July Challenge: 3 Presses, 3 Pulls

The July Challenge has been announced, and you can read about it HERE.

Post questions here. Post results on linked page.

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77 thoughts on “July Challenge: 3 Presses, 3 Pulls

  1. i’m also listing Canadian colleges, so this is another upside.

    about the barbell training sessions, should i alternative 3×5 and 1×5 only for squats or for everything?

    thoughts on 5/3/1 for football?(if you’re not aware, and you probably are, there’s a program by jim wendler that is called “5/3/1 for football”, not his regular 5/3/1 with my own twists in it)

  2. i’m just going to thank gant for the advise. today i went to the gym and put on 285lbs again, for 5 easy reps, since this was a 1×5 heavy for squats i put on 300 and did 4 reps.

    rest of workout was still 3×5, just amazing. thank you gant, i’m sure i’ll keep progress till my season.

    do you think that during the season i should do wendler’s ‘5/3/1 for football’ in-season program?

  3. FWSC and Justin A: post results in the linked section. Good job on the challenge, too. It was unpleasant.

    DaveG, glad it worked for you. I haven’t read 5/3/1 for football yet, but Wendler is…Wendler. It will be good.

    A lot of in-season training depends on the difficulty and intensity of your practices or sport-training. Some HS programs tear each others’ heads off all week long, while some are shorts and helmet 2-3 days a week. It all depends.

  4. DaveG, John Welbourn’s CrossFit Football has off-season and in-season programming durring football season. CF Football is on the friends tab for a reason and trust me, don’t let the ‘CrossFit’ in the name fool you. It’s a bad ass program and a ton of Football players have seen amazing results from it.

    The ring pullups/pushups/box jump WOD you commented on earlier was an easy day thrown in the mix as the previous two were brutal. The program may be worth looking in to.

  5. gant for some reason my start off the line(basically overcoming inertia) isn’t what it used to be. what do i do? i’m doing 1 linear speed day per week.

    i suspect it’s because of the weight gain, but i have to increase my speed because basically my only pass rush move is speed off the edge, and i’m doing it really well too.

  6. “If it’s important, do it everyday.” -Dan Gable

    It’s important, you don’t do well at it, and you’re only practicing once a week. That’s the problem.

  7. hey guys this isnt where you post your results. in the post see the word HERE with a line under it? thats the link to post your results in. :)

  8. 21 rounds of 3 press at 140 lbs Rip style presses and 3 dead hang pullups. This was actually pretty tough… I thought I would do way more because I am good at pullups but the presses killed me.

    BW 220

  9. My friend Tony and I did this on our Texas Method light day after some easy squats.

    Myself (weight ~ 193lbs) – 120 lb press, 8 rounds

    Tony (weight around 200-205 lbs) – 125 lb press, 12 rounds + 1 press

  10. Hey guys,

    wonderin if anyone had any ideas for stretchin or assistance exercises that can help me with my but wink? just started linear progression and wanna fix this sooner rather than later,

    all help is appreciated.


    The ‘butt wink’ is a farce and is hardly a problem. In certain situations it may not be logistically possible to improve because of the length of the pelvis. If your knees are out, you’re sitting back, you’re getting your depth and hip driving, it’s irrelevant. Don’t worry about it.


  11. 115lbs (BW=177)
    pull ups, not chin-ups
    18 rounds

    Much harder than I expected. When I had to take a break at 4 rounds, I was worried. Last 10 minutes, I took too long between rounds and messed up and ran out of time. FUN challenge!

  12. 28 rounds.

    50 kg barbell, bw 81 kg, so a bit to light. Some pushpressing-behavior when tired, after ca 10 min, I didn´t understood the rules. Couldn´t squeeze it in once more, sorry about that. Love the blog, keep it up!

  13. @ CrossFit Regina (Canada):
    Shae @ 120lb – 32 rounds +1 Press
    NickS @ 120lb – 19 rounds +1
    John @ 142lb – 19 rounds
    Aaron @ 125lb – 17 rounds
    BrianD @ 115lb – 15 rounds
    PaulP @ 125lb – 14 rounds

    AngDesj @ 75lb – 32 rounds +3
    Kelly @ 73lb – 15 rounds +3
    Leya @ 68lb – 13 rounds +3

    *We have 5 squat racks, so the men had dibs on them, and ladies had to clean the weight from the floor each time.

  14. 26 rounds – bw 183. Presses started getting really heavy around 20 rounds or so. Since today is one of my main workout days, I decided to get in something lower body wise that somewhat matched.
    Squat -225#, 20 rep set
    Deadlift – 225#, 20 rep set

    Now I will curl up in a corner and go to sleep.

  15. 16 rounds, BW@250. I know it isn’t that great but considering I just started working out 2 months ago since coming off my January back surgery, I’ll take it.

  16. hey gant, this is totally unrelated to the challenge but i was wondering if you’re still doing 5/3/1 and if it’s working out for you? thanks.

  17. I’ve just been screwing around for the last couple months lifting whatever I felt like. I’ll get back to 5/3/1 in a week or two. I’ll probably start aerobic conditioning in September and anaerobic work in Novemeber.

  18. Can someone tell me what the workout was? The link to the details no longer works. I think I get the idea: AMRAP of 3 Presses at 62.5% BW and 3 Pull-ups. But how long is the work out? And are chin-ups cool? I’d like to give this one a shot and see how I stack up around here. Thanks!

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