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My friend Mike Hom (you’ll remember him from this video montage) has a goal of deadlifting 405×20. This may be daunting for most lifters, but Hom only weighs 190. But when you remember that he has pulled 505×5, it seems reasonable. Well, he’s almost there.
Note the shirt as he pulls 405×16.

That was a PR for Mike, and he wants to get 20 reps by September. If you’ve got any Personal Records then bust them out in the comments on this glorious PR Friday.

Here is a very cool video of David Rigert mostly preparing for a 210kg clean and jerk (he was a 90kg lifter).

Note: There’ll be a new Saturday post that announces the “Comment of the Week” and some other kind of nonsense.

62 thoughts on “Vids on PR Friday

  1. Thats a video of some chick wring her hands.
    I didn’t see a clean or a jerk.
    This brings up a bugbear of mine.

    Why do I have to see peoples frickin faces in so many oly lifting videos?
    All that build up and all I see is (presumably) his missus stressing.

    Boo artsy oly lifting videos.

    Here is a video of him doing 212.5Kg. With less emotion and more damn lifting.:

  2. Nice attempt on the 20 rep DL, he should have no prob getting 20 by September.

    New PR on Squat this week 3 sets of 5 at 250 lb. I know it ain’t much but I’m getting there. Also, BW PR at 194 lb.

    I also had an unintentional 1RM PR on DL this week. First time in weeks doing DL because my right bicep has been hurting. I decided I would match my previous 1RM at 345. Loaded the bar and pulled it, only to realize after the fact that I had 355 on…..a 10 lb PR! Doesn’t say much for my math skills though, and I’m an engineer!


  3. PRs this week:

    Deadlift: 372# 1RM
    Squat: 325# for a single (almost a double)
    Bench: 209.5# for 3 singles (paused)

    Have my first PL meet next weekend.

    M / 49 / 6’1″ / 209#

  4. Nice pulls. 405×16 is an amazing effort!

    No PRs this week for me. Maybe soon, because I’m thinking of starting the SHRUG LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER program. Speaking of which, will there be an e-book? 5/3/SHRUG?

  5. PR’s
    320x3x5 Squat
    405x1x5 deadlift

    Think I’ve about finished linear progression for now. Up from 185 squat and 275 deadlifts, taking a deload week then testing my 1RM.

  6. Cheeseburgers obtained for cheap/free PR:

    A local restaurant celebrating their 50th birthday was offering $0.50 burgers and dogs on Monday, I proceeded to order 6 burgers and a dog. I brought it back to the office and co-workers were generally disgusted, one guy took a picture of my lunch, excellent for $3.50. I hate the dog and 4.5 burgers, saved the other for PWO Tuesday.

    Yesterday had a company cookout, obtained 3 burgers and a dog for free, then took home 4 leftover burger patties, 2 of which I used in my breakfast sandwich this morning, 2 burgers, 2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, and a slice of cheese.

    13 Burgers and 2 Hotdogs for $3.50 in one week is a huge PR. My start to the journey for adulthood is going well!

    Avidly devouring Starting Strength, can’t wait to finish and get started on my linear progression!

  7. PR Meal:
    Two 3/4 pound gargonzola bacon burgers, each on two pieces of huge wheat bread with cheddar slabs
    Approx. 3 cups buttery mashed potatoes
    Approx. 4 Cups Brocoli
    2 peaches
    1/2 Gallon of whole goats milk
    1 huge chocolate chip cookie

    Took a little over an hour to eat it all.

  8. I think Mike crushes Brent as the resident strong Asian. There can be only one. Haha

    We’ll see what Brent has to say about this.


  9. Tomorrow is my 44th B-day, and I’m not a big guy (5’10”, 183). PR’s set this week:

    2 mile run – 13:21
    Powerclean – 215
    Front Squat – 250×5
    Incline Bench – 225×3

    Hoping to hit a 5RM in Deadlift tomorrow.

