Tour of WFAC

“I’ll have you, Longhshanks!”

It’s PR Friday. Post weight lifted, gained, or eaten to comments.

The WFAC is better than your gym. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. When AC was here we filmed a tour of the gym. I believe this is the first and only video tour. Enjoy our improvising.
Note: I just realized AC edited out when I talk about my dog Leda. He is an asshole for that.

WFAC Virtual Tour from A.C. on Vimeo.

Oh, and the Texas State Weightlifting Meet is happening on Saturday. We were supposed to have 11 lifters going, but that number has fallen to 6 (including me). Here is the schedule. Ignore the roided up Incredible Hulk who appears to be blowing out the back of his shorts with a monstrous fart.

97 thoughts on “Tour of WFAC

  1. Food PR-
    5000 calories consumed Thursday.
    1 gallon of milk
    4 double cheeseburgers
    remaining calories met with pre-cooked chicken nuggets (and some ketchup).

    I”m getting back the weight i lost over the break; will very probably have a weight PR for next friday.

  2. FYI, squatting ass to ground is very useful when grinding with girls on the dance floor. They are very impressed when you can go lower than they can without losing your balance.

  3. Neat gym.

    PRs for 1/11/2010

    Squat – matched previous PR of 125kg 3×5

    Press – 62kg 3×5

    Deadlift – 160kg 1×5

    Bench – 89kg 3×5

    Weight – 212lbs up from 155 in june and 180 in october.

    Wednesday I was helping my mom put dishes away and she turned to me and said I was fat. My 10 year old little brother yelled at her that to be strong you need to eat more, I almost choked on a tear.

    Oh, I also had what I believe to be my first deleted comment :)

    Good Luck on saturday.

    Yeah, that comment was just a bit irrelevant, dude. Your little brother is on the right path.


  4. Thanks for posting. I always wanted to see what WFAC looked like inside.

    If only I had such a nice place to work out in where I am.

    Today I checked out a large, pretty expensive looking commercial gym in my area. I wanted to see if they had olympic lifting platforms, power cages, bumper plates, etc. When I asked the staff there they had no clue what any of that stuff was. I just stood there kind of shocked, especially when one of them said ”its ok, you can use one of our many smith machines”. As I walked past all of the machines I felt sick to my stomach. I left the place with a disturbed feeling.

  5. Where are the calf machines and abductors?

    Really, that”s a great facility. Thanks, I was curious to see what your place looked like. I”m opening my own barbell based gym next year, I like the idea of the track out back.

    Those bathroom doorways are pretty narrow..I don”t know if most 70”s Big fellas can walk straight through…..

  6. Awesome gym!

    Girl here:

    Hit a bench PR of 120 for multiple reps (I believe it was 4)

    Press PR of 95lb 1RM

    Squat form is now perfect so the weight can start going up.

    Good week!

    Ain’t too shabby, my dear. Keep it up!


  7. Deadlift PR of 165kg 1×5.
    BW PR of 103.5kg

    Presses are both on their way back up after injuring my biceps tendons while squatting. VERY close to my old PRs. Squatting problem fixed.

    Squat is on its way back up after going for more depth.

    As always, PC is struggling, especially with this biceps injury. Racking is painful, so I guard against it and catch it leaning right back..

    I totally know the movie line, but I just can”t place it!!!

  8. The Fellowship of the Ring, no homo. That trilogy sports the most intense bromance of all time: Frodo and Sam.

    Today is a max day on the platform for me. Best of luck on Saturday.

  9. Bodyweight PR: 190.3 when I went to bed last night. 188.6 this morning. Still an overall PR for me.

    On linear progression so every night is a PR, but I got my overhead press to 95# last night!

  10. Back in the early nineties I trained at Rips old facility. I used to tell everyone about how great it was and I had yet to find as good of a gym anywhere else. Went to a Cert last year @ the New and Improved WFAC and was blown away. It is simply fantastic. I even tried to get a job with the ISD up there just so I could train at Rip”s again. Oh well. There is always next year.

  11. Bodyweight PR this morning of 229.5lbs. Up from 185 in October when I started this journey.

    Press PR on Monday – 135lbsx10

    DL PR on Tuesday – 290lbsx9

    Bench PR on Thursday – 215lbsx10

    Planning on setting a squat PR this afternoon.

  12. Bodyweight 170 lbs as of yesterday.
    Press PR 5×3 @ 90lbs.

    Training later today to get some videos, if everything goes well.

    fyi, WFAC beat my YMCA as soon as:

    The greenery at the enterance
    more than 1 power rack.

    Why do most gyms have only 1 rack and more than 1 smith machine?

  13. I do love that gym!

    Currently trying to cut a few lbs to increase my lb/lb ratio.

    Starting BW (November) 250lbs
    Current BW 236lbs.

