PR Fri – 13 MAR 15

PR Friday is a forum to allow you to share your triumphs and failures with your strength training brethren. How has your training been this week? What questions do you have for your peers? Talk and mingle.

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In the meantime, watch the fucking powerhouse that is Mikhail Koklyaev attempt a 1 arm 245lb snatch.

12 thoughts on “PR Fri – 13 MAR 15

  1. Another week grinding. I have a problem though, I keep irritating my left adductor when my squat hits 225. I had an operation on my left knee a year ago, and I think it might just be weak. Any accessory work, or adjust stance suggestions? It’s frustrating as I really want to break through 225 and I feel that’s the only thing holding me back. I’ve deloaded and am working back up, don’t want to pull the tendon again as it puts me out of a lot of lifting for a week or so!
    Other than that. Hit a 135 power snatch for first time since my operation. That was pretty fun. Full snatch is still weaksauce though.

  2. Working on the new LP. Success so far. Pushing my front squat up quickly moreso than anything.

    A couple questions re: the LP, Justin:

    1) Should I be clean and pressing on this program? I’ve been doing it for months after your suggestion, and am still doing fine, but I’m wondering if I should forgo it for this LP due to overall goals.

    2) Backoff sets. I know it’s an upper body heavy program, but I’m still interested in having huge fucking quads. I’m still rocking 3×5 on my high bar back squats, but have been doing a high-rep (12 reps to failure usually) backoff set (255 3×5 followed by about ~255×12…) Is this acceptable, or is there an even better way to grow the quads?

  3. Competed in my second meet, and my brothers joined for each of their first times, was a blast. Went 7/9 475/290/565.

    Vid my brother made:

  4. 10lb PR on my snatch. Hit 185 and missed 190 a few times even though it felt easy, I couldn’t lock it out at the bottom. I am a crossfitter but love 70s big. In the process of figuring out what kind of strength program to do after the open is over. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Looking at crossfit football, 5/3/1, outlaw, or maybe even TM.


    • Crossfit Football is good if you don’t want to have to worry about how to integrate your crossfitting with your strength work.

      Other than that, TM is a solid program which let’s you do other stuff, instead of beating you up so much that you can’t do anything else. Chad Wesley Smith also wrote a version of Cowboy specifically for crossfitters.

    • Those are honestly some pretty different programs that you’ve listed, so it would be easier to give advice if you are more specific about your goals and training history/stats, etc.

      CrossFit Football can be pretty good but the metcons can get a little wacky at times. You also have learn to autoregulate and drop stuff as needed, even if it means dropping most of the metcons.
      5/3/1 is a decent choice, as well. It’s simple and relatively low volume (compared to programs like the Texas Method) so there’s more room for extra stuff. Progress will be slower, though, than on some other programs.
      I haven’t looked at the Outlaw stuff recently, but it’s more geared towards competitive CrossFit, so probably not the best choice unless that’s your goal.
      The TM is great for increasing strength, but I ran it for a year and if you want to still do CrossFit, you would be better off choosing another program. With TM workouts, I never had the time or the energy to do anything else.

      Look up Justin’s S&C Program or Gant Grimes’ Hybrid program or EZ program. IMO those will be your best options at this point.

  5. Third week of Cowboy Method. All that extra volume has been really kicking my ass. I’ve bumped up my carbs a bunch, and am hitting extra mobility.
    Went for 180×5 yesterday and failed miserably. Had to drop down to 170 to make it through the set. Felt like a fucking loser.
    I’m hoping that all the volume will help bring my bodyweight back up a little bit. I competed a few weeks ago at 80.6, which is light for me.

    I saw American Sniper today. I wasn’t going to bother, but we had free tickets. It was quite different to what I thought it was going to be.

  6. Hey Justin,

    I bought the 70s Big LP and I’m impressed with the content, so thanks.

    My question is, what do you think of doing the last set of 3×5 to max reps on the big lifts, as outlined in other LPs like Greyskull. Obviously you didn’t include it in your LP, just wondering what you think about it and if it has any merit.


  7. Got 12 ring pullups on Friday, which is a post-injury PR. I still have to use a light band on normal pullups and chinups to avoid irritating my elbow. Hopefully, I’ll be back to doing normal pullups/chinups soon and hitting sets of 20 on each before too long.

  8. Week 3 of the 70s Big LP completed, though I had some snags. Did the first workout no problem, but due to knee issues I had to skip the second day. For the third day, I stuck to upper body and just trained bench (as compared with dips it’s the weaker of the two), weighted pull-ups, and did some alternating dumbbell curls at the end. Knee is getting better, still not 100%, but hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be feeling good enough to squat.

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