PR Friday – 9 Jan 2015

Happy Friday everyone!

PR Friday is a forum to allow you to share your triumphs and failures with your strength training brethren. How has your training been this week? What questions do you have for your peers? Talk and mingle.

Check out Eddie Hall deadlift 400kg x 5 RAW and unbelted. What’s your all time deadlift PR?

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13 thoughts on “PR Friday – 9 Jan 2015

  1. I never feel accomplished after one good training session, only after stringing together several. That’s what I’ve managed to do the past two weeks. I’m going duck hunting this afternoon and tomorrow, making it so I can’t lift weights for three days. So in preparation for that after my session last night I “burned out” on RDLs after front squats. I’d never been crazy enough to try that before. I normally do 3-5 sets of 8, but last night I did 5 sets to near failure. Perhaps that was reckless. On the last set I kept going until it felt sketchy, which was 13 reps. Holy shit it burns!

  2. Been waiting for a PR friday for like 3 weeks now! Had a meet last Dec 21st. Was fortunate enough to go 9/9 with 3 PRs. SQ 512.5 BN 374.5 DL 567.5 @ 198 raw. That DL is my lifetime PR. Also my buddy who started training about 3 months before the meet squatted 475 for a PR. He’s one of these naturally strong assholes.

  3. I haven’t been able to really do shit because my left knee is giving me issues (was my right knee in Nov/Dec). This happens about once a year, no idea what it stems from. I assume it’s leftover from being obese.

    I also get this really sharp pull, almost stabbing pain in my right hamstring when I squat. It goes from the tensor fasciae latae over to the gluteal fold. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn’t. It started when I went back to low bar squatting and I feel it when I high bar now. Can make it tough to get through a squat/deadlifting session.

  4. Due to my new schedule, I’m starting up a new program. Upper/lower split, Friday-Monday. I’m thinking I’ll be fine training this way as long as I get enough sleep and eat well. I’ll also be trying to do this while cutting a bit of weight(body fat) so, yeah. We’ll see.

    Deadlift PRs: 485 x single, 465 x 3 reps

  5. I ended up accumulating a bit of fatigue from Christmas week (worked 50 hours on my feet). Should have taken a deload. Will prob kill myself. So no PRs in the big 3, but I did manage to press 185×3 REALLY easily which is a big PR. I’ll be taking out some accessory work to reduce training stress.

  6. Squat 365 3/2/1 (I guess total rep PR, but what even is that)
    335 x 5
    315 x 5
    Front Squat 225 x 3 (PR, will start upping the reps & sets, then eventually weight)
    Benge 225 3/3/3 (This was incredibly easy. I don’t know the hell is going on. Maybe just from 2 weeks of binge eating.)
    DL 365 x 5 (Rep PR)
    405 x 1 (20 lbs shy of PR, but it felt decent considering my legus were smoked from squatting)

    Overall not bad considering I’ve only been able to lift on Tuesdays and Fridays (vol/int respectively) for the past few weeks. Might switch to a Sun/Tu/Thurs schedule so I can lift before work/class and stop using lifting as an excuse to leave early and be generally unproductive.

    Equipment PR: picked up some Wei Ruis for like $85 (just under $100 after tax, shipping, etc). Will take some getting used to, but I would still put them behind a belt in order of helping my squat. Wanted to get the cheaper ones, but they were out. I secretly was looking for an excuse to get these anyway. Sizing instructions are on point.

  7. PRs this week:
    Bench: 265lbs x 3
    Deadlift: 375lbs x 3
    Coming off of some good rest. Widened my Squat stance for the sake of my knees so I had to deload. It’ll be several weeks before I set any PRs there but it’s all good.

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