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There is a 70’s Big Workshop in Alpharetta, GA this Saturday (near Atlanta), and you can still sign up by going here. The price is $85 and we will start at 10:00 AM. E-mail me if you have any questions.

The Super Total is this month’s challenge. Some of you dudes were being a pain in the ass about stuff not being heavy enough in the challenges, so now is your chance to do a challenging lifting day. The details for the Super Total are here.

Since I haven’t been talking about it, I’ll extend the 70’s Big Face Picture Challenge until Labor Day weekend. To learn how to make the face, go here, and go here for info on the picture submission contest (including where to send the picture). Winners will receive posters from Killustrated.com.

Jacob is pretty good at it


Also, you can receive a 10% discount on any order over $25 at Killustrated.com by using the code “70BG” when you check out. There are some sweet posters and cool shirts.

PR Friday
Let us know if you’ve had any PR’s whether you think you are strong or not. If you don’t have any PR’s, let everyone know how your training is going. The discussion probably makes everyone’s work day go faster on a Friday.

Random Video — Kendrick Farris clean and jerking 211kg in training.

56 thoughts on “Busy Post

  1. im not sure if some of these are prs. one of my dogs ate my training notebook from before i had to stop training for awhile. yes she ate it. for real.
    squat 355 3×5
    bench 255 3×5
    press 170 3×5 (im sure this is a pr)
    deadlift 425 1×5 (im sure this is a pr)
    power clean 215 5×3(pretty easy. maybe should have done more)
    14 egg, 1/2 lbs ham breakfast pr. i almost didnt make it. epic battle.

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