PR Friday – 26 JUN 2015

Training has been going well for me. Hit some numbers I haven’t hit in a long time, but it’s been god awful hot. And humid. But it helps the warming up process. Speaking of which, make sure you Prepare for the Heat; I’ve been sweating 3 to 5 pounds during training the last couple weeks. And since we were talking about warming up, here’s two articles: Warming Up and Chalk Talk #18.

Train hard, be ready.


PR Friday is a forum to allow you to share your triumphs and failures with your strength training brethren. How has your training been this week? What questions do you have for your peers? Talk and mingle.

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One thought on “PR Friday – 26 JUN 2015

  1. Slightly consistent in my training now that family fishing trip at choke canyon and 5yr anniversary is through!
    I finally benched 300 but my ass came up, so asterisk next to that one!!
    Not really a PR but we are going to have a little girl in September!!
    The Catch A Lift Powerlifting meet that we are doing has been move to August 15th due to venue situations. I hope whoever is interested can make it, it’s gonna be fun and for a good cause!!

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