Remember the TSC

Remember that we’re doing the 70s Big TSC by the end of this month. If you’re not already signed up for something the next couple weeks, then you need to do this. If you already did one this month, enter your numbers when I post the results post (weird wording) the last weekend of this month.

It’s a friendly, simple virtual “competition.” Do it by yourself or with friends. Host one at your gym. It can be very informal. We’re all on the honor system here. Just stick by the simple rules below. I’m doing mine today because I’ll be out of pocket the next couple weeks.

The events are simple.

1. Max deadlift. You get three attempts to find your max pull. Do it meet-style. If you make an “AC-jump” between your first and second attempt, there is no going back.

2. Max pullups. Dead hangs. No chinning (palms must face away), and absolutely no kipping. Kippers will be shot, killed, and then banned from posting here. Thumbless grip. Bottom of jaw touches top of bar.

3. 5 min Kettlebell snatch test. 24kg kettlebell. Unlike GS, you may set the weight down or switch hands as necessary.

That’s it, three events. Perform these in one session, and rest at least 15 minutes between each even (or more if you have time). Perform the TSC the last week of April and post your results on the last Saturday of April (I’ll make a weekend post for it). Good luck!

For more info, go here.

Remember to practice the KB snatch.

The video is here.

9 thoughts on “Remember the TSC

  1. A few questions.
    April’s last Saturday is this Saturday, did you mean May 1?

    Hell. I though we had one more Saturday. I guess this weekend is the official date then, but I’ll take results the next two weekend. If you’ve already done one this month, post em up.

    No gyms in my area have KBs. Does snatching with a 55lb DB sound roughly comparable?

    It’s a different animal. You can go faster with DBs, and the movement is different. But if that’s all you have, do them with DBs and make that note.


  2. pw82123123178 – Holy Hell, best link ever.

    Gant – You’re a real jerk. Some of us ain’t so good at the pullups.

    Hell, I didn’t make the rules. But I like em. It beats the hell out of that spastic butterfly kip.


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