  10. @bigmike
    Only 2 McDoubles? They’re only a dollar.

    Deadlifted 500 lbs and squatted 405 this week for singles – both are PRs.

    5’7″ 192 lbs

  11. Set a few post-injury PR’s now that I’m finally back to lifting heavy weights post-rehab. BW was ~207-208 at 5’9.

    Squat – 395×4
    Bench – 245x5x3
    Deadlift – 429×9 (rest pause)

    Wifey set some good PR’s in preparation for USAPL Raw Nats in a couple weeks, too. Her BW was ~135-136.

    Squat – 220×3
    Bench – 130×2
    Deadlift – 319×10 (rest pause)

  12. Great lifts Mike, I was getting tired just watching.


    5’10 203lbs

    Squat – 335 -5×3 (very hard)
    Deadlift – 435 – 5 singles.

  13. Mike is great at pulling, inflicting pain on the sternocleidomastoid, and overcussing without any escalation or provocation.

    Nice lifts!

    I forgot about those “great” massages he gave.


  14. Got a bunch of PRs this week.

    Power clean: 225×1
    Bench: 265×1
    Deadlift: 425×1
    Squat: 345×1


    Starting up linear progression again this weekend, so tired of having a crap squat.

  15. Unintentional deadlift PR of 215 x 1
    Back squat 150x5x5
    Front squat 130x5x5, which I am still shaking from, and it makes me never want to front squat again

    F/34/5’8/135 lbs

  16. Current Training Numbers:
    Squat 265x5x3 (20 lbs from old PR)
    Bench 200x5x3 (2.5 lbs from old PR)
    Deadlift 305×5 (30 lbs from old PR)
    Press 132.5x5x3 (2.5 lbs from PR)
    Power Clean 170x3x5 (15 lbs from old PR)

    Jeez I hate having a sub-300 squat. A couple weeks ago I got to 270 and failed my 3×5, got stuck, I reset. Now I’m almost back to where I was. Switching to heavy-light-heavy on the squats. PR territory is at hand with the bench!

  17. Finally decided to go for 1RMs today, for the first time since taking lifting seriously. Starting SS in February, and put on about 2.5 months before hitting some stalls (and a huge gut gain), so I’ve been on a cut for the last 2 months to get down to acceptable levels of body fat before eating big again. Anyway …

    Squat 335, Bench 190, Deadlift 385, BW 189
    Total: 910

    Feelin good! But once I switch back to eating big, I’m looking forward to crossing the 1,000 lb threshold.

  18. I am always impressed by mike hom’s deadlifting abilities.

    505lb deadlift for 5 is AWESOME especially at such a light bw.

    How long did it take for him to do this? And was he just doing the standard SS/PP type training????

    As for the rigert video – is it just me or does he look HUGE in this video??
    he looks like a 105 lifter. He normally doesn’t look so big

  19. what is the point of such silly goals? isn’t he better off shooting for 600? and why is this done in a crossfit gym? is a he a traitor?

    My name is Dave and I like to stir the pot.


  20. Sick stuff Mike. It didn’t look like rep 16 was too hard besides the slight hitch at lockout. Are you approaching this like every two weeks trying to get one more rep each time?

    Still trying to get to 405 for 5 personally. Haven’t tested 1rm’s in a long time.

    DL 360×5

  21. 5’6″, 192lbs

    Deadlift 1RM – 485. It was easy until the last 4-6 inches of the pull. The lockout has always been my weakness. I managed to create some minor slippage or something right at L5/S1…I don’t think it’s serious but I’m going to take it easy for the next couple of days. I think I could have pulled 500 today if not for that…next time for sure.

    Rack pulls are beneficial for improving this finish. It’s the hamstrings getting tired or not being strong enough to extend the hip while the lumbars maintain low back rigidity.


