Ask Mark Rippetoe

Rip has agreed to do an internet radio interview with this Friday with a topic of “How To Get 70’s Big”. You can click the link below to submit a question to Iron Radio to ask Rip.

EVENT: Iron Radio With Mark Rippetoe

TOPIC: How to Get, 70’s Big

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 30th at 2:00pm Eastern

FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)


As Well Visit for past episodes and other great pod

It’s going to be a great show and remember we are all about audience participation. Go enter questions NOW!! at the link above then you can listen in real time, enter more, or come back and listen to the recording to see if your question was answered. Questions can be on anything for anyone, the guest or any of the hosts.


Check out the hip drive on this 1,034 pound squat:

Here is yet another video of my friend AC. The little bastard just keeps getting stronger. In this video you see his last set of benching 330 lbs for three sets of five, then you see him press 220 lbs for three sets of five, and deadlift 515 for a triple. The bench was done on a different day, and the press and deadlift were done after squatting one set of five at 465. Oh, and yesterday he pressed 225 for three sets of five.
Fuck you, AC.

AC Bench, Deadlift, Press from A.C. on Vimeo.

T-shirts are supposed to be finished printing soon.