This sub-site of 70’s Big allows me, Justin, to write about anything that is considered “off topic” for 70’s Big. Throughout my life I’ve had a love of reading and writing, so these topics will stand out. I actively work to improve my all aspects of my writing (essays, technical, fiction, etc.), and I think that trend can be seen throughout the life of 70’s Big. Here are some topics you’ll find on this blog.

I’ll also use this blog to post whatever I want, even if it’s not structured writing. I’ll probably put some training related things up, but I don’t like to detail my programming so that I have some sentiment of privacy in life.

Book Reviews
I read often. Most of the time finishing a book makes me feel empty, because the journey is over. To make up for it, I want to stand on top of a mountain and tell everyone about it. Writing book reviews will give me an opportunity to collect those thoughts, but also introduce you to a new book.

My favorite fiction genres are fantasy and science fiction. I also read a lot of non-fiction topics that include, but aren’t limited to military, anatomy/physiology, training/nutrition, self improvement, business, and dogs.

As a youngster I wrote a lot of stories and classmates always enjoyed them. Nowadays I aim to make it a point to also write fiction in addition to the heaps of non-fiction I write for 70’s Big. I aim to self publish or get published with fiction in the future, yet I have lots of work to do. When I summon the courage, I’ll post short stories or excerpts from fiction that I’m working on. I’d enjoy any constructive criticism on it; I strive to improve all aspects of my writing every day.

Sometimes I feel strongly about a topic and start writing about it, and I may even edit it as if it was an article to be published somewhere. This blog provides the forum for me to allow others to read these writings without getting off topic from the main 70’s Big site.

The Past
I’ve written for my own website since I was 15 years old. I did it primarily to entertain my friends, but the writing quality was terrible. I may dig up some of these gems and publish them here.

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