The 70’s Big Workshop was pleasantly a success. Heidi and Kevin, the owners of Amarillo SC, were fantastic hosts and Ryan, who posts here on the comments regularly, brought a grill and cooked up a bunch of 70’s Big burgers and hotdogs for lunch. The crowd consisted of gym members who all have known each other for a while, and this created an amusing and fun atmosphere.

Some topics that we covered include what 70’s Big actually stands for, how strength augments all other physical attributes, training myths, the approach different sized people will have in order to get strong, injuries and setbacks, getting into your first competition, training quirks, and programming guidelines. We actually went over time, so there is room to trim the fat on some sections and condense the material. There were questions based on longevity as well as training for the “aging lifter/competitor”; the workshop itself will evolve based on what people want to learn about.

This workshop was the first of many, and we’d like to get around to help as much people as we can with their training, so if you’re interested in hosting a workshop, shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you are hoping to attend a workshop in the future, let us know what topics you would be chiefly interested in into the comments.

The next workshop is on May 15th in Allen, TX at CrossFit FX TX (you can sign up by going to the home page and clicking on the link to the workshop). Allen isn’t too far away from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so we should have a nice crowd.

If you have any questions about the workshop(s), leave them in the comments. And don’t forget to post your TSC results in the Results Post.

11 thoughts on “Recap

  1. Re: Brent’s comment above.

    Isn’t it time 70s Big made a 70s Bib available as well as ordinary T-shirts?

    Bibs with pictures of ribs, burgers, lobster or steaks would probably sell.

  2. Ill take a bib. Haha
    It was a great workshop. Good info and entertaining. Im sure the one in Allen will be even better, though the people in attendance couldn’t possibly be any cooler than us Amarilloans. Haha

  3. Bibs are cool I guess, but what about some killer shorts?! I’m thinking like a 7 inch inseam, that way my “almost tree trunk” legs will make them bunch up to about a 5 inch inseam! Awesome!

  4. Back Squat PR today:

    341 x 3 x 5

    Almost switched to TM because I though I exhausted novice linear programming, then I realized I was just a pussy. Switched to an advanced version of linear programming to keep the progress at a maximum.

  5. Thanks Justin for the informative workshop this weekend, all the info was very helpful. Oh and I would definitely get a 70’s Bib too. Skip would probably want a 70’s Big speedo….I’m just saying.

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