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Rip has agreed to do an internet radio interview with this Friday with a topic of “How To Get 70’s Big”. You can click the link below to submit a question to Iron Radio to ask Rip.

EVENT: Iron Radio With Mark Rippetoe

TOPIC: How to Get, 70’s Big

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 30th at 2:00pm Eastern

FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)


As Well Visit for past episodes and other great pod

It’s going to be a great show and remember we are all about audience participation. Go enter questions NOW!! at the link above then you can listen in real time, enter more, or come back and listen to the recording to see if your question was answered. Questions can be on anything for anyone, the guest or any of the hosts.


Check out the hip drive on this 1,034 pound squat:

Here is yet another video of my friend AC. The little bastard just keeps getting stronger. In this video you see his last set of benching 330 lbs for three sets of five, then you see him press 220 lbs for three sets of five, and deadlift 515 for a triple. The bench was done on a different day, and the press and deadlift were done after squatting one set of five at 465. Oh, and yesterday he pressed 225 for three sets of five.
Fuck you, AC.

AC Bench, Deadlift, Press from A.C. on Vimeo.

T-shirts are supposed to be finished printing soon.

31 thoughts on “Ask Mark Rippetoe

  1. The deadlift was 517 btw. I hate kilos.

    5″10-5″11 206.

    I have been lifting for a long time, but I owe most of the strength to SS.

    My previous 1 rm before SS was: Squat 415(easy), Press 235, Deadlift 500.

  2. A.C. you are my inspiration. I should receive SS in the mail shortly, and then I will hop on the pain train. What was your BW before this run of SS?

  3. mark rippetoe interview will be cool.
    that guy doing the 1k squat looked like he could do another rep or two based on how fast he got that weight up.. redic.

    A.C. whats your diet and supplements like?

  4. For the record, AC was on a slightly different program before doing the Starting Strength model in which he was lifting twice a week. He didn’t start cold.

    He also powerlifted in high school a bit. However, last December he got appendicitis and his bodyweight dropped to 170. We could consider that his starting point.

  5. I”m around 5”11″, 170.I am very interested in getting 70s big. My numbers are low (as is my form for cleans)Is there like a scholarship program or way to become like a guinea pig at Wichita Falls. If so sign me up.Otherwise I guess SS and PP are the place to start?

  6. Fucking hell. That is ungodly!
    It looks like your basically surpassing or damn near close to ALL the elite numbers for your bodyweight.

    My god man!
    Why are you getting 70”s strong? Just to be more useful or sports/competition?

  7. Son of a bitch. Nice job A.C.
    I”m excited for Rip s interview, they are always entertaining, and it comes on right at my lunch. Good to see this site will be getting more exposure then. Hopefully more people will join the fight against the wanting to be small epidemic sweeping our nation.

  8. A.C., Justin:

    Quick question. I know Rippetoe talks of doing assistance work in conjunction with the main lifts in his texts, but I”m curious. Do you guys do any assistance work? or is it strictly the big lifts (i.e. squat, bench, dead, press, etc.) that you do? If you are doing assistance work, what specifically are you doing? Set/rep schemes are appreciated.

    By the way, since visiting this site I have gained 5 solid pounds in three weeks using the 70s Big nutrition plan. All with plain ole food, and using zero supplements! Seriously, this site rocks!

    Stay Strong,


  9. I lift like this cause I don”t want to get killed by zombies. Even though I will have to run away, haven”t ran in forever, I still want to put up a fight.

    . . . and I am starting to compete come Nov.

  10. Kittensmash and crew: you can submit questions for Rip, Charles Staley or Phil Stevens now for the radio show at the iron radio link above.
    The show promises to be a good one.

  11. Shinebox- On the novice I did no assistance work at all. I will soon do rac pulls and haltings after my meet.

    Damagg- Yes that is a tree. The School gym is fucking retarded. Today they placed a NO CHALK policy, apparently.

    Alex- I was on a strength based Crossfit program Justin Gave me.

    I love all of the comments. It always encourages me to lift.

  12. Hey A.C. on your OHP there is some bounce at your delts(bottom) is that ok? Is that still considered strict? I have been pausing at the bottom,which is the correct way? Great lifts,you are a beast!Thanks Skinny!

  13. I give you bonus points for your “walk toward the bar” on your deadlift.

    The stamping the ground looking at your feet, exhaling and then walking fast to rip that &@$%&?$@# bar out of the ground was done stylishly and well executed. 10/10!

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