PFL Price Drop

Spring has sprung like a boner in a strip bar and beach season is just around the corner! Paleo for Lifters (PFL) is the perfect complement to The 70’s Big LP and just what you need to prep you for tank top weather.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing PFL you’re in luck because now it’s just $24.99! Buy it HERE.

PFL Cover

Here is what some of your fellow readers have to say about PFL:

“Definitely one of the best e-book purchases I’ve made. Clear, descriptive writing, no typos (Jesus, the typos in other people’s “edited” work that I’ve *paid for* astounds me), and information that I have not been able to find elsewhere.” -Will

“I routinely refer people to the book as a concise and practical introduction to paleo dieting within the context of strength athletics.” -J.T.

“Paleo for Lifters provides the trainee with a great insight into how the Paleo diet and derivatives thereof can be used to fuel the body for strength sports. Justin Lascek successfully instructs the reader in planning a clean diet that not only supports strength training but can also be tailored to build an ideal body mass and composition.” -Andrew

“I absolutely love Paleo for Lifters! It showed me how to eat clean but eat big for needed fuel. At 6’4″ 200 lbs and a Crossfitter/Mountain Biker I can’t afford to skimp on muscle building food.  Paleo for Lifters got me back to getting stronger not constantly struggling on low energy eating. ” -Lester

“Justin always cuts through to the most usable pieces of the information and ignores the silly shit. Very helpful.” -Kyle

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