  22. justin,

    i’m sure it’s been asked before, but how do you incorporate rack pulls as a part of your accessory lifts? i’m a huge fan of them but was never entirely sure where they fit best. also, when done, should it be with locked knees and hips far back as to replicate the top of the pull?

    i’m on 5/3/1, which is somewhat comparable to linear progression, but i think i could still incorporate them into my routine (probably on my dead or squat day).

    It depends on how you’re using them. If you use them on your deadlift days, then your aim would be to get more volume at a high intensity. If you’re using them on your pulling day of 5/3/1, you’ll introduce them gradually so that you don’t overwork the relevant muscles. If you’re pulling towards the end of the week and you’ve already squatted, you probably have more leeway on getting recovered (For example, if you squatted Monday and are pulling on Thursday, you’ll have all the way until Monday to recover).

    In Texas Method-style programming, they are used as the pulling exercise for the week and alternated with halting deadlifts, but rack pulls are used in all kinds of ways. First it depends on the program (my understanding that people emulating Westside training will do them at different pin heights) while the TM style programming has them only done at one height.

    Your question on the finishing position is a little vague, so I won’t try to answer it.


  23. M/34/6’1″/83kg(183lb)

    PRs this week:
    Squat: 100kg (220lb) x5 (PR, 100 was previously my 1RM)
    Press: 65kg (143lb) x2 (was going for 3 but rushed the last. Still pretty happy as my last 1RM was 60)

    Clothing PR: I can no longer wear my suit trousers – thighs don’t fit.

  24. @Randle: Thanks! i’ve never been on strict SS/PP training, per se. I can’t give up metcon’ing simply because i like to walk upstairs and run without feeling like i’m going to fall over and die. while i appreciate the sheer mastadonic strength demonstrated by doug young and the bomb-like explosiveness of pisarenko, my “70s Big Icon” is sergey litvinov (who I am writing an article about–and yes, it references dan john’s article), who was strong as a bull and maintained some incredible athleticism. i’m more or less trying to emulate that in my own derived flavor.

    @kittenSmash: Yeah, I’ve put on some. The 505 video had me between 180 to 185 lbs. and I was in the throes of eating literally as much as I could without throwing up at work and drinking coffee with milk throughout the day (and water, of course). It literally took over a month for my body to start accepting the influx of food and use it before I started seeing weight gain. One of my coaches said it best that the quest for weight gain is rather arduous. In any case, I got up to 190 lbs. and more or less stabilized there. I’m not as aggressive in the weight gain right now because I’ve gone back to school and can’t really afford the amount of food I was eating (ask Justin or AC–I can put an unhealthy amount of food away).

    @razor: the hitch was partially caused by my quads feeling like they were on fire. for those of you that didn’t notice, my setup wasn’t looking very.. optimized, i guess is the right word. legs scissoring arms, hip sitting lower than usual. I’m not saying the SS deadlift setup is the only way to deadlift but I’m used to having my shins a bit more vertical before I start pulling. to answer your question, i’m doing this at the end of this month and on september 1st to see if i can get up to 20.

    @daveG: 405 lbs. x 20 is a silly goal but i guess it’s just one of those odd goals individuals tend to have. matt kroczaleski has a vid of him doing 40 back squats all in one drop set, 500 x 8, 405 x 8, 315 x 8, 225 x 8, 135 x 8. why? it was one of his goals and he did it. also, to answer your question, i am working towards 600. this is one way to elicit adaptation. i’m also doing heavier pulls on a weekly basis. and since you wanted to stir the pot, my response to why i’m doing it at a CF gym is because my good friend runs it and who cares where i’m lifting as long as i’m lifting?

  25. Turned 44 today and just got back from the gym. Not all time PR’s, but pretty good for a guy heading full steam into mid 40’s:

    Bench: 305×1
    Squat: 405×1
    Deadlift: 295×5 (have to take it a little easy on deadlift due to 2 bulging discs in the lumbar region).
    Push Press: 185×1 – easy. Could have gone heavier but was running out of steam.

    Never a better way to spend your birthday than lifting heavy weight!

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