Chalk Talk #20 – Pre-workout Hip Stretch

In Chalk Talk #17 I talked about some joint approximation stuff you can do to work on your hips prior to training. Today’s Chalk Talk puts a new twist on some classic stretches by adding banded distraction. It’s actually easy to perform because you don’t need to tie the band off on anything; you just tie it on your own hip and use your other foot to add tension.

What do you do to open your hips up before training?

8 thoughts on “Chalk Talk #20 – Pre-workout Hip Stretch

  1. I love using a green band attached to the squat rack to enhance lunges to stretch the hip flexors. I do that and the 5-way shoulder every time.

    If I ever have the day free on Saturdays, I like to do a morning 1-hour yoga class, have lunch, then go back to the gym for lifting. A 2-3 hour break is helpful–long enough to not feel tired at all from Yoga but short enough that you’re still good and loose. That combination cannot be beat.

  2. My normal routine for squat warm up is what I got from Kelly Starrett. The 4 way hip sequence. I’ve never really done any type of joint approximation stuff by utilizing a band for distraction. That is mainly because I don’t necessarily understand the concept. If you could kinda explain the benefits/goals of banded distraction that would be awesome.
    Thank you.

  3. Gah this is making me want to get bands. I’ve got a pretty janky hip warm up scheme, but I’m getting more consistent with it now that I realize how much tight hips are limiting me. Hopefully this summer I’ll have more spare time and be able to get my shit together.

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