70’s Big Radio – Episode 20

Mike and I knock the rust off our podcasting while talking about transitioning into strongman training, the American Open for powerlifting and weightlifting, the Arnie strongman competition, Mike’s lessons from strongman competition, and Klokov signing with a Grid fitness team.

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How do you listen to podcasts? Would it be easier if they were available on YouTube? What topics would you like to hear on future episodes?

One thought on “70’s Big Radio – Episode 20

  1. The link works fine, I can access it on my mobile as well (Android).

    Would love to hear more about personal feeling/motives towards lifting, competing, programming etc. Basically to get to know you guys better! How has lifting changed for you guys since 70’s big started up? Where do you hope to take 70’s big in the future?

    You guys are awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!


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