going on over there Gant?!

    Also, Brent, I was wondering how your “shrug like a mother fucker” was going? Are you doing any OH Shruges, or are those not too good for massive YOKAGE? Thanks, Joe.

  3. just an fyi, one of my life goals is now to be more yoked than roughneck asian

    have i ever told you guys i don’t actually like most asians ???????????????????????

    also, joe, wtf??? overhead shrugs???????????? save it for t-nation ……………

  4. I didn’t even catch Joe’s question the first time.

    Joe, what is the purpose of shrugging when pressing overhead? Answer that and rethink the wisdom of OH shrugs.

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