Last Night’s Dream

I love crazy dreams. The only dreams that ever truly scare me are the ones where something bad happens to my dogs. I’ve had at least five very vivid zombie dreams and woke up thinking, “THAT WAS AWWWWWESOME!”

Last night’s dream got pretty intense.

It started randomly, as most dreams do, with me in a vehicle on a street. There was a large building across a concrete court yard to my left. 30 yards behind the vehicle or so was a back alley with a lot of stuff obstructing the sides (so there was a lot of room to hide). I get out of the vehicle and AC is stomping towards me, fuming mad. Apparently I was supposed to be watching his vehicle with his stuff in it.

I shrugged his anger off as an irrational reaction and started to return to my own vehicle when I heard shots fired in the alley behind me. I turned and ran towards the area. The walls of the alley were only about eight feet high, and the weather was overcast in the evening time right before dusk. I rounded a corner to find AC dead in a pool of blood. I immediately drew my pistol (in real life, it’s a little sub-compact 9mm, a Glock 26).

I turned to the right to see the back of a larger, taller guy. He turns around and I say something like, “Hold it.” I see that he has a gun in his hand and realize that he is AC’s killer. He just stared at me without saying anything, and then I saw his gun hand start to rise.

I fired a round and kept trying to pull the trigger again, yet the trigger stayed depressed. It’s the same thing that occurs if you fire an unloaded Glock — you have to rack the slide in order to reset the trigger on the striker fired gun. The trigger stayed depressed and I couldn’t fire it again. I don’t even know if I hit the guy, but it didn’t matter. He raised the gun and sprayed me with a machine pistol, which fanned rounds up my chest.

I turned and ran despite the wounds and was trying to work through the gun malfunction. ¬†Things get hazy at this point because I started to wake up, but I remember that there was another confrontation about to occur. The last thought was of AC’s lifeless, bleeding body.

4 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dream

  1. Good ol’ Glock. Getting my first gun on my 21st birthday here in a couple weeks, glock 19.

    Finally taking functional anatomy and working in the lab with cadavers this semester, having a lot of fun with it. Wanted to thank you for telling me to stick with it.

  2. I take melatonin because I like the dreams that I have while taking it. I dream very little when I do not take it. But when I do take it (3mg in hour prior to bedtime)(male, 6’3,235lbs) I can remember everything and it’s fucking awesome.

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