Won’t See This In Mainstream News

I have various things to post here about, but here’s a link to a story about a guy in Texas who shot a crazy asshole who had killed two people and two dogs. I hate dog killers. The TL;DR is that a normal gun-owning citizen shot an insane murderer who was in a shoot out with a single police officer. The good guy citizen shot the bad guy asshole with a pistol from over 150 yards away.

As a gun owner, I’m on the side of supporting gun rights, especially since crazy assholes, criminals, or people planning to be criminals (like the Aurora shooter) are not going to follow the law by not getting a gun if there intention is to use a gun to harm other people. Disarming good citizens won’t stop the bad ones from being fuck heads. Have you ever seen anyone do drugs? I have. Hard and soft drugs. It’s illegal, but these people, who are good citizens outside of their “illegal drug use” are still obtaining the illegal materials. In other words, the presence of a law doesn’t mean that it actually accomplishes something. A bad citizen certainly won’t have any qualms about obtaining illegal materials to do bad things.


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  1. Good read, thanks for sharing. I’m not a hardcore NRA fan, but you’d enjoy one of their blogs, the “Armed Citizen,” where they post news stories about gun owners using their weapons in self-defense. It’s actually really heartening – you see decent, normal Americans regularly showing great bravery in protecting themselves, their families, or their coworkers.


    • Same with me. I joined the NRA a few years ago so that I could go to their range for a cheaper rate. After recieving Wayne L’Pierre’s nutjob emails about how Democrats are going to wipe their asses with the second amendment, and knowing that gun control is political suicide for Dems (just ask Al Gore why he couldn’t win his home state), I realized the NRA is all hype severely lacking credibility. But the final straw was when I asked for a information on sighting in my new 30-06 at the range and the people looked at me like I was crazy. Call me crazy, but I thought the National Rife Assocation, founded after the Civil War when officers realized most Americans couldn’t shoot well in order to improve shooting abilities, would be able to help me learn to shoot my rifle better. I stick to the public shooting range 10 miles away now.

  2. 150 yards with a pistol? Fuck me.

    Props for speaking up for 2A rights. I’m real worried about how things are going to go after the Aurora tragedy. Time after time these things happen and the national dialogue settles on gun control instead of mental health.


    meanwhile, “gun control” is working so fabulously in NYC that a criminal can still get his hands on a gun to go shoot someone and then be shot by the only other people with guns (cops).

    In the process half a dozen un-armed citizens are shot by the COPS.

    How anyone can think Gun Control “works” is beyond me.

  4. If anyone wants to see how gun control works come see me in Washington, DC, where until recently only criminals had guns and since three years ago, law-abiding citizens can only have one gun, in their homes only, as long as they go through an assinine process of registering the gun with their local police sergeant and paying a ridiculous fee (something like $250).

    I’m also deeply impressed by that guy’s marksmanship.

  5. Justin, if you want to really get steamed you should google “Berwin Heights, MD Mayor dogs.” I’m with you in having certain Tony Soprano instincts when it comes to people that hurt dogs.

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