PR Friday – 19 DEC 2014

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Congrats to Mike who had an 11 pound meet PR on squat with 606.

606 Squat third attempt for an 11lb meet PR. #70sbig #powerlifting #usaplamericanopen

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8 thoughts on “PR Friday – 19 DEC 2014

  1. Squattings 355 x 3, 1, 1 (no pr, have been experimenting with wider stance. I now have ample evidence that it is not for me)
    Front Sq 195 3×3 (i guess technically pr, but havent been doing it. Finally maned up and improved my shitty rack position by shoving the bar against my neck and keeping my elbows up and forward. Kinda sucks, but made a world of difference as far as staying upright.
    Benge meh x 5 (on the one hand my set up is better. On the other hand, it’s causing me to clip the pins on the press upward, which is obviously not ideal)
    DL 355×5, 405×1 (i think the 355 is a 5RM, lmao4plaet ties muh pr)

  2. Squat: 405×2 PR
    Bench: 290×3 PR
    Deadlift: 365×3 About 50lbs shy of a PR
    I’ve really been having trouble progressing my deadlift as of late. I’ll throw RDLs back into the mix and see what happens.

  3. Only PR this week was on Bench (260×5). I think my CNS might be a little fried as I have been tired, not really hungry, and have felt really crappy during my workouts. I have this next week off from work so I’m just going to rest up and get back on it the week after. Hope everybody has a kick ass Christmas!

  4. Squatted 195kg, then missed 200 twice. I’ll get it next time.
    Competition benched 130kg

    Procreation PR : knocked up my wife. I’m going to be a dad.

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