Chris Riley is a graduate of Midwestern State University (MSU) with a bachelor’s in Sport Fitness Management and a Master’s in Exercise Physiology. His thesis, “Lifting belt wear increased 1RM back squat in highly trained competitive powerlifters and weightlifters”, will be published in the International Journal of Exercise Science. Chris is also a Level 1 Certified USA Weightlifting coach.

Chris has coached in the MSU Strength and Conditioning program and has worked with powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, CrossFitters, bodybuilders, football players, older adults, high school athletes, kids, Military, and normal folks trying to lose weight. He has also assisted in coaching barbell training, mobility, and strength and conditioning programming in seminars with 70sBig.com.

Chris is also an established strength athlete with a history in Olympic weightlifting and currently competes in powerlifting, strongman, and highland games. He regularly competes at the annual USA Powerlifting Raw National meet and the North American Powerlifting Raw Challenge held at the Arnold Sport Festival. He also competes in North American Strongman competitions and aims to earn his pro card. Chris is a life-long drug free lifter who has squatted 661 and deadlifted 711 in competition and can bench 410 raw with a pause, axle clean and press 320, and deadlift 600 for 6 reps. He currently holds 3 USAPL Texas State records for age and weight class set in 2010.

Competition History

• NAPF Arnold Classic- 2013
• NAS Strongman Competition Central Texas Strength Showdown 3rd- 2012
• Falls Fest Highlander Games 1st- 2012
• USAPL Raw Nationals- 2012
• NAPF Raw Challenge (international competition), Arnold Classic, 2012, Gold medalist
• USAPL Texas State winner in age and weight class, Junior Division – 2010, Open Division – 2010, 2011
• USAPL Raw National Championship 2nd place Nationally, Junior Division – 2010
• USAPL Raw National Championship 4th place Nationally, Open Division – 2011
• USAPL Holiday Classic 1st (best Lifter), Open Division- 2011
• USAW Texas State- 2008
• USAW National Collegiate Championships- 2008

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