Revive Your Eggs

Last year I talked about how I got sick of eggs. I’ve been eating at least three eggs a day for about five years, so once I ate six a day in early 2009, it became monotonous. Eggs are a fantastic food complete with necessary protein, fat, and vitamins. They’re pretty cheap and can be prepared in different ways, so you can’t really afford to not eat them.

About a month ago, I watched Chris eat a plateful of plain, scrambled eggs. It was quite a chore. The next week he called me and said, “Dude, I almost threw up eating my eggs.” It kinda sucks eating the same thing every day, but he was plodding on because he knew how beneficial they were.

Well, suffer no more.

You may have tried Tabasco sauce on your eggs, but now you need to try Tabasco Chipotle. The first time I had this stuff, I had it on a 14 inch double meat and double cheese philly cheesesteak. I experimented with it on my eggs, and I was pleasantly surprised. Bland scrambled eggs become wildly delicious and I crave it every morning. I’m surprised at how fast I wolf my eggs down now, especially because I had to force them down until I discovered this gem. If you’re getting sick of eggs, give them a nice dousing with Tabasco Chipotle.

Here’s a shout out to my buddy Ben in Sacramento, CA. We competed at nationals together and he placed sixth overall. He recently competed earlier this month and finished with 138/162. Ben competes with Paul Doherty’s Hassle Free weightlifting team. In this video, he snatches 145kg and clean and jerks 165kg. Nice. I’m hoping to train with Ben when AC and I are out in California in a couple weeks.


“Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

When I first moved to Wichita Falls, I weighed 195 pounds. I began the linear progression, and ate a lot of food. I ate six eggs every morning, beef quesadillas, a gallon of milk a day, and lots of other stuff. For two or three months I ate those six eggs. It started to get monotonous, so I started trying to put things on them to mask the taste. I tried at least five different kinds of salsa. All were good (I’m in Texas, after all), but each one would turn bland after the second bottle.

It wasn’t long before I started to loathe eggs. It became a struggle to wolf them down every morning. Soon, I hated them. Despised them. I couldn’t have them in my mouth because trying to swallow them nearly produced a gag reflex. That was the damndest thing ever; I had been eating at least three or four eggs every day for the past three years, and now they were suddenly becoming grotesque.

This has happened periodically with food throughout this year. It’s natural to start disliking something because it is repetitive and monotonous. In fact, my friends Chris and AC have both become jaded with eggs too. In my case, I had to start eating something else. For a while I just ate cheeseburger patties for breakfast (with barbecue sauce). I started eating eggs again a few months later, but always with bacon.

Weird set backs are going to happen when you are strength training. You might start hating food that you have always loved. Whatever. Just make a change and keep eating.


Randy and Josh are in Afghanistan doing the linear progression. This is what they do for fun.

Randy consumes raw meat because he is raw.

Randy consumes raw meat because he is raw.

Josh refuses to get off the scale until it goes up. Randy didn’t have the heart to tell him he was already holding the bag.

Josh refuses to get off the scale until it goes up. Randy didn’t have the heart to tell him he was already holding the bag.

Oh, and just so you guys know, my abs are still sore (on Sunday) from front squatting and rack pulls on Friday night. With my belt. Because it makes my abs go to sleep.

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