PR Friday – 5 DEC 2014

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Mike discusses how to come back from a training-related injury, or any injury that affects training.

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17 thoughts on “PR Friday – 5 DEC 2014

  1. No PRs this week. With finals around the corner I’ve switched to short MetCons in order to maximize study time. I’m not too worried about straying from my strength only type of program for a couple of weeks, since I only compete against myself and my inner demons.

    I’m not sure if this question should be saved for a consultation but here goes. My injuries that I’ve had have left my thoracic spine somewhat kyphotic and a big flexion fulcrum around T6-T10, would you suggest sticking with high bar back squat to encourage a proper neutral position (in my case a fair amount of extension)? I can squat fairly well in both HBBS & LBBS, just want to find a way that won’t hinder progress.
    Thank you and all of the 70sBig crew for what you do.

  2. Earlier this week I pulled 420 x 5. I only test my 1RM deadlift at meets or during meet prep, but I’m pretty happy. Definitely a PR.

    However, I noticed my wimpy, craigslist standard barbell was flexing unhealthily. So, last night I went out and bought 430 lbs worth of 80’s era Weider International plates and an Olympic barbell. Or I guess that’s 195 kg – they’re all in kilos. Very excited to try them out tonight.

  3. squatted 260×5. Just started TM and am wondering about the difference between volume and intensity day you mention in the book. This week for squat, it was 45 lbs. Is it important to try to increase this number or is it really just a marker that says ” you’re probably doing TM very well”. Or, are my numbers so low that it really doesn’t matter too much.

  4. OHP 150×8
    Squat 300×11

    Moving into 6th month of 531, my numbers make me happy but I too am fighting my own set of injuries. No deadlifts this week due to low back pain :(

  5. Squattings – 355×4 (rep PR), 385×1 (PR, also likely a grind PR)
    Benge – 215 2 (something felt weird in pec), 3 (felt good…could have up’d weight)
    DL – 345×5, 385×1 (nearing the 405 I did last December, so that’s cool I guess)
    Squat is progressing decently well. I had a short turn around this week, so I’m happy with the 4 reps I managed. Bench is feeling marginally better.

  6. I started using goblet squats as part of my warm-up to cue external rotation and “bounce.” I feel incredibly stupid doing them in the mirror, but it seems to be helpful in keeping my knees out when squatting heavy.
    Squat PR: 375×3
    Bench PR: 280×3
    I also discovered some tractor tires behind my gym and went insane with those for some conditioning.

  7. I had knee surgery to reconstruct my MPFL for patella stability in Feb after multiple patella dislocations playing soccer (UK here). Was signed off physio October. Knee is still not as mobile as other leg, there is atrophy as well.
    Started Justin’s S&C programme he posted up here a few years ago beginning of December. Just finishing week 5. Only 1 session missed so far. Started again with empty bar for most lifts as been out for so long.
    Current numbers are (3 sets of 5):
    Squat: 155
    Deadlift: 225
    Press 100
    Bench: 135
    Put that in lbs for you guys. Adding 5lb to each lift every week. 10 for deads. 100kg was a milestone to get up for 5 today. Body weight is only 150 atm. But following bulking protocols that’s 6lb up in a month. Wish I could drink milk without reactions!!
    Having to do so much mobility it’s unbelievable. Have some tendinitis in patella tendon. But worth it. Just ordered a belt and knee sleeves from rogue. Saw my old CrossFit affiliate S&C coach the other week to pick up more drills.
    I’ve cut some conditioning from Justin’s programme as size and strength are all I’m about atm! On Saturday’s optional conditioning day I have thrown in backward sled pulls to help those weak quads, especially VMO and knee tendons. These are at 135lb for 5 sets of 20m with 60secs between lengths.
    Thanks for all the info you guys provide. After so long in hospital you guys, CrossFit, and Weightlifting are the reasons I’m back in the gym taking it a day at a time. Hopefully report back finishing linear 30lb heavier squatting 300. Oooorah.

  8. Squat 275×5 (Holy hell what a grind this was)
    Bench 255×5
    Deadlift 365×3
    A good week all in all. Currently clocking my weight in at 260. I really need to cut the crap out of my diet and drop some body fat. It’s tough right now though with 6 month old twins at home. Eating right takes prep time and effort and I’m short on both right now.

    But maybe I need to stop bitching and just do what I know I need to. There will always be excuses it’s just how you overcome them that matters.

  9. Set PR’s for the first time in a long time today:

    Squat 152.25 x5 kg
    Bench 90×5 kg

    Real excited to finally be back into it after moving to a new country. Anyone know anything about the powerlifting scene in Germany?

  10. Bodyweight over 200 pounds, I weighed in at 202 the other day. I was 185 when I found 70s Big about two months ago, so averaging about 2lbs/week (except this week, I was sick a lot of it). I also got my 70s Big shirt today, promised I’d order one once I broke 200.

    Latest PRs (pounds):
    Press 110 for 3×6, then a set of 7.
    Deadlift 265×6, then worked up to a single with 305.
    Bench 145 for 4×6
    Full Squat 235×5, then worked up to a single with 275.

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