Chalk Talk #18 – General and Specific Warm Ups

Warming up is an incredibly important part of training, but even experienced trainees don’t utilize or understand it. This video teaches you the physiology behind both general and specific warm-ups and how to do them. By understanding the physiology, hopefully you’ll have a proper respect for doing it.

What kind of warm-ups do you like? What other benefits do you see in warming up properly?

One thought on “Chalk Talk #18 – General and Specific Warm Ups

  1. My warmup consists of 7-10 minutes on an AirDyne and then another 5-7 minutes of general dynamic warmup that consists of torso twists, leg swings, arm swings, arm circles, and a few other things. The AirDyne gets me nice and warm and the other stuff takes my joints through a greater range of motion. It seems to work nicely so I’ve been doing it now for quite some time.

    Could you maybe do a post on cool-downs (or warm-downs or whatever you want to call low-intensity post-workout movement)? 10 minutes or so on the AirDyne post-workout reduces my stiffness and makes it a significantly easier to walk down stairs after a hard training session.

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