    Rack Pull PR: 625lbs x 3
    Front squat PR: 225lbs x 6

  14. Squat is starting to come back up after injury 280X5X3.
    Press is coming back up after reset..did 185×5,x5,x8 (went for max reps on last set)
    Bench is starting to get strong: 280X5X3 (unfortunately same as squat this week but that will change soon)
    Pulled a PR Deadlift this week of 445X5 with a lot more in the tank for next week.

  15. Deloaded my squat back to 260 and deadlift to 320 this week so no PR on them sadly :(. But my powerclean went up to 160 so some improvement this week – should be around 210 bw at 6”2

  16. PRs for this week:

    Powerclean&pushpress 80kg x 5 singles (most overhead weight ever)

    below parallel box squat 125kg x 5 singles

    bodyweight PR: 80.5kg

  17. tescott,
    If it”s just the racking that”s hurting you, maybe try doing clean pulls until your bicep heals?

    Epic gym. Jealous. The track and platform is perfect for running litvisprints.

    Have fun, go heavy this weekend guys.

  18. Best weights this week, 35 for all but the DL which was a 1×5:

    BW: 188 (5”10″), 4 lbs added in the last two weeks.

    Squats: 225x3x5 (although i dropped the last rep due to some serious groin pain).
    OP: 115 finally unstuck, which was due to poor form.
    BP: 160 also unstuck from 150 which was a problem with form.
    DL: 245
    PC: 120.

    Linear progression working pretty well, although I”m now gonna have to take 3-5 days off of squats, depending on how the pain is. At 165lbs last night, the pain was bad enough that I was shifting to the right like crazy to keep my groin from killing so I called it a day.

  19. Dealifted 410x5x1. It was hard and ugly but I got it up. That””s what she said!

    I’m pretty sure that you can’t use that joke on yourself.


  20. BW: 76kg (1.68), setting a 13kg increase in the last 6-7 weeks (yeah not quite enough, I know, but I”m getting there).

    Squats: 87.5kg 3×5 (pissed at myself for having a week and half long delay in squats, could have been much better).
    Bench: 65kg 5-5-4
    Press: 47.5kg 3×5
    DL: 100kg 1×5

  21. Starting my 70””s Big training on Monday, when I get back to college*.
    Epic gym, I am extremely jealous.

    Current bodyweight ~175, goal is to compete in the 181 class at the meet this spring. Current PRs
    Squat 5×300, 1×350
    Deadlift 5×385, 1×445
    Press 5×135, 1×155
    Bench 1×225? (I never benched back when I was doing CF, so this should go up very quickly.)

    That meet is so far away. Have you competed before? If not, then do not limit your bodyweight for a weight class. Your first goal is to get as strong as possible. You should at least do the 198 class.


  22. Also Justin, thanks a lot for that informative piece on the Prowler. Any advice about when Prowler work should be included to keep it from hurting strength gains/leading to overtraining?

    Depends on the program.


  23. Great to see WFAC again. I live in Dallas and had a chance to go to WFAC about a year ago to have Rip check out my squat form. I would love to go back sometime…

    Well, the gym hasn’t moved.


  24. That”s pretty much the perfect gym as far as I”m concerned. I really wish there were more gyms like that around. Good job with the vids guys.

    Squat 245lbs 3×5
    Bench 185lbs 3×5
    Deadlift 305lbs 1×4

  25. I was reading the below-linked blog post on old-time strong man Arthur Saxon, and learned a wonderful new word, which we should all use as much as possible:

    trench⋅er⋅man  /ˈtrɛntʃərmən/[tren-cher-muhn]
    –noun, plural -men. 1. a person who has a hearty appetite; a heavy eater.

    As in:

    “[Arthur] was not a very big eater, he left that to the young brothers Herman and Kurt who were remarkable trenchermen. I could tell unbelievable stories of their gastronomic performances at my home which would be difficult to credit.”

    Here”s the blog post:

  26. BW-220
    BS-340x5x3, 365×1 PR
    DL-350×5 PR

    Trying to squat 3 times a week on a Linear progression has been tough with my fire dept schedule. I never get enough rest with 24 on and 48 hrs off, feel as though I need to some how cut back volume to improve more. You mentioned the 5/3/1 program for people with schedule constraints, any thoughts on it?
    My ultimate goal is Olympic lifting. Should beginners wait to focus on the Oly lifts?

    You have some strength to gain. You might want to squat Monday and Friday and deadlift on Wednesday. Might help with your recovery limitations. If you want this conversation to get more in depth, e-mail me.


  27. I thought at quote was from Braveheart not LOTR?

    Anyways first time posting here after lurking for a long while. WFAC looks awesome. Wish there was something like that here in Austinr. Tomorrow is my PR day but here what im going for (and what I know I will hit lol).

    Squats 400 1×5
    Bench 255 1×5
    Deads 395 1×5 (not a pr though)

    Good luck at the meet tomorrow men. Wish I could stop by and watch but I have a busy day.

  28. 20lb increase in squat over last Friday
    20lb increase in press
    1 pair of boxers blown out…at the office
    1 pair of dress pants blown out…at the office

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