PR Friday – 12 DEC 2014

PR Friday — Post your training updates, PR’s, and questions to the comments for the 70′s Big crew

And in case you’ve got some time to kill this Friday, check out Zydrunas put up some serious weight.

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15 thoughts on “PR Friday – 12 DEC 2014

  1. I hope I put this in the right section but just wanted to say you guys are awesome! Justin – your approach to lifting, mobility and diet is seriously amazing and frankly quite addictive to watch! I really appreciate the emphasis you put on longevity in training and strength vs “get big fast gogo.” Every week I hope for another chalk talk to learn something new or tweak current form/programming
    Wish you guys all the best and thank you so much!

  2. Been a long time since I’ve had a PR to post, but finally back to PR territory after shoulder surgery in March. Last night I hit a 10 lb front squat PR with 275, and then followed it up with 285 for a 20 lb PR.

  3. Finals are over! Not a PR but I feel good about em!

    This morning I did 175×5 shoulder press, strict as hell and it felt smooth and easy. I can’t find my notes from my last 5RM but it’s ok since I have had a different training stimulus the past couple of weeks and it went well.

    Since I’m on a little break with some extra time on my hands, do you have any books that you’d recommend? Primarily those about muscle/extremity mobility and treatment. Thanks for everything!

  4. BW:260 lbs
    Squat: 285×5
    Bench: 260×3

    Bombed on deadlift today. There’s always next time though. Started cleaning up my diet. Hopefully I can keep the progress rolling while trimming a little fat but we’ll see.

  5. PR’s for this week: got the 285 deadlift! (set of 5) Not so hot on the squat tho. I also got and am now using lifting shoes.

    for Q&A: Turns out I can’t pass that mobility test where you lift your arms over your head without arching your back/raising your ribcage. I know there’s a bunch of mobility exercises I can do to supposedly fix this (various band stretches, t-spine mobs as seen on mwod)… assuming I do them faithfully how long will it take before I can properly do overhead pressing? Also, Justin I see in your Shoulder Health Part 2 you refer to a Shoulder Health Part 3, but I can’t seem to find that anywhere… Am I missing something or was that just never posted? (and what should I read instead?) Thanks. :)

  6. Press: 175×3

    Still taking it easy on the knee/back while I get ready to head off to flight school here in 2 weeks. Thus, no heavy squats or dead lifts :( Currently seeing a therapist for a nagging muscle pain in my upper back so I’m on the therapy bus for now. Lots of mobility and maintenance lifting but not much progression.

  7. BW: ~210lbs
    Squat: 385×3
    Bench: 285×3
    Deadlift: 365×3
    I just switched back to deadlifting after squatting so I’m taking it slow on these. I’m hoping to get back into PR territory within the next few weeks. Also, my bestie just graduated nursing school so I have my training partner back again.

  8. Body weight ~ 195. Following Starting Strength for a few months.

    3×5 low bar back squat of 300
    1×5 deadlift @ 395. Hit a single at 405 Wednesday. Going for 1×5 at 4 plates on Monday.

    I’m gearing up for a cut come new years. I’d ideally like to be around 170-175. But until then, we must push on.

    I saw a piece on yahoo (I know, I know, that’s all I have access to at work) about Hugh Jackman deadlifting 405 for 5 reps, and how “superhuman” it is. Was it impressive? Sure, they looked clean, but I thought it was ridiculous to present it as something that no one can achieve. Any healthy, average man can deadlift 405 for reps with discipline, intelligent programming, and work. For the media to present that feat as superhuman really upset me, but I guess it really speaks to how exceedingly different we, people of the go-get-it mentality, and the rest of the world is.

  9. My buddy and I were hitting some good lifts on 5/3/1 I got up to 375×5 and he hit 405×3. After school got intense this semester out time for lifting got cut. I convinced him to jump onto a Texas Method again to try and beat our old PRs.

    Intensity Day today
    My friend hit
    S: 375×5 P: 145×5 D: 375×3
    @ 235 bodyweight 5’11

    I hit
    S: 350×5 P: 145×5 D: 365×5
    @ 210 Bodyweight 5’11

    the chalk talks have been great! Keep em coming.

    Quick Question on our programming
    I typically hit a Volume day and an Intensity Day within a 7 day period. (for instance: Volume Day was on Saturday and Intensity Day was the next Saturday.) Assistance/Light Day are either nonexistent or kept to a conditioning workout of barbell complexes. Is that spread enough to drive progress?

  10. Powerlifting meet last sunday:
    Weighed in to the 165s with a cut.

    Squat: 350. 375. 391 fail 1/3 of way up.
    Bench: 230. 242 reds for butt. 242 fail midway.
    Dead: 435. 462. 473 PR.
    1079 total tying PR.

    How can i improve my squat in the bottom half? Quad strength? Huge goal to get to 4 plates. Ran texas method to prep.

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