The Gun Debate

I am not going to get involved with this debate because there are many people who are much more qualified than me with better stated, logical argumetns. If you are anti-gun (i.e. for increasing gun control), then please read this article. I know it is long, but stick with it and see if it helps you actually think about the topic instead of having an emotional reaction to it. Let me restate: if you are anti-gun, then I beg you to read the above linked article. If you’ve received benefit from, then read that article to pay me thanks.

The above article spends some time talking about the real, and much more important, issue: the 2nd Amendment. In one sentence, the 2nd Amendment exists for Americans  to defend themselves generally speaking, yet up to a tyrannical government. The Bill of Rights doesn’t exist to simply give Americans rights, but to protect them from their government. After reading and watching John Adams (by David McCullough, which I intend to write about here), I have a much better understanding and appreciation for what type of government our founding fathers — who are infinitely more intelligent than all Americans in government today — wanted to exist then and now. For more on the 2nd Amendment and what anti-gun legislature would mean, read this article.

I’m honestly shocked at the absurdity of anti-gun arguments. Whether we’re talking about the right to self defense, the clear statistical showing that removing guns doesn’t accomplish any good, that criminals inherently do not follow the law, or the neutering of the 2nd Amendment, none of it makes any logical sense.

If you actually want to do something to protect the 2nd Amendment and general gun rights, there are two things you can do. First, you can join the NRA. They are one of the strongest lobbying powers and tirelessly work to defend the 2nd Amendment — which is incredibly important to upholding the constitution now and in the future. Second, you can write your local congressman and state senators. Look them up on Google and note that you can write to both of the senators, but you’ll only write to the representative of your district. If this sounds like too much time, then I have given you an outline letter below (be sure to edit it to say Congressman or Senator, whether or not you are/were in the military, and whether or not you are a concealed carry weapon holder — I’ve put the items in question in brackets). If you write your own, it should be concise, have proper grammar, include your stance on the issue, and make clear in a respectable way that you will hold them accountable with your vote. I think you should also thank them for their service. Being a politician is probably a trying career, but if you hate politicians, then it’ll boost their ego to help you out.

To whom it may concern,


My name is [YOUR NAME] and [I am a concealed carry weapon permit holder in your district]. The recent publicized shootings throughout our country have created paramount hysteria leading many to believe that the absence of firearms will reduce violent crime. This unfounded claim absolutely infringes on the 2nd Amendment, an important right imparted to defend national sovereignty, quell insurrection, and protect against tyranny.


I realize, [Congressman/Senator], that I do not need to lecture you on the delicate importance of protecting the Constitution[; as a military service member I have also sworn to defend it]. I trust that you will do your part in maintaining the 2nd Amendment, and you may trust that I will hold you accountable for it come election time.


Thank you for taking my e-mail into consideration and for your dutiful service to the United States of America.






3 thoughts on “The Gun Debate

  1. PREACH!

    For people that don’t want to read (becauseyou’re fucking lazyignorant) then watch Penn and Teller’s BULLSHIT episode on Gun control (for the even MORE ADHD among you the last 3 minutes has the punch line that Justin told you above — we need guns to fight the government bottom line — that’s the point).

  2. Justin, thanks so much for using your voice to speak out in support of our constitutional freedoms. The right to defense is a natural right, not one that is granted by the government, and therefore it cannot be taken away. We cannot afford to lose this battle.

    Join the NRA. Donate to the NRA-ILA!

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