Mopping Up

“I’m hard yet soft, I am colored yet clear, I am fruity and sweet, I am jelly… what am I?”

There are a few things from last week and the weekend that need to be posted. A while back someone asked for a video of me power cleaning — I can’t imagine why, but here is my third (and last) rep of clean and jerking 150 kg last Tuesday that Eva filmed.

And now for the finale…

Pat and AC doin’ man stuff.

Pat and AC doin’ man stuff.



23 thoughts on “Mopping Up

  1. seriously has it come to this, that we need to state what order we are in replying to this post. sigh…

    Further more, nice vid! Still need to get a whole lot stronger to top that.

    P.S. FOURTH!!!

  2. Does anyone know of a good (legal) appetite stimulant? I”m up to about 170 (I know it seems light, but I”m up like 25# since starting strength) and am at a plateau. My strength is improving (except in overhead press), but the weight gain has stalled. I”m doing GOMAD, protein enriched 70s big milkshakes, slathering mayo and peanut butter on everything, eating a snickers before bead, and 4 average to big size meals. I”m so effing full. Any ideas to “feel” hungrier?

  3. This might be the best post yet. And that””s sayin”” somethin!

    That””s a mighty big Clean and Jerk, Justin.
    Out of curiosity, what””s your best press?

    That was not a great clean and jerk. I have done 165 in the gym before I was riddled with setbacks/injuries. I have never maxed on the press. The day after a hard Olympic weightlifting session I pressed 225 for double — shoulders were dead tired for that.

    I have done 210x5x3, and 205x5x5. But AC is the strong presser out of our bunch.


  4. Is there a name for the face AC is making in those pictures? It appears to be the Official Face of 70”s Big since Justin and Chris seem to make use of it pretty regularly as well.

  5. @ Dan Who wants to eat more

    One of the best appetite “stimulators” is cardiovascular exercise. If you don”t go overboard with it, then doing cardio can work you up an appetite so you”re able to end up eating more.

    Also, keep in mind that some foods will satiate you longer than others. 700 Calories from Biscuits and Gravy will leave you feeling full longer than 700 Calories from a Buffalo Burger and Sweet Potato Fries.

    If you are at a plateau, ask yourself if you”re really sticking to eating big. You may be giving yourself too many breaks. If you”re drinking a gallon of milk a day and eating pounds of meat a day, then you should be gaining weight.

  6. I would be interested to see/here how the olympic workouts are set up that the team uses at WFAC.

    I am assuming it is in conjuction with a texas method scheme…


    It has been my experience that you can not get decent practice with the lifts while doing the Texas Method. I was using the Texas Method a few weeks ago and doing each lift once a week, but as it gets closer to a meet or more practice is needed, then things need to be more complicated. Plus it depends on if the person is a novice or not.


  7. justin do you use a thinner belt when doing oly lifts? my big lever belt is too bulky and gets caught during cleans…

    It is a harbinger velcro belt. Do a search on belts on this site for more.


  8. Justin, You””re the MAN, I””m jealous you get to hang out with Eva.

    AC and PAT- You are also MEN and apparently more than prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse keep up the good fight.

    Z-Day is inevitable.

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