Tour of WFAC

“I’ll have you, Longhshanks!”

It’s PR Friday. Post weight lifted, gained, or eaten to comments.

The WFAC is better than your gym. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. When AC was here we filmed a tour of the gym. I believe this is the first and only video tour. Enjoy our improvising.
Note: I just realized AC edited out when I talk about my dog Leda. He is an asshole for that.

WFAC Virtual Tour from A.C. on Vimeo.

Oh, and the Texas State Weightlifting Meet is happening on Saturday. We were supposed to have 11 lifters going, but that number has fallen to 6 (including me). Here is the schedule. Ignore the roided up Incredible Hulk who appears to be blowing out the back of his shorts with a monstrous fart.

97 thoughts on “Tour of WFAC

  1. Isaac Newton won this week, but i did get 335×3 on deadlifts, i think i could have gotten 5 if i had my straps with me and my iPod battery didn”t force me to do it during some jonas bros. look alike on the gym tv/sound system.

  2. Weight 222 (up from 177, up from a previous high of 204 on a BB split)
    Bench 225 3×5 ( Pb RPM of 275 2 years ago)
    Press 160 3×5
    Squat 315 3×5
    Deads 365 1×5

    Love the facility…dyin to road trip it there for a workout.

  3. Why the fuck would that gym need elliptical machines…they need those like the gym needs a “leotards are mandatory” rule

    I hope your joking.

    He was.


  4. Did a CFT on Monday and hit PRs on all lifts:

    Squat – 336 lbs.
    Press – 153 lbs.
    Deadlift – 428 lbs.

    Also hit a BW PR of just over 200 lbs. This is coming from a skinny fat kid my whole life.

    I managed to get down 5 McDoubles, a large fry, and a medium vanilla milkshake. That was a crazy night on the shitter.

    I hit a Bench Press PR of 185 lbs. x 5 x 3 with a pause on each rep. I like that style better. It”s easier on my shoulders.

  5. Becky: BW 150
    200 deadlift / 180x5x1
    175 squat / 145x5x5
    110 clean and jerk

    Saul: BW 200
    Press 157.5x5x3
    Squat 398x5x3
    Snatch 230×1
    Chinup +57.5x5x3

  6. 2 and a half months in, up to 205 from 160 and throwing up some good weights.

    squat 315x5x3
    bench 190x5x3

    de-loaded deads and working up again now at 315, press is stalling around 130..I need micro plates. =/

  7. Nice stache Steveschnee.

    Reminded me I forgot to mention one of my pr”s…

    Beard Pr: Havent shaved in about 3 weeks. My beard is adding weight to my squat.

    My girlfriend suddenly realized how much bigger I have gotten. While laying in bed she says “Your muscles seem like they got so big all of a sudden”. Im working on convincing her to let me press her so I can get a picture of it.

  8. PC: 130#x3x5
    P: 95#x5x3
    Weight up to 170#

    Had CFS for lunch for the first time in a long while. It was so damn good I”m going to make it for next week”s lunches tomorrow.

  9. Brent, I love how calm and comfortable you stayed while getting caught taking a crap on camera. Personally, I need my privacy when pooping.

    Also, really awesome display of lifting some heavy weights at the the TX State Meet today.

    Note: I was not one of these people.


  10. Squat 250lbs 3×5.
    Bench 155lbs 3×5.
    Deadlift 265lbs 4 reps.

    apparently my scale is lying and i”m not 185lbs, i”m 165lbs. i”ve swore to my self to not wear a t-shirt until i”m 200pounds, i”ll hang around with a hoodie or jacket or something all the time(except gym).

  11. It”s a testament to how good that gym is that I looked up how long of a drive it is from here (Toronto), saw it was 22 hours and 2300 km (1430 miles), and still briefly considered driving down.

  12. A little late, but I just ate a monumental breakfast

    4 slices toast w/2 tbsp butter
    9 slices bacon
    6 eggs scrambled in bacon grease
    27 giant eagle tater tots
    20 oz milk
    1 grapefruit

    = 1,954 calories
    102g fat
    169g carbs
    102g protein

  13. Late as well… but only just realizing how I only fit in one pair of jeans and one pair of dockers. Strongly recommend buying the Dockers with the elastic built in for you other new guys. This is sort of a problem, I bought a pair of suits last spring…alterations are expensive.

  14. another late one, however, this can be taken as good news. From my log:

    Meal 4:
    Deep dish papa john”s veggie pizza
    – 1200 calories
    70s big shake
    – 2500 calories

    3700 calories for meal 4.

    Am i doing it right?

  15. First, I”m 235 and I am a former vegan. I was veg for a full year 5 months being vegan. It is one week today since I started eating meat again.

    Today after my workout I ate

    1 scoop whey

    1 cup pea pods, 1 cup green beans, 1 cup broccoli in asian spicy sauce

    chopped green peppers,onions, and mushrooms
    10oz local grassfed ground beef
    3 strips of niman ranch bacon
    all cooked in bacon grease!


  16. 20 y/o dude. 5”11”” bw: 185

    squat: 300# 3×5 pr
    press: 145# 3×5 pr
    DL: 405# 1×5 pr
    PC: 220# 3×3 pr

    It was a good week. Need to eat more food though :(

  17. Week 3; 3 sets total of 5,3,1 of 75%, 85%, 95% of 90% of 1 rep max
    Back squat, 5@215, 3@245, 1@270+11 reps.
    Front squat; 5@170, 3@195, 1@215+9 reps.
    Bench press; 5@215, 3@245, 1@270+9 reps.
    press, 5@130 3@145 1@160+9 reps.
    Deadlift 5@275, 3@305, 1@345+7 reps.

  18. Back Squat: 320 x 3s x 5r

    Have started using a belt per advice from this site, and it”s hugely beneficial.

    Buffalo, that 300lb bench is huge! Congrats.

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