We’ve come a long way, so to speak.

The concept of 70’s Big started among a small group of friends at the Wichita Falls Athletic Club in Wichita Falls, Texas. When training, we’d say we were gettin’ 70’s Big. When eating lots of food, we’d say we were gettin’ 70’s Big. Shakes were called 70’s Big Shakes and meals were 70’s Big Feasts. I’m sure that after a good night’s rest, someone had to have claimed they were gettin’ 70’s Big.

Now we hope to share this concept with the world. Most of us are not 70’s Big — we are merely trying to get 70’s Big. If you are trying to get strong and big, then you’re inductively trying to get 70’s Big.

There are friends, trainees that I’ve coached, and training partners that have influenced 70’s Big. My friend AC and I thought of the concept (even though he coined the phrase), and my friend (and training partner) Chris and I groomed the subtleties. Rip has been there the whole time, validating the concept and helping us with new ideas. Stef and Juli have provided insight on a number of topics, and are only attracted to guys that are 70’s Big. Gant has, does, and will continue to always inspire us to eat properly in order to be 70’s Big and will undoubtedly contribute on a regular basis. Brent and Cliff make me think of new ways to feed them enough, and quite frankly Cliff is doing a better job. Jared scoffs at those who can’t drink a gallon of milk a day, because he does so on accident, and Jerry helped with our kick ass logo.

Without any of these people, 70’s Big wouldn’t be in existence. They will all be regular contributors, and so will you. As of now, media submissions will be directed to Questions, thoughts, and comments can be directed to the comments section of individual posts, or e-mailed to

I’ll get this party kicked off with a 70’s Big tip. If lots of meat is required, then lots of meat should be made. This amount may feed an adult male for a few days.

Adult males > 200 pounds.


Beef, pork, and brauts

4 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Thankyou Justin, I already love this site. But come on, if that”s enough food for a grown man to eat for a FEW days, he”s clearly not eating to be 70”s big. Speaking of which, that picture made me hungry.

  2. WordPress turns ’ into “. Silly coding stuff.

    The emphasis in the original text was it “may feed an adult male for a few days”. You don”t take into consideration all of the other things they will be eating, one of which is a gallon of milk. I’ll clear this up with a post in a bit.

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