Vids on PR Friday

My friend Mike Hom (you’ll remember him from this video montage) has a goal of deadlifting 405×20. This may be daunting for most lifters, but Hom only weighs 190. But when you remember that he has pulled 505×5, it seems reasonable. Well, he’s almost there.
Note the shirt as he pulls 405×16.

That was a PR for Mike, and he wants to get 20 reps by September. If you’ve got any Personal Records then bust them out in the comments on this glorious PR Friday.

Here is a very cool video of David Rigert mostly preparing for a 210kg clean and jerk (he was a 90kg lifter).

Note: There’ll be a new Saturday post that announces the “Comment of the Week” and some other kind of nonsense.

62 thoughts on “Vids on PR Friday

  1. Back from 9 days in Hawaii, no PR’s lifting, minor injury on a moped. Did however arrive home weighing in at 180 lbs for the first time ever.

    Rigert is a BAMF.

  2. Just arrived in Camp Buerhing, Kuwait this week and won a squat competition that happened to be going on at the gym with a PR of 405 at a bodyweight of 180.

    Flying into Iraq next week where 70’s Big training/domination will continue.



  3. Congrats on winning the “COW” Jacob. You’re not lookin too good in that picture man. You really should get that rash checked out.

  4. Pr’s for the week…
    Press: 175 for 8
    Dead: 405 for 8
    Squat: 330 for 10
    Bench: 225 for 5 with pause and commands.
    BW down from 213.5 to 202.5…have to make weight at 198.

    2 weeks out from competition
    I’m competing at the Ottawa Open Powerlifting Comp July 17th…this will be my first comp.

  5. @Jake Briskin

    Hahaha, that is classic! I like the guy who was surprised you knew who it was from the description – I was with you, though, how could there be two people like that?!


    What’s the deal with no posting on the COW one? Will there be any prizes for best comment, or just the glory of being featured on 70s Big? I think Jacob should at least get some kind of ointment or topical cream for that nasty jungle rash…

    It’s just easier to put all the comments on this post.


  6. Is that Jacob in the comment of the week photo? Is it just me or does it look like Donald Sutherland in a bad disguise? Less 70s big, more like just in his 70s…

  7. On the shittiest of shitty days, pulling up this site to be greeted with a pic of me that only Justin could dig up brought a very welcome chuckle. Glad I could be your COW, fellas. Looking forward to some beefy comments this week – this is, afterall, a competition. PS: The rash feels better already.

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